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[TXT] Makefile  1.18   13 months  pettai   Add zfgrep that fell off from last update
[TXT] gzexe  1.3   10 years  wiz   Remove typeset line, since sh(1) does not support it. Closes PR 25403 by Jukka S...
[TXT] gzexe.1  1.3   10 years  wiz   No argument necessary after .Nm; add missing comma to enumeration.
[TXT] gzip.1  1.23   9 months  riastradh   Merge riastradh-drm2 to HEAD.
[TXT] gzip.c  1.106   2 months  snj   src is too big these days to tolerate superfluous apostrophes. It's "its", peop...
[TXT] unbzip2.c  1.13   5 years  mrg   apply a change from Xin LI <> to avoid problems when reading ...
[TXT] unpack.c  1.2   4 years  mrg   pull across a few changes from the freebsd folks:
[TXT] unxz.c  1.5   3 years  christos   add copyright
[TXT] zdiff  1.5   4 years  joerg   Consistently use -- for all programs called. Drop some redundant flags for the n...
[TXT] zdiff.1  1.5   4 years  wiz   Sort SEE ALSO, fix an xref.
[TXT] zforce  1.2   10 years  wiz   Add RCS Id.
[TXT] zforce.1  1.2   10 years  wiz   Add RCS Id.
[TXT] zgrep  1.8   16 months  pgoyette   fferentiate zegrep and zfgrep by their basename only, so they can be invoked wit...
[TXT] zgrep.1  1.3   6 years  wiz   2-clause my license.
[TXT] zmore  1.5   12 months  pettai   fix == compatibility problem
[TXT] zmore.1  1.4   13 months  pettai   Added zless(1) - comes in the lastest version of zmore(1) from OpenBSD (OKed by ...
[TXT] znew  1.3   6 years  nakayama   Our gzip does not have "-o" option. So replace -o with >, then znew can now work...
[TXT] znew.1  1.2   10 years  wiz   Add RCS Id.
[TXT] zuncompress.c  1.11   3 years  joerg   Do proper input validation without penalizing performance.

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