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Diff for /src/sys/kern/subr_pool.c between version 1.194 and

version 1.194, 2012/02/04 22:11:42 version, 2012/07/02 19:04:42
Line 2245  void
Line 2245  void
 pool_cache_invalidate(pool_cache_t pc)  pool_cache_invalidate(pool_cache_t pc)
 {  {
         pcg_t *full, *empty, *part;          pcg_t *full, *empty, *part;
 #if 0  
         uint64_t where;  
         if (ncpu < 2 || !mp_online) {          /*
                 /*           * Transfer the content of the local CPU's cache back into global
                  * We might be called early enough in the boot process           * cache. Note that this does not handle objects cached for other CPUs.
                  * for the CPU data structures to not be fully initialized.           * A xcall(9) must be scheduled to take care of them.
                  * In this case, simply gather the local CPU's cache now           */
                  * since it will be the only one running.          pool_cache_xcall(pc);
                 pool_cache_xcall(pc);          /* Invalidate the global cache. */
         } else {  
                  * Gather all of the CPU-specific caches into the  
                  * global cache.  
                 where = xc_broadcast(0, (xcfunc_t)pool_cache_xcall, pc, NULL);  
         mutex_enter(&pc->pc_lock);          mutex_enter(&pc->pc_lock);
         full = pc->pc_fullgroups;          full = pc->pc_fullgroups;
         empty = pc->pc_emptygroups;          empty = pc->pc_emptygroups;

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