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Diff for /src/sys/rump/Makefile.rump between version 1.98 and 1.99

version 1.98, 2014/06/20 11:57:56 version 1.99, 2014/07/22 20:25:13
Line 20  CPPFLAGS:= -I${RUMPTOP}/include ${CPPFLA
Line 20  CPPFLAGS:= -I${RUMPTOP}/include ${CPPFLA
 CPPFLAGS+=      -D_RUMPKERNEL -I${RUMPTOP}/librump/rumpkern  CPPFLAGS+=      -D_RUMPKERNEL -I${RUMPTOP}/librump/rumpkern
 .endif  .endif
   # Define baseline cpu for mips ports, required for
   # rumpcomp_sync_icache() hypercall.
   .if !empty(MACHINE_ARCH:Mmips*)
   .if !empty(MACHINE_ARCH:Mmips64*)
   CPPFLAGS+=      -DMIPS64=1
   CPPFLAGS+=      -DMIPS1=1
 CPPFLAGS+=      -DCOMPAT_50=1 -DCOMPAT_60=1  CPPFLAGS+=      -DCOMPAT_50=1 -DCOMPAT_60=1

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