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Diff for /src/sys/netinet/ip_input.c between version 1.149 and 1.150

version 1.149, 2002/05/12 15:48:39 version 1.150, 2002/05/12 20:33:50
Line 201  struct rttimer_queue *ip_mtudisc_timeout
Line 201  struct rttimer_queue *ip_mtudisc_timeout
 extern  struct domain inetdomain;  extern  struct domain inetdomain;
 int     ipqmaxlen = IFQ_MAXLEN;  int     ipqmaxlen = IFQ_MAXLEN;
   u_long  in_ifaddrhash;                          /* size of hash table - 1 */
   int     in_ifaddrentries;                       /* total number of addrs */
 struct  in_ifaddrhead in_ifaddr;  struct  in_ifaddrhead in_ifaddr;
 struct  in_ifaddrhashhead *in_ifaddrhashtbl;  struct  in_ifaddrhashhead *in_ifaddrhashtbl;
 struct  ifqueue ipintrq;  struct  ifqueue ipintrq;

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