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Revision, Sat Jun 6 14:40:26 2015 UTC (3 years, 6 months ago) by skrll
Branch: nick-nhusb
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	$NetBSD: TODO,v 2015/06/06 14:40:26 skrll Exp $

* integrate build framework with config(1) to stop the need to
  maintain a separate build infrastructure.  the remaining step
  is to rewrite the Makefiles to use  source file lists generated
  with config(1) (where possible)
  + this will also benefit kernel modules
  + the patch to config(1) exists but is not in-tree.  remaining work is
    modifications to files.*
* find a better solution for rumpdefs.h, the sed "solution"
  doesn't really scale nicely
  + everything except deeply embedded (i.e. small) can use:
* the .a semantics do not make sense for rump kernel components.
  additionally, they cannot be loaded as modules since they are
  ar's instead of elf objects.  make the build produce and use elf
  objects instead of archives
* cleanup remaining uses of __ in the kernel
* rump_syscalls.c in librump should be compiled in the client
  namespace, not the rump kernel namespace.  while technically trivial,
  the build system makes this quite difficult.  one option for "cheating"
  would be to put it into librumpuser which is always available for
  local clients (per definition of local client).