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Diff for /src/sys/kern/uipc_socket.c between version 1.179 and 1.180

version 1.179, 2009/01/14 18:09:00 version 1.180, 2009/01/14 20:33:19
Line 1587  sosetopt1(struct socket *so, const struc
Line 1587  sosetopt1(struct socket *so, const struc
         struct linger l;          struct linger l;
         struct timeval tv;          struct timeval tv;
           memset(&tv, 0, sizeof(struct timeval));
         switch ((opt = sopt->sopt_name)) {          switch ((opt = sopt->sopt_name)) {
         case SO_ACCEPTFILTER:          case SO_ACCEPTFILTER:

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