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Diff for /src/sys/netinet6/ip6_input.c between version and

version, 2007/07/01 21:50:52 version, 2007/07/02 13:46:08
Line 136  static int ip6qmaxlen = IFQ_MAXLEN;
Line 136  static int ip6qmaxlen = IFQ_MAXLEN;
 struct in6_ifaddr *in6_ifaddr;  struct in6_ifaddr *in6_ifaddr;
 struct ifqueue ip6intrq;  struct ifqueue ip6intrq;
 extern struct callout in6_tmpaddrtimer_ch;  extern callout_t in6_tmpaddrtimer_ch;
 int ip6_forward_srcrt;                  /* XXX */  int ip6_forward_srcrt;                  /* XXX */
 int ip6_sourcecheck;                    /* XXX */  int ip6_sourcecheck;                    /* XXX */
Line 161  static struct mbuf *ip6_pullexthdr __P((
Line 161  static struct mbuf *ip6_pullexthdr __P((
 void  void
 ip6_init()  ip6_init()
 {  {
         extern callout_t in6_tmpaddrtimer_ch;  
         const struct ip6protosw *pr;          const struct ip6protosw *pr;
         int i;          int i;
Line 187  ip6_init()
Line 186  ip6_init()
         ip6flow_init(ip6_hashsize);          ip6flow_init(ip6_hashsize);
 #endif  #endif
         callout_init(&in6_tmpaddrtimer_ch, 0);  
 #ifdef PFIL_HOOKS  #ifdef PFIL_HOOKS
         /* Register our Packet Filter hook. */          /* Register our Packet Filter hook. */
         inet6_pfil_hook.ph_type = PFIL_TYPE_AF;          inet6_pfil_hook.ph_type = PFIL_TYPE_AF;

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