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[TXT] pathnames.h  1.17   8 years  apb   Honour the TMPDIR environment variable instead of always using /tmp as a place t...
[TXT] config.h  1.21   5 years  christos   Add a gmake inspired export command
[TXT] main.c  1.272   4 weeks  christos   Add -v variable that always expands variables; restore -V the way it was.
[TXT] make.h  1.102   7 months  christos   Refactor and simplify objdir setting code.
[TXT] metachar.h  1.4   2 years  christos   remove <sys/cdefs.h> for portability reasons
[TXT] trace.c  1.11   8 years  christos   prepare for time_t 64
[TXT] compat.c  1.106   10 months  dholland   Add a .DELETE_ON_ERROR: magic target that causes *failed* targets as well as *in...
[TXT] make_malloc.c  1.11   3 months  dholland   nowadays function specifiers go in declaration_specifiers (not after the declara...
[TXT] make_malloc.h  1.4   8 years  dsl   Fixes to includes of make_malloc.h to that it actually builds when USE_EMALLOC i...
[TXT] strlist.c  1.4   8 years  dsl   Move the bmake_malloc() functions into their own .c and .h files. Include instea...
[TXT] strlist.h  1.3   8 years  dsl   Allocate string vector in chunks, instead of calling realloc() every time someth...
[TXT] lst.h  1.20   2 years  joerg   Revert all make changes except the unit tests to the state of three weeks ago. I...
[TXT] util.c  1.54   3 years  joerg   Include signal.h early for MiNT and Linux. From pkgsrc.
[TXT] trace.h  1.3   9 years  martin   Remove clause 3 and 4 from TNF licenses
[TXT] buf.h  1.19   7 weeks  maya   Don't prefix include guards by _, suggested by riastradh
[TXT] dir.h  1.18   7 weeks  maya   Don't prefix include guards by _, suggested by riastradh
[TXT] hash.h  1.12   7 weeks  maya   Use less generic include guards
[TXT] parse.c  1.225   3 months  maya   Use correct header for SIZE_MAX. from a.rin
[TXT] sprite.h  1.14   7 weeks  maya   Don't prefix include guards by _, suggested by riastradh
[TXT] metachar.c  1.5   2 years  mlelstv   Adjust metachar handling to previous behaviour: - space and tab are no shell met...
[TXT] arch.c  1.70   3 months  riastradh   Check return value of fseek. CID 975275 CID 975276
[TXT] cond.c  1.75   3 months  riastradh   Replace dead conditional by assert. CID 975995
[TXT] dir.c  1.71   3 months  riastradh   Plug memory leaks in Dir_FindFile. CID 978364
[TXT] for.c  1.53   3 months  riastradh   Clarify that assignment is for effect, not truth of value. CID 977502
[TXT] job.c  1.190   3 months  riastradh   Plug memory leak in JobPrintCommand. CID 978366
[TXT] suff.c  1.86   3 months  riastradh   Assert archive member syntax. Cite who guarantees it.
[TXT] targ.c  1.62   3 months  riastradh   Use, don't kludge, MAKE_ATTR_UNUSED. CID 1300234 CID 1300237 CID 1300238 CID 13...
[TXT] var.c  1.215   3 months  riastradh   Plug memory leak. CID 978372
[TXT] nonints.h  1.74   10 months  sevan   Drop main() prototype.
[TXT] Makefile  1.59   17 months  sjg   Adapt to changed Var_Subst()
[TXT] buf.c  1.25   5 years  sjg   Var* are generally very liberal with memory, with the expectation that none of i...
[TXT] hash.c  1.20   3 years  sjg   Don't SEGV when Hash_Table is uninitialized
[TXT] job.h  1.42   4 years  sjg   If commandShell hasErrCtl is true, set shellErrFlag for use by CompatRunCommand(...
[TXT] make.c  1.96   8 months  sjg   Report node name rather than (null) when modified before src
[TXT] meta.c  1.68   11 days  sjg   Ensure that command output is always followed by newline, even when filemon is n...
[TXT] meta.h  1.5   14 months  sjg   Propagate errors from filemon. If we encounter errors producing a .meta file, w...
[TXT] str.c  1.38   2 months  sjg   Str_Match: fix closure tests for [^] and add unit-test.
[TXT] Makefile.boot  1.21   3 years  skrll   Rename NetBSD/hp700 to NetBSD/hppa. Unfortunately our VCS isn't very helpful he...
[TXT] make.1  1.271   2 weeks  wiz   Remove workaround for ancient HTML generation code.

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