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[TXT] Makefile  1.19   7 months  maxv   Add tests on the x86 PTEs. We scan the MMU page tables directly and verify certa...
[TXT] t_builtin.c  1.5   9 months  kamil   Avoid undefined behavior in disabledstat t_builtin.c:174:16, member access with...
[TXT]  1.2   4 years  christos   Define _KERNTYPES for things that need it.
[TXT]  1.13   8 years  jruoho   For now, skip module tests if modctl(8) fails either with EPERM or ENOSYS.
[TXT]  1.2   2 years  martin   Skip the test on non-modular kernels
[TXT] t_x86_pte.c  1.2   7 months  maxv   Split in sub-tests for clarity, and add a new test, marked as expected failure f...
[TXT] t_modctl.c  1.16   9 months  pgoyette   Update the t_modctl test to ensure that static evcnts are added. While here, re...
[TXT] t_ufetchstore.c  1.1   19 months  christos   branches: 1.1.2; Re-arrange the ufetchstore tests to look like the other ones.
[TXT]  1.1   22 months  christos   branches: 1.1.2; 1.1.4; PR/53908: Alex Raschi: One more file needs to move.
[TXT] t_kcov.c  1.10   18 months  kamil   branches: 1.10.2; Drop no longer needed macros KCOV_STORE() KCOV_LOAD() in kcov...
[TXT]  1.3   8 years  jruoho   branches: 1.3.2; For now, skip module tests if modctl(8) fails either with EPER...
[TXT] Atffile (in the Attic) [Hide]  1.2   10 years  jmmv   Get rid of static Atffiles and let generate them on the fly.
[TXT] t_modctl.cpp (in the Attic) [Hide]  1.5   12 years  jmmv   Convert NetBSD-specific tests that were previously written in C++ to C now that ...

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