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Diff for /src/sys/netinet/ip_input.c between version 1.270 and 1.271

version 1.270, 2008/05/02 13:40:32 version 1.271, 2008/05/04 07:22:14
Line 2202  sysctl_net_inet_ip_hashsize(SYSCTLFN_ARG
Line 2202  sysctl_net_inet_ip_hashsize(SYSCTLFN_ARG
 static int  static int
 sysctl_net_inet_ip_stats(SYSCTLFN_ARGS)  sysctl_net_inet_ip_stats(SYSCTLFN_ARGS)
 {  {
         netstat_sysctl_context ctx;  
         uint64_t ips[IP_NSTATS];  
         ctx.ctx_stat = ipstat_percpu;          return (NETSTAT_SYSCTL(ipstat_percpu, IP_NSTATS));
         ctx.ctx_counters = ips;  
         ctx.ctx_ncounters = IP_NSTATS;  
         return (NETSTAT_SYSCTL(&ctx));  
 }  }
 SYSCTL_SETUP(sysctl_net_inet_ip_setup, "sysctl net.inet.ip subtree setup")  SYSCTL_SETUP(sysctl_net_inet_ip_setup, "sysctl net.inet.ip subtree setup")

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