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File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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[TXT] Makefile  1.13   2 years  mrg   introduce some common variables for use in GCC warning disables: GCC_NO_FORMAT_...
[TXT] Makefile.linux  1.1   5 years  christos   Quick+Dirty port to linux
[TXT] TODO   24 years  cjs   Import of Mats O Jansson's MOP boot program for DEC machines.
[TXT] mopd.8  1.16   7 years  riastradh   Merge riastradh-drm2 to HEAD.
[TXT] mopd.c  1.16   18 months  joerg   loop.c owns iflist
[TXT] process.c  1.21   5 years  christos   Quick+Dirty port to linux
[TXT] process.h  1.7   10 years  joerg   ANSIfy + __printflike + __dead

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