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Diff for /src/sys/netinet6/ip6_input.c between version 1.203 and 1.204

version 1.203, 2018/05/17 11:59:36 version 1.204, 2018/05/19 06:44:08
Line 1050  ip6_unknown_opt(u_int8_t *optp, struct m
Line 1050  ip6_unknown_opt(u_int8_t *optp, struct m
         return (-1);          return (-1);
 }  }
  * Create the "control" list for this pcb.  
  * The routine will be called from upper layer handlers like tcp6_input().  
  * Thus the routine assumes that the caller (tcp6_input) have already  
  * called IP6_EXTHDR_CHECK() and all the extension headers are located in the  
  * very first mbuf on the mbuf chain.  
  * We may want to add some infinite loop prevention or sanity checks for safety.  
  * (This applies only when you are using KAME mbuf chain restriction, i.e.  
  * you are using IP6_EXTHDR_CHECK() not m_pulldown())  
 void  void
 ip6_savecontrol(struct in6pcb *in6p, struct mbuf **mp,  ip6_savecontrol(struct in6pcb *in6p, struct mbuf **mp,
         struct ip6_hdr *ip6, struct mbuf *m)          struct ip6_hdr *ip6, struct mbuf *m)

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  Added in v.1.204

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