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Revision 1.401, Thu Sep 6 05:36:51 2018 UTC (2 weeks ago) by maxv
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.400: +1 -6 lines

Retire the 'midway' driver. Discussed on tech-net@ recently and also three
years ago, part of removing the network ATM code.

#	$NetBSD: files.pci,v 1.401 2018/09/06 05:36:51 maxv Exp $
# Config file and device description for machine-independent PCI code.
# Included by ports that need it.  Requires that the SCSI files be
# defined first.

defparam opt_pci.h	PCI_NETBSD_ENABLE_IDE



device	pci {[dev = -1], [function = -1]}
attach	pci at pcibus
file	dev/pci/pci.c			pci			needs-flag
file	dev/pci/pci_map.c		pci
file	dev/pci/pci_quirks.c		pci
file	dev/pci/pci_subr.c		pci
file	dev/pci/pci_stub.c		pci
file	dev/pci/pci_usrreq.c		pci
file	dev/pci/pciconf.c		pci & pci_netbsd_configure

file	dev/pci/pcibusprint.c		pcibus

file	dev/pci/pci_verbose.c		pci & pciverbose

file	dev/pci/wsdisplay_pci.c		wsdisplay & pci

# Cypress 82c693 hyperCache(tm) Stand-Alone PCI Peripheral Controller
# with USB.  This is a combo chip:
#	PCI-ISA bridge
#	PCI IDE controller
#	OHCI USB controller
# There are some common subroutines that each function needs.
define	cy82c693
file	dev/pci/cy82c693.c		cy82c693

# Adaptec 3940, 2940, and aic78[5678]0 SCSI controllers
# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	ahc at pci with ahc_pci: ahc_seeprom, smc93cx6
file	dev/pci/ahc_pci.c		ahc_pci

attach	ahd at pci with ahd_pci
file	dev/pci/ahd_pci.c		ahd_pci

# I2O adapters
attach	iop at pci with iop_pci
file	dev/pci/iop_pci.c		iop_pci

# 3ware RAID controllers
device	twe {unit = -1}
attach	twe at pci
file	dev/pci/twe.c			twe

attach	ld at twe with ld_twe
file	dev/pci/ld_twe.c		ld_twe

device	twa {unit = -1}
attach	twa at pci
file	dev/pci/twa.c			twa

attach	ld at twa with ld_twa
file	dev/pci/ld_twa.c		ld_twa

# AMI RAID controllers
device	amr {unit = -1}
attach	amr at pci
file	dev/pci/amr.c			amr

attach	ld at amr with ld_amr
file	dev/pci/ld_amr.c		ld_amr

# Areca SATA RAID Controllers
device	arcmsr: scsi, sysmon_envsys
attach	arcmsr at pci
file	dev/pci/arcmsr.c		arcmsr

# Compaq RAID controllers
attach	cac at pci with cac_pci
file	dev/pci/cac_pci.c		cac_pci

# Mylex DAC960 RAID controllers
attach	mlx at pci with mlx_pci
file	dev/pci/mlx_pci.c		mlx_pci

# Newer Mylex AcceleRAID and eXtremeRAID controllers
device	mly: scsi
attach	mly at pci
file	dev/pci/mly.c			mly			needs-flag

# Myson-Century Technology MTD803 3-in-1 Fast Ethernet Controller
attach	mtd at pci with mtd_pci
file	dev/pci/if_mtd_pci.c		mtd_pci

# ICP-Vortex/Intel RAID controllers
attach	icp at pci with icp_pci
file	dev/pci/icp_pci.c		icp_pci

# Adaptec FSA RAID controllers
attach	aac at pci with aac_pci
file	dev/pci/aac_pci.c		aac_pci

# IBM ServeRAID RAID controllers
device  ips: scsi
attach  ips at pci
file    dev/pci/ips.c                   ips

# DPT EATA SCSI controllers
attach	dpt at pci with dpt_pci
file	dev/pci/dpt_pci.c		dpt_pci

# AdvanSys 1200A, 1200B, and ULTRA SCSI controllers
# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	adv at pci with adv_pci
file	dev/pci/adv_pci.c		adv_pci

# AdvanSys ULTRA WIDE SCSI controllers
# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	adw at pci with adw_pci
file	dev/pci/adw_pci.c		adw_pci
file	dev/ic/adwlib.c			adw_pci
file	dev/ic/adwmcode.c		adw_pci

# AMD Am53c974 PCscsi-PCI SCSI controllers
device	pcscp: scsi, ncr53c9x
attach	pcscp at pci
file	dev/pci/pcscp.c			pcscp

# HP/Compaq Command Interface to Scsi-3
attach ciss at pci with ciss_pci
file	dev/pci/ciss_pci.c		ciss_pci

# BusLogic BT-9xx PCI family
# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	bha at pci with bha_pci
file	dev/pci/bha_pci.c		bha_pci

# Qlogic ISP 10x0 (PCI) family
# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	isp at pci with isp_pci
file	dev/pci/isp_pci.c		isp_pci

# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	mfi at pci with mfi_pci
file	dev/pci/mfi_pci.c		mfi_pci

# LSILogic Fusion-MPT I/O Processor family
# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	mpt at pci with mpt_pci
file	dev/pci/mpt_pci.c		mpt_pci

# LSI Logic Fusion-MPT Message Passing Interface 2.0
device	mpii: scsi
attach	mpii at pci
file	dev/pci/mpii.c			mpii

# Ethernet driver for DC21040-based boards
device	de: ether, ifnet, arp
attach	de at pci
file	dev/pci/if_de.c			de

# 3Com 3c590 and 3c595 Ethernet controllers
# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	ep at pci with ep_pci
file	dev/pci/if_ep_pci.c		ep_pci

# 3Com 3c90x[B] Ethernet controllers
# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	ex at pci with ex_pci
file	dev/pci/if_ex_pci.c		ex_pci

# Digital DEFPA PCI FDDI Controller
device	fpa: pdq, fddi, ifnet, arp
attach	fpa at pci
file	dev/pci/if_fpa.c		fpa

# AMD am7990 (LANCE) -based Ethernet controllers
# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	le at pci with le_pci: le32
file	dev/pci/if_le_pci.c		le_pci

# AMD PCnet-PCI Ethernet controller family
# Supersedes if_le_pci.c
device	pcn: ether, ifnet, arp, mii
attach	pcn at pci
file	dev/pci/if_pcn.c		pcn

# common code for siop/esiop pci front end
define	siop_pci_common
file	dev/pci/siop_pci_common.c	siop_pci_common

# Symbios 53c8xx SCSI chips
# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	siop at pci with siop_pci: siop_pci_common
file	dev/pci/siop_pci.c		siop_pci
attach	esiop at pci with esiop_pci: siop_pci_common
file	dev/pci/esiop_pci.c		esiop_pci

# Initio INIC-940/950 SCSI controllers
attach	iha at pci with iha_pci
file	dev/pci/iha_pci.c		iha_pci

# Tekram DC-395U/UW/F and DC-315/U SCSI controllers
device	trm: scsi
attach	trm at pci
file	dev/pci/trm.c			trm

# Guillemot Maxi Radio FM 2000 Radio Card
device	gtp: radiodev, tea5757
attach	gtp at pci
file	dev/pci/gtp.c			gtp

# MediaForte SoundForte SF64-PCR Radio card
#device	sf4r: radiodev, tea5757
#attach	sf4r at pci
#file	dev/pci/sf64pcr.c		sf4r

# PCI IDE controllers
define pciide_common
file dev/pci/pciide_common.c pciide_common

device	pciide: ata, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	pciide at pci
file	dev/pci/pciide.c		pciide

# AHCI SATA controllers
attach	ahcisata at pci with ahcisata_pci
file	dev/pci/ahcisata_pci.c		ahcisata_pci

# Acard IDE controllers
device	acardide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	acardide at pci
file	dev/pci/acardide.c		acardide

# Acer Lab IDE controllers
device	aceride: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	aceride at pci
file	dev/pci/aceride.c		aceride

# Intel i31244 SATA controller
device	artsata: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common, sata
attach	artsata at pci
file	dev/pci/artsata.c		artsata

# CMD tech IDE controllers
device	cmdide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	cmdide at pci
file	dev/pci/cmdide.c		cmdide

# Cypress IDE controllers
device	cypide: ata, ata_dma, pciide_common, wdc_common, cy82c693
attach	cypide at pci
file	dev/pci/cypide.c		cypide

# AMD Geode IDE controllers
device	geodeide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	geodeide at pci
file	dev/pci/geodeide.c		geodeide

# Triones/HighPoint IDE controllers
device	hptide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	hptide at pci
file	dev/pci/hptide.c		hptide

# Integrated Technology Express IDE controllers
device	iteide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	iteide at pci
file	dev/pci/iteide.c		iteide

# Jmicron hybrid IDE/AHCI controllers
define  jmide_hl { }
device	jmide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common, jmide_hl
attach	jmide at pci
attach	ahcisata at jmide_hl with jmahci
file	dev/pci/jmide.c			jmide | jmahci needs-flag

# National Semiconductor IDE controllers
device	nside: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	nside at pci
file	dev/pci/nside.c			nside

# Opti IDE controllers
device	optiide: ata, ata_dma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	optiide at pci
file	dev/pci/optiide.c		optiide

# Intel IDE controllers
device	piixide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	piixide at pci
file	dev/pci/piixide.c		piixide

# Promise Serial ATA controllers
device	pdcsata: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common, sata
attach	pdcsata at pci
file	dev/pci/pdcsata.c		pdcsata

# Promise IDE controllers
device	pdcide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	pdcide at pci
file	dev/pci/pdcide.c		pdcide

# ServerWorks IDE controllers
device	rccide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	rccide at pci
file	dev/pci/rccide.c		rccide

# RDC IDE controllers
device	rdcide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	rdcide at pci
file	dev/pci/rdcide.c		rdcide

# ServerWorks SATA controllers
device	svwsata: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common, sata
attach	svwsata at pci
file	dev/pci/svwsata.c		svwsata

# Silicon Image SATALink controllers
device	satalink: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common, sata
attach	satalink at pci
file	dev/pci/satalink.c		satalink

# Intel SCH IDE controllers
device	schide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	schide at pci
file	dev/pci/schide.c		schide

# SiS IDE controllers
device	siside: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	siside at pci
file	dev/pci/siside.c		siside

# Symphony Labs IDE controllers
device	slide: ata, ata_dma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	slide at pci
file	dev/pci/slide.c		slide

# ServerWorks IDE controllers
#device	swide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
#attach	swide at pci
#file	dev/pci/swide.c		swide

# VIA/AMD/Nvidia IDE controllers
device	viaide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common, sata
attach	viaide at pci
file	dev/pci/viaide.c	viaide

# STMicroelectronics STPC IDE controllers
device	stpcide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	stpcide at pci
file	dev/pci/stpcide.c	stpcide

# ATI IXP IDE controllers
device	ixpide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	ixpide at pci
file	dev/pci/ixpide.c	ixpide

# Toshiba PICCOLO IDE controllers
device	toshide: ata, ata_dma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	toshide at pci
file	dev/pci/toshide.c	toshide

# PCI-PCI bridge chips
device	ppb: pcibus
attach	ppb at pci
file	dev/pci/ppb.c			ppb

# Cyclades Cyclom-8/16/32
attach	cy at pci with cy_pci
file	dev/pci/cy_pci.c		cy_pci

# Cyclades-Z series of intelligent multi-port serial adapters
device	cz
attach	cz at pci
file	dev/pci/cz.c			cz			needs-flag

# Intel EtherExpress PRO 10/100B
attach	fxp at pci with fxp_pci
file	dev/pci/if_fxp_pci.c		fxp_pci

# Sun HME-network
attach	hme at pci with hme_pci
file	dev/pci/if_hme_pci.c		hme_pci

# Sun GEM-network
attach	gem at pci with gem_pci
file	dev/pci/if_gem_pci.c		gem_pci

# Sun Cassini-network
device	cas: arp, ether, ifnet, mii
attach	cas at pci
file	dev/pci/if_cas.c		cas

# JMicron JMC2[56]0 ethernet controllers
device	jme: ether, ifnet, arp, mii
attach	jme at pci
file	dev/pci/if_jme.c		jme

# NE2000-compatible PCI Ethernet cards
attach	ne at pci with ne_pci: rtl80x9
file	dev/pci/if_ne_pci.c		ne_pci

# Texas Instruments ThunderLAN Chip.
device	tl: ether, ifnet, arp, i2cexec, at24cxx_eeprom, i2c_bitbang,
	    mii, mii_bitbang
attach	tl at pci
file	dev/pci/if_tl.c			tl

# SDL Communications N2 PCI Network Interface
# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	ntwoc at pci with ntwoc_pci
file	dev/pci/if_ntwoc_pci.c		ntwoc_pci

# Lan Media Corporation T1/HSSI/DS3 driver
device	lmc: ifnet, sppp
attach	lmc at pci
file	dev/pci/if_lmc.c		lmc

# Essential Communications HIPPI interface
# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	esh at pci with esh_pci
file	dev/pci/if_esh_pci.c		esh_pci

# generic PCI VGA
defflag	opt_vga.h	VGA_POST:	X86EMU
attach	vga at pci with vga_pci
file	dev/pci/vga_pci.c		vga_pci			needs-flag

device	tga: wsemuldisplaydev, rasops8, rasops32
attach	tga at pci
file	dev/pci/tga.c			tga			needs-flag
file	dev/pci/tga_conf.c		tga
file	dev/ic/bt485.c			tga
file	dev/ic/bt463.c			tga
file	dev/ic/ibm561.c			tga

# HP Visualize
attach	sti at pci with sti_pci
file	dev/pci/sti_pci.c		sti_pci			needs-flag

# Integraphics Systems IGA168x and CyberPro framebuffers (linear non-VGA mode)
# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	igsfb at pci with igsfb_pci
file	dev/pci/igsfb_pci.c		igsfb_pci

# Brooktree Bt848 video capture
device	bktr: radiodev
attach	bktr at pci
file	dev/pci/bktr/bktr_audio.c	bktr
file	dev/pci/bktr/bktr_card.c	bktr
file	dev/pci/bktr/bktr_core.c	bktr
file	dev/pci/bktr/bktr_os.c		bktr			needs-flag
file	dev/pci/bktr/bktr_tuner.c	bktr

# Cirrus Logic CrystalClear PCI Audio CS4280
device	clcs: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97, midibus
attach	clcs at pci
file	dev/pci/cs4280.c		clcs

# Cirrus Logic CrystalClear PCI Audio CS4281
device	clct: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97
attach	clct at pci
file	dev/pci/cs4281.c		clct

# Shared code for Cirrus Logic CrystalClear PCI Audio CS4280 and CS4281
file	dev/pci/cs428x.c		clcs | clct

# Forte Media FM801
device	fms { }: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97, midibus
attach	fms at pci
file	dev/pci/fms.c			fms

attach	opl at fms with opl_fms
file	dev/pci/opl_fms.c		opl_fms

attach	mpu at fms with mpu_fms
file	dev/pci/mpu_fms.c		mpu_fms

# Ensoniq AudioPCI S5016
device	eap { }: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97, midibus
attach	eap at pci
file	dev/pci/eap.c			eap

attach	joy at eap with joy_eap
file	dev/pci/joy_eap.c		joy_eap needs-flag

# Acer Labs M5455
device	auacer: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97, aurateconv
attach	auacer at pci
file	dev/pci/auacer.c		auacer

# Intel ICH AC'97 audio
device	auich: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97, aurateconv
attach	auich at pci
file	dev/pci/auich.c			auich

# VIA VT82C686A/VT8233/VT8235 AC'97 Audio
device	auvia: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97, aurateconv
attach	auvia at pci
file	dev/pci/auvia.c			auvia

# ATI IXP 200/300/400 series AC'97 Audio
device	auixp: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97, aurateconv
attach	auixp at pci
file	dev/pci/auixp.c			auixp

# High Definition Audio
device	azalia: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97, aurateconv
attach	azalia at pci
file	dev/pci/azalia.c		azalia
file	dev/pci/azalia_codec.c		azalia

# AMD Geode CS5536 Companion Audio
device	gcscaudio: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97, aurateconv
attach	gcscaudio at pci
file	dev/pci/gcscaudio.c		gcscaudio

# NeoMagic 256 AC'97 Audio
device	neo: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97
attach	neo at pci
file	dev/pci/neo.c			neo

# ESS Allegro-1 / Maestro3
device	esa: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97
attach	esa at pci
file	dev/pci/esa.c			esa

# ESS Solo-1 PCI AudioDrive
device	eso { }: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, midibus
attach	eso at pci
file	dev/pci/eso.c			eso

attach	opl at eso with opl_eso
file	dev/pci/opl_eso.c		opl_eso

attach	mpu at eso with mpu_eso
file	dev/pci/mpu_eso.c		mpu_eso

attach	joy at eso with joy_eso
file	dev/pci/joy_eso.c		joy_eso

# ESS Maestro-1/2/2e PCI AC97 Audio Accelerator
device	esm: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97
attach	esm at pci
file	dev/pci/esm.c			esm

# S3 SonicVibes (S3 617)
device	sv { }: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, midibus
attach	sv at pci
file	dev/pci/sv.c			sv

attach	opl at sv with opl_sv
file	dev/pci/opl_sv.c		opl_sv

# C-Media CMI8x38 Audio Chip
device	cmpci { }: audiobus, auconv, mulaw
attach	cmpci at pci
file	dev/pci/cmpci.c			cmpci

attach	opl at cmpci with opl_cmpci
file	dev/pci/opl_cmpci.c		opl_cmpci

attach	mpu at cmpci with mpu_cmpci
file	dev/pci/mpu_cmpci.c		mpu_cmpci

# Yamaha YMF724/740/744/754 PCI audio controller
device	yds { }: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97
attach	yds at pci
file	dev/pci/yds.c			yds

attach	opl at yds with opl_yds
file	dev/pci/opl_yds.c		opl_yds

attach	mpu at yds with mpu_yds
file	dev/pci/mpu_yds.c		mpu_yds

# Creative Labs EMU10k1 (SBLive! series and PCI512)
device	emuxki: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97
attach	emuxki at pci
file	dev/pci/emuxki.c		emuxki

# Trident 4DWAVE AC'97 audio (including SiS 7018,ALi M5451)
device	autri: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97, midibus
attach	autri at pci
file	dev/pci/autri.c			autri

# SMC EPIC/100 Fast Ethernet on PCI
attach	epic at pci with epic_pci
file	dev/pci/if_epic_pci.c		epic_pci

# PCI "universal" communication device driver, for PCI com, lpt, etc. ports
# (see documentation in the driver for what, exactly, should be supported)
device	puc { port = -1 }
attach	puc at pci
file	dev/pci/puc.c			puc
file	dev/pci/pucdata.c		puc
defflag opt_puc.h	PUC_CNAUTO
defparam opt_puc.h	PUC_CNBUS

attach	com at puc with com_puc
file	dev/pci/com_puc.c		com_puc needs-flag
file	dev/pci/cyber.c			com_puc
file	dev/pci/puccn.c			com_puc

attach	lpt at puc with lpt_puc
file	dev/pci/lpt_puc.c		lpt_puc & !ppbus

attach	atppc at puc with atppc_puc
file	dev/pci/atppc_puc.c		atppc_puc

# UHCI USB controller
attach	uhci at pci with uhci_pci
file	dev/pci/uhci_pci.c		uhci_pci

# OHCI USB controller
attach	ohci at pci with ohci_pci
file	dev/pci/ohci_pci.c		ohci_pci

# EHCI USB controller
attach	ehci at pci with ehci_pci
file	dev/pci/ehci_pci.c		ehci_pci

file	dev/pci/usb_pci.c		ehci_pci | ehci_cardbus

# xHCI USB controller
attach	xhci at pci with xhci_pci
file	dev/pci/xhci_pci.c		xhci_pci
defflag	opt_xhci_pci.h			XHCI_DISABLE_MSI

# OHCI IEEE 1394 controller
attach	fwohci at pci with fwohci_pci
file	dev/pci/fwohci_pci.c		fwohci_pci

# VIA Rhine/Rhine II Fast Ethernet controllers
device	vr: ether, ifnet, arp, mii, mii_bitbang
attach	vr at pci
file	dev/pci/if_vr.c			vr

# SiS 900 Fast Ethernet controllers
device	sip: ether, ifnet, arp, mii, mii_bitbang
attach	sip at pci
file	dev/pci/if_sip.c		sip | gsip

# National Semiconductor DP83820 Gigabit Ethernet
device	gsip: ether, ifnet, arp, mii, mii_bitbang
attach	gsip at pci

# Level One LXT-1001 Gigabit Ethernet
#device	glxt: ether, ifnet, arp, mii
#attach	glxt at pci
#file	dev/pci/if_glxt.c		glxt

# Sundance Tech./Tamarack TC9021 Gigabit Ethernet
device	stge: ether, ifnet, arp, mii, mii_bitbang
attach	stge at pci
file	dev/pci/if_stge.c		stge

# Intel i82598 & i82599 10-Gigabit Ethernet
device	ixg: ether, ifnet, arp
attach	ixg at pci
file	dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe.c		ixg | ixv
file	dev/pci/ixgbe/ix_txrx.c		ixg | ixv
file	dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_netbsd.c	ixg | ixv
file	dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_82598.c	ixg | ixv
file	dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_82599.c	ixg | ixv
file	dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_x540.c	ixg | ixv
file	dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_x550.c	ixg | ixv
file	dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_api.c	ixg | ixv
file	dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_common.c	ixg | ixv
file	dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_mbx.c	ixg | ixv
file	dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_osdep.c	ixg | ixv
file	dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_phy.c	ixg | ixv
file	dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_vf.c	ixg | ixv
file	dev/pci/ixgbe/if_bypass.c	ixg | ixv
file	dev/pci/ixgbe/if_fdir.c		ixg | ixv

# This appears to be the driver for virtual instances of i82599.
device	ixv: ether, ifnet, arp
attach	ixv at pci
file	dev/pci/ixgbe/ixv.c		ixv

# Intel i8254x Gigabit Ethernet
device	wm: ether, ifnet, arp, mii, mii_bitbang
attach	wm at pci
file	dev/pci/if_wm.c			wm
defflag	opt_if_wm.h	WM_EVENT_COUNTERS
defparam opt_if_wm.h	WM_RX_PROCESS_LIMIT_DEFAULT

# Broadcom 570x Gigabit Ethernet
device	bge: ether, ifnet, arp, mii, mii_bitbang
attach	bge at pci
file	dev/pci/if_bge.c		bge

# Broadcom NetXtreme II
device	bnx: ether, ifnet, arp, mii
attach	bnx at pci
file	dev/pci/if_bnx.c		bnx

# Realtek 8129/8139 Ethernet controllers
attach	rtk at pci with rtk_pci
file	dev/pci/if_rtk_pci.c		rtk_pci

# DECchip 21x4x Ethernet controller family, and assorted clones.
attach	tlp at pci with tlp_pci
file	dev/pci/if_tlp_pci.c		tlp_pci

# Bit3 PCI-VME mod. 617
device	btvmei: vmebus
attach	btvmei at pci
file	dev/pci/btvmei.c		btvmei
#file	dev/pci/btvmei_dma.c		btvmei
#file	dev/pci/btvmei_cntlrdma.c	btvmei

# Alteon ACEnic Gigabit Ethernet controller
device	ti: ether, ifnet, arp
attach	ti at pci
file	dev/pci/if_ti.c			ti

# Adaptec AIC-6915 Ethernet interface
attach	sf at pci with sf_pci
file	dev/pci/if_sf_pci.c		sf_pci

# Sundance Tech. ST-201 10/100 Ethernet
device	ste: ether, ifnet, arp, mii, mii_bitbang
attach	ste at pci
file	dev/pci/if_ste.c		ste

# YENTA PCI-Cardbus bridge
#device	cbb: cbbus, pcmciabus
device	cbb: pcmciaslot
attach	cbb at pci with cbb_pci
file	dev/pci/pccbb.c			cbb

# Tundra Universe PCI-VME adapter
define	univ_pci
file	dev/pci/universe_pci.c univ_pci

# Bit3 PCI-VME mod. 2706
device	btvmeii: vmebus, univ_pci
attach	btvmeii at pci
file	dev/pci/btvmeii.c btvmeii

# VIA VT82C686A/VT8231 PM Timer and Hardware Monitor
device	viaenv: acpipmtimer, sysmon_envsys
attach	viaenv at pci
file	dev/pci/viaenv.c		viaenv

# Intel PIIX4 power management controller
device	piixpm: i2cbus, acpipmtimer
attach	piixpm at pci
file	dev/pci/piixpm.c		piixpm

# AMD 768MPX power management controller
defflag	opt_amdpm.h			AMDPM_RND_COUNTERS
device	amdpm: i2cbus, acpipmtimer
attach	amdpm at pci
file	dev/pci/amdpm.c			amdpm
file	dev/pci/amdpm_smbus.c		amdpm

# Hi/fn 7751
device	hifn: opencrypto
attach	hifn at pci
file	dev/pci/hifn7751.c		hifn

# Bluesteelnet 5501/5601, Broadcom 580x/582x security processor
device	ubsec: opencrypto
attach	ubsec at pci
file	dev/pci/ubsec.c			ubsec

# Aironet PC4500/PC4800
attach	an at pci with an_pci
file	dev/pci/if_an_pci.c		an_pci

# ADMtek ADM8211 PCI/Mini-PCI
attach	atw at pci with atw_pci
file	dev/pci/if_atw_pci.c		atw_pci

# Realtek RTL8180 PCI/Mini-PCI
attach	rtw at pci with rtw_pci
file	dev/pci/if_rtw_pci.c		rtw_pci

# Realtek RTL8188CE Mini-PCIe
device	rtwn: ifnet, arp, wlan, firmload
attach	rtwn at pci
file	dev/pci/if_rtwn.c		rtwn

# Ralink RT2500/RT2600 PCI/Mini-PCI
attach	ral at pci with ral_pci
file	dev/pci/if_ral_pci.c		ral_pci

# Marvel Libertas Open
attach  malo at pci with malo_pci
file    dev/pci/if_malo_pci.c       malo_pci

# Intersil Prism2.5 Mini-PCI
attach	wi at pci with wi_pci
file	dev/pci/if_wi_pci.c		wi_pci

# ISDN devices
attach	isic at pci with isic_pci
file	dev/pci/isic_pci.c		isic_pci

file	dev/pci/isic_pci_elsa_qs1p.c	isic_pci

# AVM T1/B1
attach	iavc at pci with iavc_pci
file	dev/pci/iavc_pci.c		iavc_pci

device	ifpci: isdndev, passive_isdn, nisac
attach	ifpci at pci
file	dev/pci/ifpci.c			ifpci

device	ifritz: isdndev, passive_isdn, nisacsx
attach	ifritz at pci
file	dev/pci/ifpci2.c		ifritz

# Winbond W6692
device	iwic: isdndev, passive_isdn
attach	iwic at pci with iwic_pci
file	dev/pci/iwic_pci.c		iwic
file	dev/pci/iwic_bchan.c		iwic
file	dev/pci/iwic_dchan.c		iwic
file	dev/pci/iwic_fsm.c		iwic

# IrDA devices
#  Toshiba Fast Infrared Type O IrDA driver
device	oboe: irbus, irdasir
attach	oboe at pci
file	dev/pci/oboe.c			oboe

# Middle Digital, Inc. PCI-Weasel serial console board control
# devices (watchdog timer, etc.)
device	weasel: sysmon_wdog
attach	weasel at pci with weasel_pci
file	dev/pci/weasel_pci.c		weasel

# Game adapter (joystick)
attach	joy at pci with joy_pci
file	dev/pci/joy_pci.c		joy_pci

# ATI Mach64 framebuffer console driver
defflag	opt_machfb.h	MACHFB_DEBUG
device	machfb: wsemuldisplaydev, rasops8, fb, vcons, videomode, edid, drm, glyphcache
attach	machfb at pci
file	dev/pci/machfb.c		machfb

# 3Dfx Voodoo3 framebuffer console driver
device	voodoofb: wsemuldisplaydev, rasops8, vcons, videomode, drm, i2cbus, i2c_bitbang, ddc_read_edid, edid
attach	voodoofb at pci
file	dev/pci/voodoofb.c		voodoofb

# VIA UniChrome framebuffer console driver
device	unichromefb: wsemuldisplaydev, rasops16, rasops32, vcons, drm
attach	unichromefb at pci
file	dev/pci/unichromefb.c		unichromefb needs-flag

# ATI Radeon framebuffer console driver
# (Note: to enable the BIOS parser, add options RADEON_BIOS_INIT to the config)
device	radeonfb: wsemuldisplaydev, videomode, rasops8, rasops32, vcons, splash, i2cbus, i2c_bitbang, ddc_read_edid, edid, drm, glyphcache
attach	radeonfb at pci
file	dev/pci/radeonfb.c	radeonfb
file	dev/pci/radeonfb_i2c.c	radeonfb
file	dev/pci/radeonfb_bios.c	radeonfb
defflag opt_radeonfb.h	RADEONFB_DEBUG
defflag opt_radeonfb.h	RADEONFB_BIOS_INIT
defflag opt_radeonfb.h	RADEONFB_BIOS_DEBUG
defflag opt_radeonfb.h	RADEONFB_MMAP_BARS
defflag opt_radeonfb.h	RADEONFB_DEPTH_32
defflag opt_radeonfb.h	RADEONFB_ALWAYS_ACCEL_PUTCHAR

# Chelsio Terminator 3 (T3) 10 gigabit ethernet
device	cxgbc { }
attach	cxgbc at pci
device	cxgb: ether, ifnet, arp
attach	cxgb at cxgbc
file	dev/pci/cxgb/cxgb_main.c	cxgbc | cxgb
file	dev/pci/cxgb/cxgb_mc5.c		cxgbc | cxgb
file	dev/pci/cxgb/cxgb_vsc8211.c	cxgbc | cxgb
file	dev/pci/cxgb/cxgb_ael1002.c	cxgbc | cxgb
file	dev/pci/cxgb/cxgb_mv88e1xxx.c	cxgbc | cxgb
file	dev/pci/cxgb/cxgb_vsc7323.c	cxgbc | cxgb
file	dev/pci/cxgb/cxgb_xgmac.c	cxgbc | cxgb
file	dev/pci/cxgb/cxgb_t3_hw.c	cxgbc | cxgb
file	dev/pci/cxgb/cxgb_sge.c		cxgbc | cxgb
file	dev/pci/cxgb/cxgb_lro.c		cxgbc | cxgb
# file	dev/pci/cxgb/cxgb_offload.c	cxgbc | cxgb
file	dev/pci/cxgb/cxgb_l2t.c		cxgbc | cxgb
file	dev/pci/cxgb/cxgb_osdep.c	cxgbc | cxgb

# Chips & Technologies 65550 framebuffer console driver
attach	chipsfb at pci with chipsfb_pci
file	dev/pci/chipsfb.c		chipsfb_pci

# 3Com 3c990
device	txp: ether, ifnet, arp
attach	txp at pci
file	dev/pci/if_txp.c		txp

# SysKonnect
device	skc { }
attach	skc at pci
device	sk: ether, ifnet, arp, mii
attach	sk at skc
file	dev/pci/if_sk.c			skc | sk

# Broadcom 4401 10/100 Ethernet
device	bce: ether, ifnet, arp, mii
attach	bce at pci
file	dev/pci/if_bce.c		bce

# Intel PRO/10GbE
device	dge: ether, ifnet, arp
attach	dge at pci
file	dev/pci/if_dge.c		dge

# Realtek 8169 Ethernet controllers
attach	re at pci with re_pci
file	dev/pci/if_re_pci.c		re_pci

# Intel PRO/Wireless 2100
device	ipw: ifnet, arp, wlan, firmload
attach	ipw at pci
file	dev/pci/if_ipw.c		ipw

# Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG/2915ABG
device	iwi: ifnet, arp, wlan, firmload
attach	iwi at pci
file	dev/pci/if_iwi.c		iwi

# Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG
device	wpi: ifnet, arp, wlan, firmload
attach	wpi at pci
file	dev/pci/if_wpi.c		wpi

# Intel PRO/Wireless 4965AGN Mini-PCI Adapter
device	iwn: ifnet, arp, wlan, firmload
attach	iwn at pci
file	dev/pci/if_iwn.c		iwn

# Intel Centrino 7260
device	iwm: ifnet, arp, wlan, firmload
attach	iwm at pci
file	dev/pci/if_iwm.c		iwm

# Workbit NinjaSCSI-32 controllers
# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	njs at pci with njs_pci
file	dev/pci/njs_pci.c		njs_pci

# S2io Xframe 10 Gigabit ethernet (Xframe driver)
device  xge: ether, ifnet, arp
attach  xge  at pci 
file    dev/pci/if_xge.c		xge

# Via Velocity 612x 10/100/1000 Ethernet
device	vge: ether, ifnet, arp, mii
attach	vge at pci
file	dev/pci/if_vge.c		vge

# Atheros 5210/5211/5212 PCI/Mini-PCI
attach	ath at pci with ath_pci
file	dev/pci/if_ath_pci.c		ath_pci

# Atheros AR9k (802.11 a/g/n)
attach	athn at pci with athn_pci
file	dev/pci/if_athn_pci.c		athn_pci

# NVIDIA nForce Ethernet
device  nfe: ether, ifnet, arp, mii, mii_phy
attach  nfe at pci
file    dev/pci/if_nfe.c                nfe

# MICREL Etherent
device	kse: ether, ifnet, arp
attach	kse at pci
file	dev/pci/if_kse.c		kse

# Yukon 2
device	mskc { }
attach	mskc at pci
device	msk: ether, ifnet, arp, mii
attach	msk at mskc
file	dev/pci/if_msk.c		mskc | msk

# SD Host Controller
attach	sdhc at pci with sdhc_pci
file	dev/pci/sdhc_pci.c		sdhc_pci

# generic framebuffer console driver, PCI frontend
attach genfb at pci with genfb_pci : splash
file	dev/pci/genfb_pci.c	genfb_pci

# NVIDIA nForce2/3/4 SMBus controller
device	nfsmbc { }
attach	nfsmbc at pci
device	nfsmb: i2cbus
attach	nfsmb at nfsmbc
file	dev/pci/nfsmb.c			nfsmbc | nfsmb

# Intel ICH SMBus controller
device	ichsmb: i2cbus
attach	ichsmb at pci
file	dev/pci/ichsmb.c		ichsmb

# ATI Rage 128 framebuffer console driver
device	r128fb: wsemuldisplaydev, rasops8, rasops32, vcons, videomode, i2cbus, i2c_bitbang, glyphcache
attach	r128fb at pci
file	dev/pci/r128fb.c		r128fb
defflag	opt_r128fb.h	R128FB_DEBUG
defflag	opt_r128fb.h	R128FB_WAIT

# Attansic/Atheros L1 Gigabit-Ethernet
device	age: ether, ifnet, arp, mii, mii_phy
attach	age at pci
file	dev/pci/if_age.c		age

# Attansic/Atheros L1C/L2C Gigabit Ethernet
device	alc: ether, ifnet, arp, mii, mii_phy
attach	alc at pci
file	dev/pci/if_alc.c		alc

# Attanisc/Atheros L1E Gigabit Ethernet
device	ale: ether, ifnet, arp, mii, mii_phy
attach	ale at pci
file	dev/pci/if_ale.c		ale

# Atheros/Attansic L2 Fast-Ethernet
device	lii: ether, ifnet, arp, mii
attach	lii at pci
file	dev/pci/if_lii.c		lii

# Silicon Image SteelVine SATA-II controllers
attach	siisata at pci with siisata_pci
file	dev/pci/siisata_pci.c		siisata_pci

# Acer Labs M7101 power management controller
device	alipm: i2cbus
attach	alipm at pci
file	dev/pci/alipm.c				alipm

# Broadcom AirForce / Apple Airport Extreme
attach	bwi at pci with bwi_pci
file	dev/pci/if_bwi_pci.c		bwi_pci

# Broadcom FullMAC USB wireless adapter
attach	bwfm at pci with bwfm_pci: firmload
file	dev/pci/if_bwfm_pci.c		bwfm_pci

# Marvell Serial-ATA Host Controller
attach	mvsata at pci with mvsata_pci
file	dev/pci/mvsata_pci.c		mvsata_pci

include "dev/pci/voyager/files.voyager"
# Silicon Motion SM502 / Voyager GX
device	voyager: i2c_bitbang, voyagerbus, i2cbus
attach	voyager at pci
file	dev/pci/voyager.c		voyager
defflag	opt_voyager.h	VOYAGER_DEBUG

# High Definition Audio
attach	hdaudio at pci with hdaudio_pci
file	dev/pci/hdaudio_pci.c		hdaudio_pci

# Permedia 2 / Sun PGX32 / Raptor
device	pm2fb: wsemuldisplaydev, rasops8, rasops32, vcons, videomode, i2cbus, i2c_bitbang, ddc_read_edid, edid, glyphcache
attach	pm2fb at pci
file	dev/pci/pm2fb.c		pm2fb
defflag	opt_pm2fb.h	PM2FB_DEBUG

# Permedia 3 / Oxygen VX1 / Proformance 3  
device  pm3fb: wsemuldisplaydev, rasops8, vcons, videomode, i2cbus, i2c_bitbang, ddc_read_edid, edid
attach  pm3fb at pci
file	dev/pci/pm3fb.c		pm3fb

# 3Dlabs Wildcat / Sun XVR-500, 1200, Expert3D etc.
device		wcfb: wsemuldisplaydev, rasops8, vcons
attach		wcfb at pci
file		dev/pci/wcfb.c	wcfb
defflag		opt_wcfb.h	WCFB_DEBUG

# Domex 536, 5380-compatible SCSI HBA
attach	nca at pci with nca_pci
file	dev/pci/nca_pci.c	nca_pci

# Agere ET1310/1301 Ethernet
device	et: ether, ifnet, arp, mii, mii_phy
attach	et at pci
file	dev/pci/if_et.c			et

# RDC Semiconductor R6040 10/100 Ethernet
device	vte: ether, ifnet, arp, mii, mii_phy
attach	vte at pci
file	dev/pci/if_vte.c		vte

# Conexant CX23880-series DTV interface
device	cxdtv: dtvbus, i2c_bitbang, i2cbus, i2cexec, tvpll, nxt2k, lg3303
attach	cxdtv at pci
file	dev/pci/cxdtv.c		cxdtv
file	dev/pci/cxdtv_boards.c	cxdtv

# Conexant CX23885-series DTV interface
device	coram: dtvbus, i2cbus, i2cexec, mt2131, cx24227
attach	coram at pci
file	dev/pci/coram.c		coram

# QUANCOM Electronic GmbH PWDOG1
device	pwdog: sysmon_envsys
attach	pwdog at pci
file	dev/pci/pwdog.c		pwdog

# IBM 4810 BSP cash drawer port
device	ibmcd: gpiobus
attach	ibmcd at pci
file	dev/pci/ibmcd.c		ibmcd

# SIS 315 Pro frame buffer
device  sisfb: wsemuldisplaydev, rasops8, rasops15, rasops16, rasops32, vcons
attach  sisfb at pci
file    dev/pci/sisfb.c		sisfb	needs-flag

attach	virtio at pci with virtio_pci
file	dev/pci/virtio_pci.c	virtio_pci

# Silicon Motion SM712(LynxEM+) frame buffer
device	lynxfb: wsemuldisplaydev, rasops16
attach	lynxfb at pci
file	dev/pci/lynxfb.c	lynxfb needs-flag

include "dev/pci/igma/files.igma"
# Intel GMA
device	igma: igmabus, i2cbus, i2c_bitbang, ddc_read_edid, edid
attach	igma at pci
file	dev/pci/igma.c		igma

# 3Dfx Voodoo Graphics
defflag	opt_tdvfb.h		TDVFB_CONSOLE
device	tdvfb: wsemuldisplaydev, rasops16, rasops32, vcons, videomode
attach	tdvfb at pci
file	dev/pci/tdvfb.c		tdvfb	

# nvidia geforce framebuffer console driver
device	gffb: wsemuldisplaydev, rasops8, vcons, videomode, i2cbus, i2c_bitbang, glyphcache
attach	gffb at pci
file	dev/pci/gffb.c		gffb
defflag	opt_gffb.h	GFFB_DEBUG

# Realtek RTS5209/RTS5229 Card Reader driver
attach	rtsx at pci with rtsx_pci
file	dev/pci/rtsx_pci.c	rtsx_pci

# NVM Express Controller
attach	nvme at pci with nvme_pci
file	dev/pci/nvme_pci.c	nvme_pci

# PCI graphics devices with DRM/KMS
include "external/bsd/drm2/pci/files.drmkms_pci"

# Intel S1200,C2000 (non-pch) SMBus controller
device	ismt: i2cbus
attach	ismt at pci
file	dev/pci/ismt.c		ismt

# Amazon Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) family
device	ena: ether, ifnet, arp
attach	ena at pci
file	dev/pci/if_ena.c			ena
file	external/bsd/ena-com/ena_com.c		ena
file	external/bsd/ena-com/ena_eth_com.c	ena