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Diff for /src/sys/kern/subr_pool.c between version and

version, 2007/03/22 12:30:29 version, 2007/07/29 11:34:47
Line 54  __KERNEL_RCSID(0, "$NetBSD$");
Line 54  __KERNEL_RCSID(0, "$NetBSD$");
 #include <sys/pool.h>  #include <sys/pool.h>
 #include <sys/syslog.h>  #include <sys/syslog.h>
 #include <sys/debug.h>  #include <sys/debug.h>
   #include <sys/lockdebug.h>
 #include <uvm/uvm.h>  #include <uvm/uvm.h>
Line 1148  pool_do_put(struct pool *pp, void *v, st
Line 1149  pool_do_put(struct pool *pp, void *v, st
         KASSERT(mutex_owned(&pp->pr_lock));          KASSERT(mutex_owned(&pp->pr_lock));
         FREECHECK_IN(&pp->pr_freecheck, v);          FREECHECK_IN(&pp->pr_freecheck, v);
           LOCKDEBUG_MEM_CHECK(v, pp->pr_size);
         if (__predict_false(pp->pr_nout == 0)) {          if (__predict_false(pp->pr_nout == 0)) {

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