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Current directory: [] / src / usr.bin / kdump

Current tag: netbsd-6-0-4-RELEASE

File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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[TXT] Makefile  1.30   8 years  christos   Symbolic printing of some known MISC records.
[TXT] Makefile.ioctl-c  1.23   10 years  apb   branches: 1.23.4; 1.23.20; 1.23.26; Pass SED=${TOOL_SED:Q} in the environment...
[TXT] Makefile.siginfo-c  1.6   10 years  apb   branches: 1.6.4; Use ${TOOL_AWK} instead of ${AWK} or plain "awk" in make comma...
[TXT] kdump.1  1.26   15 years  wiz   New sentence, new line; add comma in enumeration.
[TXT] kdump.c  1.115   8 years  christos   branches: 1.115.2; 1.115.8; don't limit sockets to sizeof(sizeof sockaddr_stor...
[TXT] mkioctls  1.39   9 years  mrg   branches: 1.39.6; 1.39.12; convert -idirafter to -isystem, as recommended by c...
[TXT] mksiginfos  1.5   10 years  apb   branches: 1.5.4; In shell scripts invoked during a build, and in crunchgen, use...
[TXT] setemul.c  1.29   8 years  joerg   branches: 1.29.42; 1.29.44; Remove PECOFF/Win32 emulation.
[TXT] setemul.h  1.15   8 years  joerg   Remove Darwin, MACH and Mach-O support.

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