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Diff for /src/sys/miscfs/kernfs/kernfs_vnops.c between version 1.146 and 1.147

version 1.146, 2012/03/22 20:34:38 version 1.147, 2013/03/18 19:35:44
Line 586  kernfs_access(void *v)
Line 586  kernfs_access(void *v)
                 return (error);                  return (error);
         return kauth_authorize_vnode(ap->a_cred,          return kauth_authorize_vnode(ap->a_cred,
             kauth_access_action(ap->a_mode, ap->a_vp->v_type, va.va_mode),              KAUTH_ACCESS_ACTION(ap->a_mode, ap->a_vp->v_type, va.va_mode),
             ap->a_vp, NULL, genfs_can_access(va.va_type, va.va_mode,              ap->a_vp, NULL, genfs_can_access(va.va_type, va.va_mode,
             va.va_uid, va.va_gid, ap->a_mode, ap->a_cred));              va.va_uid, va.va_gid, ap->a_mode, ap->a_cred));
 }  }

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