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Current directory: [] / src / usr.bin / msgc

Current tag: netbsd-6-0-4-RELEASE

File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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[TXT] Makefile  1.18   9 years  christos   option noinput
[TXT] defs.h  1.4   15 years  lukem   branches: 1.4.56; Overhaul how ` tools' are used: * Rename "config...
[TXT] msg_sys.def  1.38   9 years  dsl   branches: 1.38.6; Remove some sign compare warnings.
[TXT] msgc.1  1.23   7 years  riz   MENU_name -> MSG_name
[TXT] msgdb.c  1.20   15 years  jmc   branches: 1.20.50; Completely rework how tools/compat is done. Purge all uses/r...
[TXT] msgdb.h   22 years  phil   branches:; Import a simple message system with 'compiled' messages. ...
[TXT] msgmain.c  1.7   15 years  jmc   branches: 1.7.50; Completely rework how tools/compat is done. Purge all uses/re...
[TXT] msgparse.y  1.3   16 years  lukem   branches: 1.3.56; only use __RCSID() if it is #defined
[TXT] msgscan.l  1.5   9 years  christos   branches: 1.5.6; option noinput
[TXT] pathnames.h  1.1   18 years  bjh21   Move the default path definition from msgdb.c to a new pathnames.h, as required ...

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