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File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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[TXT] Makefile  1.5   7 years  christos   KNF, pass lint.
[TXT] README  1.13   14 years  grant   fix a typo
[TXT] faithd.8  1.29   6 years  njoly   Use Lk macro when dealing with URLs. While here update or remove some dead URL l...
[TXT] faithd.c  1.36   4 years  christos   use new scopeid functions
[TXT] faithd.h  1.12   6 years  joerg   Use __dead
[TXT] ftp.c  1.19   7 years  christos   KNF, pass lint.
[TXT] prefix.c  1.9   3 months  sevan   ansify - drop the K&R style prototypes & implementations.
[TXT] prefix.h  1.3   3 months  sevan   More K&R style prototypes missed in the previous run
[TXT] tcp.c  1.11   6 years  joerg   __dead + __printflike

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