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Current directory: [] / src / sys / gdbscripts

Current tag: netbsd-9-0-RC1

File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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[TXT]  1.8   19 months  skrll   Add devs
[TXT] bdump  1.2   24 years  gwr   Add NetBSD cvs id lines.
[TXT] cpus  1.3   3 years  skrll   Typo in previous
[TXT] devs  1.2   21 months  mrg   branches: 1.2.2; document 'devs' and 'procs' commands.
[TXT] kernhist  1.2   4 years  mrg   branches: 1.2.2; 1.2.18; make '$e' in here the whole structure instead of a po...
[TXT] lwps  1.6   19 months  skrll   Remove the 'procs' from lwps and use the one from procs. OK mrg@
[TXT] module  1.2   7 years  yamt   update script comment and example
[TXT] msgbuf  1.5   12 years  martin   Convert TNF licenses to new 2 clause variant
[TXT] pgrpdump  1.2   24 years  gwr   Add NetBSD cvs id lines.
[TXT] procs  1.4   21 months  mrg   document 'devs' and 'procs' commands.
[TXT] vchain  1.9   3 years  hannken   branches: 1.9.12; Change command mountdump to evaluate mountlist_entry.
[TXT] vdump  1.6   4 years  hannken   branches: 1.6.16; 1.6.26; Move vnode members "v_freelisthd" and "v_freelist" f...

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