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Current tag: netbsd-1-6-RC2

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[TXT] lp.h  1.15   19 years  is   More format string cleanups by sommerfeld.
[TXT] displayq.c  1.22   18 years  itojun   use strlcpy. from openbsd
[TXT] common_vars.c  1.1   19 years  jdolecek   branches: 1.1.2; put fatal() and a some of variables used independantly of othe...
[TXT] lp.local.h  1.7   23 years  jtc   merge in changes from 1.1 release branch
[TXT] fatal.c  1.2   19 years  matt   More #include <stdlib.h> string, etc. cleanup
[TXT] rmjob.c  1.17   18 years  mrg   use DEFLP instead of "lp".
[TXT] startdaemon.c  1.11   20 years  mrg   delint and other cleanups.
[TXT] pathnames.h  1.6   22 years  mycroft   Change _PATH_MASTERLOCK to /var/run/
[TXT] Makefile  1.7   17 years  tv   MKfoo=no -> NOfoo
[TXT] common.c  1.22   18 years  wiz   Fix possible security problem (euid swapout in error handling). Based on a simil...

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