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Diff for /src/sys/kern/subr_pool.c between version and

version, 2001/11/14 19:16:40 version, 2002/01/08 00:32:37
Line 777  pool_get(struct pool *pp, int flags)
Line 777  pool_get(struct pool *pp, int flags)
                     pp->pr_wchan, pp->pr_nitems);                      pp->pr_wchan, pp->pr_nitems);
                 panic("pool_get: nitems inconsistent\n");                  panic("pool_get: nitems inconsistent\n");
         }          }
         pr_log(pp, v, PRLOG_GET, file, line);          pr_log(pp, v, PRLOG_GET, file, line);
   #ifdef DIAGNOSTIC
         if (__predict_false(pi->pi_magic != PI_MAGIC)) {          if (__predict_false(pi->pi_magic != PI_MAGIC)) {
                 pr_printlog(pp, pi, printf);                  pr_printlog(pp, pi, printf);
                 panic("pool_get(%s): free list modified: magic=%x; page %p;"                  panic("pool_get(%s): free list modified: magic=%x; page %p;"

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