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[TXT] Makefile  1.7   14 months  nia   remove extremely dated vmware howto
[TXT] books.html  1.55   14 months  nia   regen
[TXT] books.xml  1.4   20 months  nia   the what packet filter?
[TXT] bootcd.html  1.73   13 months  martin   Regen for 9.2
[TXT] bootcd.xml  1.2   15 years  dsieger   fix links in docs/
[TXT] compat.html  1.64   14 months  nia   regen
[TXT] compat.xml  1.11   19 months  nia   remove reference to obsolete compats and excess wordiness
[TXT] elf.html  1.73   13 months  martin   Regen for 9.2
[TXT] elf.xml  1.3   3 years  maya   Remove some legacy bits about how to update to ELF.
[TXT] encrypted-iscsi.html  1.46   14 months  nia   regen
[TXT] encrypted-iscsi.xml  1.2   14 years  dsieger   Note that Alistar Crooks is the author.
[TXT] ffsv1badsuperblock.html  1.38   14 months  nia   regen
[TXT] ffsv1badsuperblock.xml  1.8   6 years  sevan   typo
[TXT] index.html  1.123   13 months  martin   Regen for 9.2
[TXT] index.xml  1.78   13 months  martin   Update for NetBSD 9.2
[TXT] mirror.html  1.79   13 months  martin   Regen for 9.2
[TXT] mirror.xml  1.11   21 months  kim   Need to leave in the http: prefix here for link to
[TXT] netbsd-supfile  1.1   15 years  dsieger   Documentation/ -> docs/
[TXT] updating.html  1.63   4 months  nia   regen
[TXT] updating.xml  1.12   4 months  nia   gc unmaintained guide

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