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Diff for /src/sys/kern/subr_pool.c between version 1.77 and 1.78

version 1.77, 2002/07/11 17:18:48 version 1.78, 2002/07/30 01:41:00
Line 415  pool_init(struct pool *pp, size_t size, 
Line 415  pool_init(struct pool *pp, size_t size, 
         if (size < sizeof(struct pool_item))          if (size < sizeof(struct pool_item))
                 size = sizeof(struct pool_item);                  size = sizeof(struct pool_item);
         size = ALIGN(size);          size = roundup(size, align);
         if (size > palloc->pa_pagesz)          if (size > palloc->pa_pagesz)
                 panic("pool_init: pool item size (%lu) too large",                  panic("pool_init: pool item size (%lu) too large",
Line 1125  pool_prime_page(struct pool *pp, caddr_t
Line 1125  pool_prime_page(struct pool *pp, caddr_t
         while (n--) {          while (n--) {
                 pi = (struct pool_item *)cp;                  pi = (struct pool_item *)cp;
                   KASSERT(((((vaddr_t)pi) + ioff) & (align - 1)) == 0);
                 /* Insert on page list */                  /* Insert on page list */
                 TAILQ_INSERT_TAIL(&ph->ph_itemlist, pi, pi_list);                  TAILQ_INSERT_TAIL(&ph->ph_itemlist, pi, pi_list);

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