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Current directory: [] / xsrc / xfree / xc / programs

Current tag: pkgsrc-2005Q1-base

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[DIR] Xserver/
[DIR] appres/
[DIR] bdftopcf/
[DIR] beforelight/
[DIR] bitmap/
[DIR] cxpm/
[DIR] dpsexec/
[DIR] dpsinfo/
[DIR] editres/
[DIR] fc-cache/
[DIR] fc-lang/
[DIR] fc-list/
[DIR] fonttosfnt/
[DIR] fsinfo/
[DIR] fslsfonts/
[DIR] fstobdf/
[DIR] glxgears/
[DIR] glxinfo/
[DIR] iceauth/
[DIR] ico/
[DIR] lbxproxy/
[DIR] listres/
[DIR] luit/
[DIR] makepsres/
[DIR] mkcfm/
[DIR] mkfontdir/
[DIR] mkfontscale/
[DIR] oclock/
[DIR] proxymngr/
[DIR] rgb/
[DIR] rstart/
[DIR] scripts/
[DIR] setxkbmap/
[DIR] showfont/
[DIR] smproxy/
[DIR] sxpm/
[DIR] texteroids/
[DIR] twm/
[DIR] viewres/
[DIR] x11perf/
[DIR] xauth/
[DIR] xbiff/
[DIR] xcalc/
[DIR] xclipboard/
[DIR] xclock/
[DIR] xcmsdb/
[DIR] xconsole/
[DIR] xcursorgen/
[DIR] xditview/
[DIR] xdm/
[DIR] xdpyinfo/
[DIR] xedit/
[DIR] xev/
[DIR] xeyes/
[DIR] xf86dga/
[DIR] xfd/
[DIR] xfindproxy/
[DIR] xfontsel/
[DIR] xfs/
[DIR] xfsinfo/
[DIR] xftcache/
[DIR] xftlsfonts/
[DIR] xfwp/
[DIR] xgamma/
[DIR] xgc/
[DIR] xhost/
[DIR] xieperf/
[DIR] xinit/
[DIR] xkbcomp/
[DIR] xkbevd/
[DIR] xkbprint/
[DIR] xkbutils/
[DIR] xkill/
[DIR] xload/
[DIR] xlogo/
[DIR] xlsatoms/
[DIR] xlsclients/
[DIR] xlsfonts/
[DIR] xmag/
[DIR] xman/
[DIR] xmessage/
[DIR] xmh/
[DIR] xmodmap/
[DIR] xprop/
[DIR] xrandr/
[DIR] xrdb/
[DIR] xrefresh/
[DIR] xrx/
[DIR] xset/
[DIR] xsetmode/
[DIR] xsetpointer/
[DIR] xsetroot/
[DIR] xsm/
[DIR] xstdcmap/
[DIR] xterm/
[DIR] xtrap/
[DIR] xvidtune/
[DIR] xvinfo/
[DIR] xwd/
[DIR] xwininfo/
[DIR] xwud/

NOTE: There are 1 files, but none matches the current tag (pkgsrc-2005Q1-base).

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