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[TXT]  1.20   6 years  martin   branches: 1.20.2; Darren fixed n8 and n9 recently
[TXT]  1.11   6 years  darrenr   PR kern/47462
[TXT]  1.8   7 years  martin   Assume that the NAT failures that happen on some architectures are endianess bug...
[TXT]  1.8   7 years  jmmv   Mark some long-standing failures as known failures. The offending tests are the...
[TXT]  1.8   6 years  darrenr   Add in test cases for testing ipnat's parsing of IPv6 NAT rules
[TXT]  1.8   7 years  pgoyette   Christos fixed the crash in ipftest, so re-enable the failing tests.
[TXT]  1.7   8 years  pgoyette   Re-enable some of the ipf tests. The only thing wrong with these tests is that ...
[TXT] Makefile  1.5   7 years  pgoyette   Rather than providing a custom Atffile that requires separate maintenance, just ...
[TXT]  1.3   7 years  pgoyette   Even though this test is currently disabled, fix it so it looks for the correct ...
[TXT]  1.2   10 years  jmmv   Oh, wow. Loads of broken ipf test cases that went unnoticed because they were u...

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