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Diff for /src/sys/kern/uipc_socket.c between version 1.112 and 1.113

version 1.112, 2005/10/21 17:40:03 version 1.113, 2005/12/08 03:13:18
Line 105  int  somaxconn = SOMAXCONN;
Line 105  int  somaxconn = SOMAXCONN;
 #include <sys/device.h>  #include <sys/device.h>
 struct evcnt sosend_loan_big = EVCNT_INITIALIZER(EVCNT_TYPE_MISC,  static struct evcnt sosend_loan_big = EVCNT_INITIALIZER(EVCNT_TYPE_MISC,
     NULL, "sosend", "loan big");      NULL, "sosend", "loan big");
 struct evcnt sosend_copy_big = EVCNT_INITIALIZER(EVCNT_TYPE_MISC,  static struct evcnt sosend_copy_big = EVCNT_INITIALIZER(EVCNT_TYPE_MISC,
     NULL, "sosend", "copy big");      NULL, "sosend", "copy big");
 struct evcnt sosend_copy_small = EVCNT_INITIALIZER(EVCNT_TYPE_MISC,  static struct evcnt sosend_copy_small = EVCNT_INITIALIZER(EVCNT_TYPE_MISC,
     NULL, "sosend", "copy small");      NULL, "sosend", "copy small");
 struct evcnt sosend_kvalimit = EVCNT_INITIALIZER(EVCNT_TYPE_MISC,  static struct evcnt sosend_kvalimit = EVCNT_INITIALIZER(EVCNT_TYPE_MISC,
     NULL, "sosend", "kva limit");      NULL, "sosend", "kva limit");
 #define SOSEND_COUNTER_INCR(ev)         (ev)->ev_count++  #define SOSEND_COUNTER_INCR(ev)         (ev)->ev_count++
Line 142  int use_sosend_loan = 0;
Line 142  int use_sosend_loan = 0;
 int use_sosend_loan = 1;  int use_sosend_loan = 1;
 #endif  #endif
 struct simplelock so_pendfree_slock = SIMPLELOCK_INITIALIZER;  static struct simplelock so_pendfree_slock = SIMPLELOCK_INITIALIZER;
 struct mbuf *so_pendfree;  static struct mbuf *so_pendfree;
 #ifndef SOMAXKVA  #ifndef SOMAXKVA
 #define SOMAXKVA (16 * 1024 * 1024)  #define SOMAXKVA (16 * 1024 * 1024)
 #endif  #endif
 int somaxkva = SOMAXKVA;  int somaxkva = SOMAXKVA;
 int socurkva;  static int socurkva;
 int sokvawaiters;  static int sokvawaiters;
 #define SOCK_LOAN_THRESH        4096  #define SOCK_LOAN_THRESH        4096
 #define SOCK_LOAN_CHUNK         65536  #define SOCK_LOAN_CHUNK         65536
 static size_t sodopendfree(struct socket *);  static size_t sodopendfree(struct socket *);
 static size_t sodopendfreel(struct socket *);  static size_t sodopendfreel(struct socket *);
 static __inline vsize_t sokvareserve(struct socket *, vsize_t);  
 static __inline void sokvaunreserve(vsize_t);  
 static __inline vsize_t  static vsize_t
 sokvareserve(struct socket *so, vsize_t len)  sokvareserve(struct socket *so, vsize_t len)
 {  {
         int s;          int s;
Line 200  sokvareserve(struct socket *so, vsize_t 
Line 198  sokvareserve(struct socket *so, vsize_t 
         return len;          return len;
 }  }
 static __inline void  static void
 sokvaunreserve(vsize_t len)  sokvaunreserve(vsize_t len)
 {  {
         int s;          int s;

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