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Diff for /src/sys/kern/subr_pool.c between version 1.173 and 1.174

version 1.173, 2009/08/29 00:09:02 version 1.174, 2009/09/13 18:45:11
Line 587  void
Line 587  void
 pool_subsystem_init(void)  pool_subsystem_init(void)
 {  {
         struct pool_allocator *pa;          struct pool_allocator *pa;
         __link_set_decl(pools, struct link_pool_init);  
         struct link_pool_init * const *pi;  
         mutex_init(&pool_head_lock, MUTEX_DEFAULT, IPL_NONE);          mutex_init(&pool_head_lock, MUTEX_DEFAULT, IPL_NONE);
         cv_init(&pool_busy, "poolbusy");          cv_init(&pool_busy, "poolbusy");
         __link_set_foreach(pi, pools)  
                 pool_init((*pi)->pp, (*pi)->size, (*pi)->align,  
                     (*pi)->align_offset, (*pi)->flags, (*pi)->wchan,  
                     (*pi)->palloc, (*pi)->ipl);  
         while ((pa = SLIST_FIRST(&pa_deferinitq)) != NULL) {          while ((pa = SLIST_FIRST(&pa_deferinitq)) != NULL) {
                 KASSERT(pa->pa_backingmapptr != NULL);                  KASSERT(pa->pa_backingmapptr != NULL);
                 KASSERT(*pa->pa_backingmapptr != NULL);                  KASSERT(*pa->pa_backingmapptr != NULL);

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