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[TXT] CHANGES  1.2   12 years  skrll   branches: 1.2.18; Update for recent changes and after tweaking the command to g...
[TXT] Makefile  1.5   12 years  christos   branches: 1.5.68; merge ktrace-lwp.
[TXT] _ieee80211.h  1.10   5 years  christos   Instead of always checking for ANYC, make it a valid channel
[TXT] files.net80211  1.3   4 years  joerg   GC unused functions. Don't bother building ieee80211_acl.c, nothing in it is non...
[TXT] ieee80211.c  1.56   2 years  pooka   sprinkle _KERNEL_OPT
[TXT] ieee80211.h  1.28   19 months  mlelstv   Merge enough FreeBSD code to make RT5592 work.
[TXT] ieee80211_acl.c  1.9   6 years  christos   Change i_len in ieee80211req to be unsigned and fix other signed/unsigned issues...
[TXT] ieee80211_amrr.c  1.3   2 years  pooka   + include opt_inet.h for INET (or lack thereof) + include net/in_ether.h, not ne...
[TXT] ieee80211_amrr.h  1.1   11 years  joerg   branches: 1.1.2; 1.1.6; 1.1.8; 1.1.52; Move AMRR code out of wpi(4) and ural...
[TXT] ieee80211_crypto.c  1.22   9 days  maxv   Improve an XXX of mine, and fix one stat.
[TXT] ieee80211_crypto.h  1.12   4 months  maxv   Fix use-after-free: ieee80211_crypto_decap does a pullup on the mbuf but the upd...
[TXT] ieee80211_crypto_ccmp.c  1.13   2 months  maxv   Style, no functional change.
[TXT] ieee80211_crypto_none.c  1.8   2 months  maxv   Style, no functional change.
[TXT] ieee80211_crypto_tkip.c  1.14   2 months  maxv   Style, and check the return value of m_append.
[TXT] ieee80211_crypto_wep.c  1.11   2 months  maxv   Style, no functional change.
[TXT] ieee80211_input.c  1.110   2 months  maxv   Appease the overflow check, 4 is enough.
[TXT] ieee80211_ioctl.c  1.60   2 years  pooka   branches: 1.60.16; sprinkle _KERNEL_OPT
[TXT] ieee80211_ioctl.h  1.23   2 years  roy   branches: 1.23.16; Revert prior.
[TXT] ieee80211_netbsd.c  1.30   2 months  maxv   Style, and zero out 'ns' entirely, otherwise some bytes get leaked to userland (...
[TXT] ieee80211_netbsd.h  1.19   4 years  pooka   Use module-compatible sysctl init instead of link sets.
[TXT] ieee80211_node.c  1.75   2 months  maxv   Style, no functional change.
[TXT] ieee80211_node.h  1.29   2 months  maxv   Switch sp_timoff to u_int16_t, to prevent possible overflow in ieee80211_recv_mg...
[TXT] ieee80211_output.c  1.61   2 months  maxv   Several changes: * Make the code more readable. * Add a panic in ieee80211_c...
[TXT] ieee80211_proto.c  1.34   14 months  nonaka   wlan interfaces make interrupt routine running on softint context. see http://m...
[TXT] ieee80211_proto.h  1.23   15 months  nonaka   Export some 802.11 IE manipulate functions.
[TXT] ieee80211_radiotap.h  1.24   7 years  tron   Remove duplicate definitions which break the build.
[TXT] ieee80211_rssadapt.c  1.21   18 months  christos   - use ether_snprintf() so that we don't overwrite our buffer for printing ethe...
[TXT] ieee80211_rssadapt.h  1.9   2 years  roy   Revert prior.
[TXT] ieee80211_sysctl.h  1.9   8 years  rmind   Drop 3rd and 4th clauses from David Young's license. Reviewed and approved by dy...
[TXT] ieee80211_var.h  1.32   3 months  maxv   Start cleaning up this mess.
[TXT] ieee80211_xauth.c  1.5   12 years  dyoung   branches: 1.5.62; Register authenticators for 802.1x, WPA.

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