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Diff for /src/sys/kern/subr_pool.c between version and

version, 2007/03/13 17:50:58 version, 2007/03/21 20:10:22
Line 1171  pool_do_put(struct pool *pp, void *v, st
Line 1171  pool_do_put(struct pool *pp, void *v, st
                 panic("pool_put: %s: page header missing", pp->pr_wchan);                  panic("pool_put: %s: page header missing", pp->pr_wchan);
         }          }
 #ifdef LOCKDEBUG  
          * Check if we're freeing a locked simple lock.  
         simple_lock_freecheck(pi, (char *)pi + pp->pr_size);  
         /*          /*
          * Return to item list.           * Return to item list.
          */           */

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