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Diff for /src/sys/kern/bufq_priocscan.c between version 1.17 and 1.18

version 1.17, 2012/02/17 08:45:11 version 1.18, 2014/01/28 12:50:54
Line 144  cscan_empty(struct cscan_queue *q)
Line 144  cscan_empty(struct cscan_queue *q)
 static void  static void
 cscan_put(struct cscan_queue *q, struct buf *bp)  cscan_put(struct cscan_queue *q, struct buf *bp)
 {  {
         struct buf *obp;          struct buf *obp __diagused;
         obp = rb_tree_insert_node(&q->cq_buffers, bp);          obp = rb_tree_insert_node(&q->cq_buffers, bp);
         KASSERT(obp == bp); /* see cscan_tree_compare_nodes */          KASSERT(obp == bp); /* see cscan_tree_compare_nodes */

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