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Diff for /src/sys/miscfs/kernfs/kernfs.h between version 1.24 and 1.25

version 1.24, 2005/05/20 13:16:54 version 1.25, 2005/08/30 20:08:01
Line 121  struct kernfs_mount {
Line 121  struct kernfs_mount {
 extern const struct kern_target kern_targets[];  extern const struct kern_target kern_targets[];
 extern int nkern_targets;  extern int nkern_targets;
 extern const int static_nkern_targets;  extern const int static_nkern_targets;
 extern int (**kernfs_vnodeop_p) __P((void *));  extern int (**kernfs_vnodeop_p)(void *);
 extern struct vfsops kernfs_vfsops;  extern struct vfsops kernfs_vfsops;
 extern dev_t rrootdev;  extern dev_t rrootdev;
 struct secasvar;  struct secasvar;
 struct secpolicy;  struct secpolicy;
 int kernfs_root __P((struct mount *, struct vnode **));  int kernfs_root(struct mount *, struct vnode **);
 void kernfs_hashinit __P((void));  void kernfs_hashinit(void);
 void kernfs_hashreinit __P((void));  void kernfs_hashreinit(void);
 void kernfs_hashdone __P((void));  void kernfs_hashdone(void);
 int kernfs_freevp __P((struct vnode *));  int kernfs_freevp(struct vnode *);
 int kernfs_allocvp __P((struct mount *, struct vnode **, kfstype,  int kernfs_allocvp(struct mount *, struct vnode **, kfstype,
         const struct kern_target *, u_int32_t));          const struct kern_target *, u_int32_t);
 void kernfs_revoke_sa __P((struct secasvar *));  void kernfs_revoke_sa(struct secasvar *);
 void kernfs_revoke_sp __P((struct secpolicy *));  void kernfs_revoke_sp(struct secpolicy *);
 /*  /*
  * Data types for the kernfs file operations.   * Data types for the kernfs file operations.
Line 189  kfstype kernfs_alloctype(int, const stru
Line 189  kfstype kernfs_alloctype(int, const stru
         (dkt)->dkt_kt.kt_mode = (mode);                                 \          (dkt)->dkt_kt.kt_mode = (mode);                                 \
 } while (/*CONSTCOND*/0)  } while (/*CONSTCOND*/0)
 #define KERNFS_ENTOPARENTDIR(dkt) &(dkt)->dkt_kt  #define KERNFS_ENTOPARENTDIR(dkt) &(dkt)->dkt_kt
 int kernfs_addentry __P((kernfs_parentdir_t *, kernfs_entry_t *));  int kernfs_addentry(kernfs_parentdir_t *, kernfs_entry_t *);
 SYSCTL_SETUP_PROTO(sysctl_vfs_kernfs_setup);  SYSCTL_SETUP_PROTO(sysctl_vfs_kernfs_setup);

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