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Diff for /src/tests/include/t_paths.c between version 1.12 and 1.13

version 1.12, 2012/06/03 21:42:47 version 1.13, 2014/02/09 21:26:07
Line 121  ATF_TC_HEAD(paths, tc)
Line 121  ATF_TC_HEAD(paths, tc)
 ATF_TC_BODY(paths, tc)  ATF_TC_BODY(paths, tc)
 {  {
         const char *arch;  
         struct stat st;          struct stat st;
         uid_t uid;          uid_t uid;
         mode_t m;          mode_t m;
         size_t i;          size_t i;
         int fd;          int fd;
         arch = atf_config_get("atf_arch");  #if defined(__sparc__)
           atf_tc_skip("PR port-sparc/45580");
         if (strcmp(arch, "sparc") == 0)  #endif
                 atf_tc_skip("PR port-sparc/45580");  
         uid = getuid();          uid = getuid();

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