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Revision 1.6, Fri Jul 11 20:26:31 2014 UTC (7 years, 4 months ago) by justin
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Add a fiber based implementation of librumpuser in addition to the
default pthreads based version.

Discussed with pooka@

	$NetBSD: README.compileopts,v 1.6 2014/07/11 20:26:31 justin Exp $

This file describes compile-time options for rump kernels.  Additionally,
NetBSD build options will have an effect.  See src/share/mk/bsd.README
for a desciption of NetBSD build options.

Note: after changing an option, do a clean build.

Global options:


values:	yes|no
defval:	yes
effect:	Iff "yes", build with -DDIAGNOSTIC.


values:	defined / not defined
effect:	Iff defined, build with -DDEBUG.


values:	defined / not defined
effect:	Iff defined, build with -DLOCKDEBUG.


values:	yes|no
defval:	yes
effect:	Iff "yes", build with -DKTRACE.


values: yes|no
defval:	no
effect: If "yes", build rump kernel with uniprocess-optimized locking.
	An implication of this is that RUMP_NCPU==1 is required at
	runtime.  If "no", build with multiprocessor-capable locking.


values: yes|no
defval:	no
effect: If "yes", build version of kmem_alloc, pool and pool_cache
	that directly relegate allocation to a hypercall.  If "no",
	build the regular NetBSD memory allocators which use
	page-sized memory allocation hypercalls.


values:	yes|no
defval:	yes
effect:	Iff "yes", build the virt(4) network interface.  Turning this
	off may be necessary on systems that lack the necessary headers,
	e.g. musl libc based Linux.


values: hypercall/__thread/register or <undefined>
defval: <undefined>
effect: Control how curlwp is obtained in a rump kernel.  This is
	a very frequently accessed thread-local variable, and optimizing
	access has a significant performance impact.  Note that all
	options are not available on hosts/machine architectures.
	<undefined> - use default implementation (currently "hypercall")
	hypercall   - use a hypercall to fetch the value
	__thread    - use the __thread feature to fetch value via TLS
	register    - use a dedicated register (implies -ffixed)


Rumpuser options:


values: pthread/none/fiber or <undefined>
defval: <undefined>
effect: Define the way threading is implemented in the rumpuser hypercall
	<undefined> - use default implementation (currently "pthread")
	pthread     - use pthreads to implement threading
	none        - do not support kernel threads at all
	fiber       - user a fiber interface, cooperatively scheduled contexts


Per-component options:


values: regexp matching symbol names
defval: <undefined>
effect: Causes matching symbols from the component to not be renamed
	into the rump kernel symbol namespace (rumpns_).  This option
	can only be used in embedded environments where there is full
	control over the platform's namespace.	Conversely, this option
	cannot be used in kernel components which are not meant to be
	tied to a specific platform.  Note: the value is processed by
	make and must be appropriately escaped.  example:
	will not rename "^HYPERVISOR_" or "^block$"


The rest of the options described in this file are not intended to be
set by users, but by the package building rump kernels.


values:	defined / not defined
effect: Iff defined, export normal system call symbols from libc.
	For example, without this option rump_sys_open() is exported.
	With this option, both open() and rump_sys_open() are exported.
	This option is meant for building systems where a rump kernel
	is the only operating system like component.


values: no/GNU/sun/ctor
defval: GNU
effect: Select the linker script to be used for linking rump kernel shared
	library components.
	no	- do not use a linker script
	GNU	- use a linker script for GNU ld 2.18 and later
	sun	- use a linker script for the Solaris linker
	ctor	- do not use a linker script, make the code
		  generate __attribute__((constructor))