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Diff for /src/sys/kern/subr_pool.c between version 1.10 and 1.11

version 1.10, 1998/08/13 02:10:58 version 1.11, 1998/08/28 20:05:48
Line 830  pool_page_alloc(sz, flags, mtype)
Line 830  pool_page_alloc(sz, flags, mtype)
         int flags;          int flags;
         int mtype;          int mtype;
 {  {
           boolean_t waitok = (flags & PR_WAITOK) ? TRUE : FALSE;
 #if defined(UVM)  #if defined(UVM)
         return ((void *)uvm_km_alloc_poolpage());          return ((void *)uvm_km_alloc_poolpage(waitok));
 #else  #else
         return ((void *)kmem_alloc_poolpage());          return ((void *)kmem_alloc_poolpage(waitok));
 #endif  #endif
 }  }

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