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Diff for /src/usr.bin/top/Attic/version.c between version 1.5 and 1.6

version 1.5, 2003/06/23 13:05:53 version 1.6, 2003/07/12 14:08:38
Line 42  static char version[16];
Line 42  static char version[16];
 char *version_string()  char *version_string()
 {  {
     sprintf(version, "%d.%d", VERSION, PATCHLEVEL);      snprintf(version, sizeof(version), "%d.%d", VERSION, PATCHLEVEL);
 #ifdef BETA  #ifdef BETA
     strcat(version, BETA);      strlcat(version, BETA, sizeof(version));
 #endif  #endif
     return(version);      return(version);
 }  }

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