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Diff for /src/sys/netinet/ip_input.c between version 1.177 and 1.178

version 1.177, 2003/09/06 00:24:54 version 1.178, 2003/09/06 03:36:30
Line 226  int in_multientries;   /* total number o
Line 226  int in_multientries;   /* total number o
 struct  in_multihashhead *in_multihashtbl;  struct  in_multihashhead *in_multihashtbl;
 struct  ifqueue ipintrq;  struct  ifqueue ipintrq;
 struct  ipstat  ipstat;  struct  ipstat  ipstat;
 u_int16_t       ip_id;  
 #ifdef PFIL_HOOKS  #ifdef PFIL_HOOKS
 struct pfil_head inet_pfil_hook;  struct pfil_head inet_pfil_hook;
Line 360  ip_init()
Line 359  ip_init()
                     pr->pr_protocol && pr->pr_protocol != IPPROTO_RAW)                      pr->pr_protocol && pr->pr_protocol != IPPROTO_RAW)
                         ip_protox[pr->pr_protocol] = pr - inetsw;                          ip_protox[pr->pr_protocol] = pr - inetsw;
         LIST_INIT(&ipq);          LIST_INIT(&ipq);
         ip_id = time.tv_sec & 0xffff;  
         ipintrq.ifq_maxlen = ipqmaxlen;          ipintrq.ifq_maxlen = ipqmaxlen;
         TAILQ_INIT(&in_ifaddr);          TAILQ_INIT(&in_ifaddr);
         in_ifaddrhashtbl = hashinit(IN_IFADDR_HASH_SIZE, HASH_LIST, M_IFADDR,          in_ifaddrhashtbl = hashinit(IN_IFADDR_HASH_SIZE, HASH_LIST, M_IFADDR,

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