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Revision 1.373, Sat Feb 7 13:20:00 2015 UTC (3 weeks, 6 days ago) by pooka
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.372: +6 -1 lines

Add a driver for Intel Centrino 7260 and similar wireless cards.
Supported devices should more or less match ones supported
by the Linux iwlwifi mvm driver.  Sponsored by genua mbh for OpenBSD.

This is probably the world's first Canadian cross device driver: it was
created for OpenBSD by writing and porting a NetBSD driver which was
developed in a rump kernel in Linux userspace.

Note: I don't have access to the hardware anymore, so this version is
not tested and not enabled by default.  While I tried to be careful in
adding the NetBSD bits back, it's probable that there's a snafu or two.
Feel free to send private email in case you have the hardware and there
are issues.

#	$NetBSD: files.pci,v 1.373 2015/02/07 13:20:00 pooka Exp $
# Config file and device description for machine-independent PCI code.
# Included by ports that need it.  Requires that the SCSI files be
# defined first.

defparam opt_pci.h	PCI_NETBSD_ENABLE_IDE



device	pci {[dev = -1], [function = -1]}
attach	pci at pcibus
file	dev/pci/pci.c			pci			needs-flag
file	dev/pci/pci_map.c		pci
file	dev/pci/pci_quirks.c		pci
file	dev/pci/pci_subr.c		pci
file	dev/pci/pci_stub.c		pci
file	dev/pci/pci_usrreq.c		pci
file	dev/pci/pciconf.c		pci & pci_netbsd_configure

file	dev/pci/pcibusprint.c		pcibus

file	dev/pci/pci_verbose.c		pci & pciverbose

file	dev/pci/wsdisplay_pci.c		wsdisplay & pci

# Cypress 82c693 hyperCache(tm) Stand-Alone PCI Peripheral Controller
# with USB.  This is a combo chip:
#	PCI-ISA bridge
#	PCI IDE controller
#	OHCI USB controller
# There are some common subroutines that each function needs.
define	cy82c693
file	dev/pci/cy82c693.c		cy82c693

# Adaptec 3940, 2940, and aic78[5678]0 SCSI controllers
# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	ahc at pci with ahc_pci: ahc_seeprom, smc93cx6
file	dev/pci/ahc_pci.c		ahc_pci

attach	ahd at pci with ahd_pci
file	dev/pci/ahd_pci.c		ahd_pci

# I2O adapters
attach	iop at pci with iop_pci
file	dev/pci/iop_pci.c		iop_pci

# 3ware RAID controllers
device	twe {unit = -1}
attach	twe at pci
file	dev/pci/twe.c			twe

attach	ld at twe with ld_twe
file	dev/pci/ld_twe.c		ld_twe

device	twa {unit = -1}
attach	twa at pci
file	dev/pci/twa.c			twa

attach	ld at twa with ld_twa
file	dev/pci/ld_twa.c		ld_twa

# AMI RAID controllers
device	amr {unit = -1}
attach	amr at pci
file	dev/pci/amr.c			amr

attach	ld at amr with ld_amr
file	dev/pci/ld_amr.c		ld_amr

# Areca SATA RAID Controllers
device	arcmsr: scsi, sysmon_envsys
attach	arcmsr at pci
file	dev/pci/arcmsr.c		arcmsr

# Compaq RAID controllers
attach	cac at pci with cac_pci
file	dev/pci/cac_pci.c		cac_pci

# Mylex DAC960 RAID controllers
attach	mlx at pci with mlx_pci
file	dev/pci/mlx_pci.c		mlx_pci

# Newer Mylex AcceleRAID and eXtremeRAID controllers
device	mly: scsi
attach	mly at pci
file	dev/pci/mly.c			mly			needs-flag

# Myson-Century Technology MTD803 3-in-1 Fast Ethernet Controller
attach	mtd at pci with mtd_pci
file	dev/pci/if_mtd_pci.c		mtd_pci

# ICP-Vortex/Intel RAID controllers
attach	icp at pci with icp_pci
file	dev/pci/icp_pci.c		icp_pci

# Adaptec FSA RAID controllers
attach	aac at pci with aac_pci
file	dev/pci/aac_pci.c		aac_pci

# DPT EATA SCSI controllers
attach	dpt at pci with dpt_pci
file	dev/pci/dpt_pci.c		dpt_pci

# AdvanSys 1200A, 1200B, and ULTRA SCSI controllers
# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	adv at pci with adv_pci
file	dev/pci/adv_pci.c		adv_pci

# AdvanSys ULTRA WIDE SCSI controllers
# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	adw at pci with adw_pci
file	dev/pci/adw_pci.c		adw_pci
file	dev/ic/adwlib.c			adw_pci
file	dev/ic/adwmcode.c		adw_pci

# AMD Am53c974 PCscsi-PCI SCSI controllers
device	pcscp: scsi, ncr53c9x
attach	pcscp at pci
file	dev/pci/pcscp.c			pcscp

# HP/Compaq Command Interface to Scsi-3
attach ciss at pci with ciss_pci
file	dev/pci/ciss_pci.c		ciss_pci

# BusLogic BT-9xx PCI family
# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	bha at pci with bha_pci
file	dev/pci/bha_pci.c		bha_pci

# Qlogic ISP 10x0 (PCI) family
# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	isp at pci with isp_pci
file	dev/pci/isp_pci.c		isp_pci

# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	mfi at pci with mfi_pci
file	dev/pci/mfi_pci.c		mfi_pci

# LSILogic Fusion-MPT I/O Processor family
# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	mpt at pci with mpt_pci
file	dev/pci/mpt_pci.c		mpt_pci

# LSI Logic Fusion-MPT Message Passing Interface 2.0
device	mpii: scsi
attach	mpii at pci
file	dev/pci/mpii.c			mpii

# Ethernet driver for DC21040-based boards
device	de: ether, ifnet, arp
attach	de at pci
file	dev/pci/if_de.c			de

# Efficient Networks, Inc. ATM interface
# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	en at pci with en_pci
file	dev/pci/if_en_pci.c		en_pci

# 3Com 3c590 and 3c595 Ethernet controllers
# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	ep at pci with ep_pci
file	dev/pci/if_ep_pci.c		ep_pci

# 3Com 3c90x[B] Ethernet controllers
# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	ex at pci with ex_pci
file	dev/pci/if_ex_pci.c		ex_pci

# Digital DEFPA PCI FDDI Controller
device	fpa: pdq, fddi, ifnet, arp
attach	fpa at pci
file	dev/pci/if_fpa.c		fpa

# AMD am7990 (LANCE) -based Ethernet controllers
# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	le at pci with le_pci: le32
file	dev/pci/if_le_pci.c		le_pci

# AMD PCnet-PCI Ethernet controller family
# Supersedes if_le_pci.c
device	pcn: ether, ifnet, arp, mii
attach	pcn at pci
file	dev/pci/if_pcn.c		pcn

# common code for siop/esiop pci front end
define	siop_pci_common
file	dev/pci/siop_pci_common.c	siop_pci_common

# Symbios 53c8xx SCSI chips
# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	siop at pci with siop_pci: siop_pci_common
file	dev/pci/siop_pci.c		siop_pci
attach	esiop at pci with esiop_pci: siop_pci_common
file	dev/pci/esiop_pci.c		esiop_pci

# Initio INIC-940/950 SCSI controllers
attach	iha at pci with iha_pci
file	dev/pci/iha_pci.c		iha_pci

# Tekram DC-395U/UW/F and DC-315/U SCSI controllers
device	trm: scsi
attach	trm at pci
file	dev/pci/trm.c			trm

# Guillemot Maxi Radio FM 2000 Radio Card
device	gtp: radiodev, tea5757
attach	gtp at pci
file	dev/pci/gtp.c			gtp

# MediaForte SoundForte SF64-PCR Radio card
#device	sf4r: radiodev, tea5757
#attach	sf4r at pci
#file	dev/pci/sf64pcr.c		sf4r

# PCI IDE controllers
define pciide_common
file dev/pci/pciide_common.c pciide_common

device	pciide: ata, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	pciide at pci
file	dev/pci/pciide.c		pciide

# AHCI SATA controllers
attach	ahcisata at pci with ahcisata_pci
file	dev/pci/ahcisata_pci.c		ahcisata_pci

# Acard IDE controllers
device	acardide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	acardide at pci
file	dev/pci/acardide.c		acardide

# Acer Lab IDE controllers
device	aceride: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	aceride at pci
file	dev/pci/aceride.c		aceride

# Intel i31244 SATA controller
device	artsata: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common, sata
attach	artsata at pci
file	dev/pci/artsata.c		artsata

# CMD tech IDE controllers
device	cmdide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	cmdide at pci
file	dev/pci/cmdide.c		cmdide

# Cypress IDE controllers
device	cypide: ata, ata_dma, pciide_common, wdc_common, cy82c693
attach	cypide at pci
file	dev/pci/cypide.c		cypide

# AMD Geode IDE controllers
device	geodeide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	geodeide at pci
file	dev/pci/geodeide.c		geodeide

# Triones/HighPoint IDE controllers
device	hptide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	hptide at pci
file	dev/pci/hptide.c		hptide

# Integrated Technology Express IDE controllers
device	iteide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	iteide at pci
file	dev/pci/iteide.c		iteide

# Jmicron hybrid IDE/AHCI controllers
define  jmide_hl { }
device	jmide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common, jmide_hl
attach	jmide at pci
attach	ahcisata at jmide_hl with jmahci
file	dev/pci/jmide.c			jmide | jmahci needs-flag

# National Semiconductor IDE controllers
device	nside: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	nside at pci
file	dev/pci/nside.c			nside

# Opti IDE controllers
device	optiide: ata, ata_dma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	optiide at pci
file	dev/pci/optiide.c		optiide

# Intel IDE controllers
device	piixide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	piixide at pci
file	dev/pci/piixide.c		piixide

# Promise Serial ATA controllers
device	pdcsata: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common, sata
attach	pdcsata at pci
file	dev/pci/pdcsata.c		pdcsata

# Promise IDE controllers
device	pdcide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	pdcide at pci
file	dev/pci/pdcide.c		pdcide

# ServerWorks IDE controllers
device	rccide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	rccide at pci
file	dev/pci/rccide.c		rccide

# RDC IDE controllers
device	rdcide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	rdcide at pci
file	dev/pci/rdcide.c		rdcide

# ServerWorks SATA controllers
device	svwsata: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common, sata
attach	svwsata at pci
file	dev/pci/svwsata.c		svwsata

# Silicon Image SATALink controllers
device	satalink: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common, sata
attach	satalink at pci
file	dev/pci/satalink.c		satalink

# Intel SCH IDE controllers
device	schide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	schide at pci
file	dev/pci/schide.c		schide

# SiS IDE controllers
device	siside: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	siside at pci
file	dev/pci/siside.c		siside

# Symphony Labs IDE controllers
device	slide: ata, ata_dma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	slide at pci
file	dev/pci/slide.c		slide

# ServerWorks IDE controllers
#device	swide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
#attach	swide at pci
#file	dev/pci/swide.c		swide

# VIA/AMD/Nvidia IDE controllers
device	viaide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common, sata
attach	viaide at pci
file	dev/pci/viaide.c	viaide

# STMicroelectronics STPC IDE controllers
device	stpcide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	stpcide at pci
file	dev/pci/stpcide.c	stpcide

# ATI IXP IDE controllers
device	ixpide: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	ixpide at pci
file	dev/pci/ixpide.c	ixpide

# Toshiba PICCOLO IDE controllers
device	toshide: ata, ata_dma, pciide_common, wdc_common
attach	toshide at pci
file	dev/pci/toshide.c	toshide

# PCI-PCI bridge chips
device	ppb: pcibus
attach	ppb at pci
file	dev/pci/ppb.c			ppb

# Cyclades Cyclom-8/16/32
attach	cy at pci with cy_pci
file	dev/pci/cy_pci.c		cy_pci

# Cyclades-Z series of intelligent multi-port serial adapters
device	cz
attach	cz at pci
file	dev/pci/cz.c			cz			needs-flag

# Intel EtherExpress PRO 10/100B
attach	fxp at pci with fxp_pci
file	dev/pci/if_fxp_pci.c		fxp_pci

# Sun HME-network
attach	hme at pci with hme_pci
file	dev/pci/if_hme_pci.c		hme_pci

# Sun GEM-network
attach	gem at pci with gem_pci
file	dev/pci/if_gem_pci.c		gem_pci

# Sun Cassini-network
device	cas: arp, ether, ifnet, mii
attach	cas at pci
file	dev/pci/if_cas.c		cas

# JMicron JMC2[56]0 ethernet controllers
device	jme: ether, ifnet, arp, mii
attach	jme at pci
file	dev/pci/if_jme.c		jme

# NE2000-compatible PCI Ethernet cards
defparam opt_ipkdb.h	IPKDB_NE_PCISLOT
defflag	opt_ipkdb.h	IPKDB_NE_PCI		: IPKDB_NE
attach	ne at pci with ne_pci: rtl80x9
file	dev/pci/if_ne_pci.c		ne_pci | ipkdb_ne_pci

# Texas Instruments ThunderLAN Chip.
device	tl: ether, ifnet, arp, i2cexec, at24cxx_eeprom, i2c_bitbang,
	    mii, mii_bitbang
attach	tl at pci
file	dev/pci/if_tl.c			tl

# SDL Communications N2 PCI Network Interface
# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	ntwoc at pci with ntwoc_pci
file	dev/pci/if_ntwoc_pci.c		ntwoc_pci

# Lan Media Corporation T1/HSSI/DS3 driver
device	lmc: ifnet, sppp
attach	lmc at pci
file	dev/pci/if_lmc.c		lmc

# Essential Communications HIPPI interface
# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	esh at pci with esh_pci
file	dev/pci/if_esh_pci.c		esh_pci

# generic PCI VGA
defflag	opt_vga.h	VGA_POST:	X86EMU
attach	vga at pci with vga_pci
file	dev/pci/vga_pci.c		vga_pci			needs-flag

device	tga: wsemuldisplaydev, rasops8, rasops32
attach	tga at pci
file	dev/pci/tga.c			tga			needs-flag
file	dev/pci/tga_conf.c		tga
file	dev/ic/bt485.c			tga
file	dev/ic/bt463.c			tga
file	dev/ic/ibm561.c			tga

# HP Visualize
attach	sti at pci with sti_pci
file	dev/pci/sti_pci.c		sti_pci			needs-flag

# Integraphics Systems IGA168x and CyberPro framebuffers (linear non-VGA mode)
# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	igsfb at pci with igsfb_pci
file	dev/pci/igsfb_pci.c		igsfb_pci

# Brooktree Bt848 video capture
device	bktr: radiodev
attach	bktr at pci
file	dev/pci/bktr/bktr_audio.c	bktr
file	dev/pci/bktr/bktr_card.c	bktr
file	dev/pci/bktr/bktr_core.c	bktr
file	dev/pci/bktr/bktr_os.c		bktr			needs-flag
file	dev/pci/bktr/bktr_tuner.c	bktr

# Cirrus Logic CrystalClear PCI Audio CS4280
device	clcs: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97, midibus
attach	clcs at pci
file	dev/pci/cs4280.c		clcs

# Cirrus Logic CrystalClear PCI Audio CS4281
device	clct: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97
attach	clct at pci
file	dev/pci/cs4281.c		clct

# Shared code for Cirrus Logic CrystalClear PCI Audio CS4280 and CS4281
file	dev/pci/cs428x.c		clcs | clct

# Forte Media FM801
device	fms { }: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97, midibus
attach	fms at pci
file	dev/pci/fms.c			fms

attach	opl at fms with opl_fms
file	dev/pci/opl_fms.c		opl_fms

attach	mpu at fms with mpu_fms
file	dev/pci/mpu_fms.c		mpu_fms

# Ensoniq AudioPCI S5016
device	eap { }: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97, midibus
attach	eap at pci
file	dev/pci/eap.c			eap

attach	joy at eap with joy_eap
file	dev/pci/joy_eap.c		joy_eap needs-flag

# Acer Labs M5455
device	auacer: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97, aurateconv
attach	auacer at pci
file	dev/pci/auacer.c		auacer

# Intel ICH AC'97 audio
device	auich: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97, aurateconv
attach	auich at pci
file	dev/pci/auich.c			auich

# VIA VT82C686A/VT8233/VT8235 AC'97 Audio
device	auvia: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97, aurateconv
attach	auvia at pci
file	dev/pci/auvia.c			auvia

# ATI IXP 200/300/400 series AC'97 Audio
device	auixp: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97, aurateconv
attach	auixp at pci
file	dev/pci/auixp.c			auixp

# High Definition Audio
device	azalia: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97, aurateconv
attach	azalia at pci
file	dev/pci/azalia.c		azalia
file	dev/pci/azalia_codec.c		azalia

# AMD Geode CS5536 Companion Audio
device	gcscaudio: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97, aurateconv
attach	gcscaudio at pci
file	dev/pci/gcscaudio.c		gcscaudio

# NeoMagic 256 AC'97 Audio
device	neo: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97
attach	neo at pci
file	dev/pci/neo.c			neo

# ESS Allegro-1 / Maestro3
device	esa: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97
attach	esa at pci
file	dev/pci/esa.c			esa

# ESS Solo-1 PCI AudioDrive
device	eso { }: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, midibus
attach	eso at pci
file	dev/pci/eso.c			eso

attach	opl at eso with opl_eso
file	dev/pci/opl_eso.c		opl_eso

attach	mpu at eso with mpu_eso
file	dev/pci/mpu_eso.c		mpu_eso

attach	joy at eso with joy_eso
file	dev/pci/joy_eso.c		joy_eso

# ESS Maestro-1/2/2e PCI AC97 Audio Accelerator
device	esm: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97
attach	esm at pci
file	dev/pci/esm.c			esm

# S3 SonicVibes (S3 617)
device	sv { }: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, midibus
attach	sv at pci
file	dev/pci/sv.c			sv

attach	opl at sv with opl_sv
file	dev/pci/opl_sv.c		opl_sv

# C-Media CMI8x38 Audio Chip
device	cmpci { }: audiobus, auconv, mulaw
attach	cmpci at pci
file	dev/pci/cmpci.c			cmpci

attach	opl at cmpci with opl_cmpci
file	dev/pci/opl_cmpci.c		opl_cmpci

attach	mpu at cmpci with mpu_cmpci
file	dev/pci/mpu_cmpci.c		mpu_cmpci

# Yamaha YMF724/740/744/754 PCI audio controller
device	yds { }: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97
attach	yds at pci
file	dev/pci/yds.c			yds

attach	opl at yds with opl_yds
file	dev/pci/opl_yds.c		opl_yds

attach	mpu at yds with mpu_yds
file	dev/pci/mpu_yds.c		mpu_yds

# Creative Labs EMU10k1 (SBLive! series and PCI512)
device	emuxki: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97
attach	emuxki at pci
file	dev/pci/emuxki.c		emuxki

# Trident 4DWAVE AC'97 audio (including SiS 7018,ALi M5451)
device	autri: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97, midibus
attach	autri at pci
file	dev/pci/autri.c			autri

# SMC EPIC/100 Fast Ethernet on PCI
attach	epic at pci with epic_pci
file	dev/pci/if_epic_pci.c		epic_pci

# PCI "universal" communication device driver, for PCI com, lpt, etc. ports
# (see documentation in the driver for what, exactly, should be supported)
device	puc { port = -1 }
attach	puc at pci
file	dev/pci/puc.c			puc
file	dev/pci/pucdata.c		puc
defflag opt_puc.h	PUC_CNAUTO
defparam opt_puc.h	PUC_CNBUS

attach	com at puc with com_puc
file	dev/pci/com_puc.c		com_puc needs-flag
file	dev/pci/cyber.c			com_puc
file	dev/pci/puccn.c			com_puc

attach	lpt at puc with lpt_puc
file	dev/pci/lpt_puc.c		lpt_puc & !ppbus

attach	atppc at puc with atppc_puc
file	dev/pci/atppc_puc.c		atppc_puc

# UHCI USB controller
attach	uhci at pci with uhci_pci
file	dev/pci/uhci_pci.c		uhci_pci

# OHCI USB controller
attach	ohci at pci with ohci_pci
file	dev/pci/ohci_pci.c		ohci_pci

# EHCI USB controller
attach	ehci at pci with ehci_pci
file	dev/pci/ehci_pci.c		ehci_pci

file	dev/pci/usb_pci.c		ehci_pci | ehci_cardbus

# xHCI USB controller
attach	xhci at pci with xhci_pci
file	dev/pci/xhci_pci.c		xhci_pci

# OHCI IEEE 1394 controller
attach	fwohci at pci with fwohci_pci
file	dev/pci/fwohci_pci.c		fwohci_pci

# VIA Rhine/Rhine II Fast Ethernet controllers
device	vr: ether, ifnet, arp, mii, mii_bitbang
attach	vr at pci
file	dev/pci/if_vr.c			vr

# SiS 900 Fast Ethernet controllers
device	sip: ether, ifnet, arp, mii, mii_bitbang
attach	sip at pci
file	dev/pci/if_sip.c		sip | gsip

# National Semiconductor DP83820 Gigabit Ethernet
device	gsip: ether, ifnet, arp, mii, mii_bitbang
attach	gsip at pci

# Level One LXT-1001 Gigabit Ethernet
#device	glxt: ether, ifnet, arp, mii
#attach	glxt at pci
#file	dev/pci/if_glxt.c		glxt

# Sundance Tech./Tamarack TC9021 Gigabit Ethernet
device	stge: ether, ifnet, arp, mii, mii_bitbang
attach	stge at pci
file	dev/pci/if_stge.c		stge

# Intel i82598 & i82599 10-Gigabit Ethernet
device	ixg: ether, ifnet, arp
attach	ixg at pci
file	dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe.c		ixg
file	dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_netbsd.c	ixg
file	dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_82598.c	ixg
file	dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_82599.c	ixg
file	dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_api.c	ixg
file	dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_common.c	ixg
file	dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_mbx.c	ixg
file	dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_phy.c	ixg
file	dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_vf.c	ixg
# This appears to be the driver for virtual instances of i82599.
#file	dev/pci/ixgbe/ixv.c		ixg

# Intel i8254x Gigabit Ethernet
device	wm: ether, ifnet, arp, mii, mii_bitbang
attach	wm at pci
file	dev/pci/if_wm.c			wm

# Broadcom 570x Gigabit Ethernet
device	bge: ether, ifnet, arp, mii, mii_bitbang
attach	bge at pci
file	dev/pci/if_bge.c		bge

# Broadcom NetXtreme II
device	bnx: ether, ifnet, arp, mii
attach	bnx at pci
file	dev/pci/if_bnx.c		bnx

# Realtek 8129/8139 Ethernet controllers
attach	rtk at pci with rtk_pci
file	dev/pci/if_rtk_pci.c		rtk_pci

# DECchip 21x4x Ethernet controller family, and assorted clones.
attach	tlp at pci with tlp_pci
file	dev/pci/if_tlp_pci.c		tlp_pci

# Bit3 PCI-VME mod. 617
device	btvmei: vmebus
attach	btvmei at pci
file	dev/pci/btvmei.c		btvmei
#file	dev/pci/btvmei_dma.c		btvmei
#file	dev/pci/btvmei_cntlrdma.c	btvmei

# Alteon ACEnic Gigabit Ethernet controller
device	ti: ether, ifnet, arp
attach	ti at pci
file	dev/pci/if_ti.c			ti

# Adaptec AIC-6915 Ethernet interface
attach	sf at pci with sf_pci
file	dev/pci/if_sf_pci.c		sf_pci

# Sundance Tech. ST-201 10/100 Ethernet
device	ste: ether, ifnet, arp, mii, mii_bitbang
attach	ste at pci
file	dev/pci/if_ste.c		ste

# YENTA PCI-Cardbus bridge
#device	cbb: cbbus, pcmciabus
device	cbb: pcmciaslot
attach	cbb at pci with cbb_pci
file	dev/pci/pccbb.c			cbb

# Tundra Universe PCI-VME adapter
define	univ_pci
file	dev/pci/universe_pci.c univ_pci

# Bit3 PCI-VME mod. 2706
device	btvmeii: vmebus, univ_pci
attach	btvmeii at pci
file	dev/pci/btvmeii.c btvmeii

# VIA VT82C686A/VT8231 PM Timer and Hardware Monitor
device	viaenv: acpipmtimer, sysmon_envsys
attach	viaenv at pci
file	dev/pci/viaenv.c		viaenv

# Intel PIIX4 power management controller
device	piixpm: i2cbus, acpipmtimer
attach	piixpm at pci
file	dev/pci/piixpm.c		piixpm

# AMD 768MPX power management controller
defflag	opt_amdpm.h			AMDPM_RND_COUNTERS
device	amdpm: i2cbus, acpipmtimer
attach	amdpm at pci
file	dev/pci/amdpm.c			amdpm
file	dev/pci/amdpm_smbus.c		amdpm

# Hi/fn 7751
device	hifn: opencrypto
attach	hifn at pci
file	dev/pci/hifn7751.c		hifn

# Bluesteelnet 5501/5601, Broadcom 580x/582x security processor
device	ubsec: opencrypto
attach	ubsec at pci
file	dev/pci/ubsec.c			ubsec

# Aironet PC4500/PC4800
attach	an at pci with an_pci
file	dev/pci/if_an_pci.c		an_pci

# ADMtek ADM8211 PCI/Mini-PCI
attach	atw at pci with atw_pci
file	dev/pci/if_atw_pci.c		atw_pci

# Realtek RTL8180 PCI/Mini-PCI
attach	rtw at pci with rtw_pci
file	dev/pci/if_rtw_pci.c		rtw_pci

# Ralink RT2500/RT2600 PCI/Mini-PCI
attach	ral at pci with ral_pci
file	dev/pci/if_ral_pci.c		ral_pci

# Marvel Libertas Open
attach  malo at pci with malo_pci
file    dev/pci/if_malo_pci.c       malo_pci

# Intersil Prism2.5 Mini-PCI
attach	wi at pci with wi_pci
file	dev/pci/if_wi_pci.c		wi_pci

# ISDN devices
attach	isic at pci with isic_pci
file	dev/pci/isic_pci.c		isic_pci

file	dev/pci/isic_pci_elsa_qs1p.c	isic_pci

# AVM T1/B1
attach	iavc at pci with iavc_pci
file	dev/pci/iavc_pci.c		iavc_pci

device	ifpci: isdndev, passive_isdn, nisac
attach	ifpci at pci
file	dev/pci/ifpci.c			ifpci

device	ifritz: isdndev, passive_isdn, nisacsx
attach	ifritz at pci
file	dev/pci/ifpci2.c		ifritz

# Winbond W6692
device	iwic: isdndev, passive_isdn
attach	iwic at pci with iwic_pci
file	dev/pci/iwic_pci.c		iwic
file	dev/pci/iwic_bchan.c		iwic
file	dev/pci/iwic_dchan.c		iwic
file	dev/pci/iwic_fsm.c		iwic

# IrDA devices
#  Toshiba Fast Infrared Type O IrDA driver
device	oboe: irbus, irdasir
attach	oboe at pci
file	dev/pci/oboe.c			oboe

# Middle Digital, Inc. PCI-Weasel serial console board control
# devices (watchdog timer, etc.)
device	weasel: sysmon_wdog
attach	weasel at pci with weasel_pci
file	dev/pci/weasel_pci.c		weasel

# Game adapter (joystick)
attach	joy at pci with joy_pci
file	dev/pci/joy_pci.c		joy_pci

# ATI Mach64 framebuffer console driver
defflag	opt_machfb.h	MACHFB_DEBUG
device	machfb: wsemuldisplaydev, rasops8, fb, vcons, videomode, edid, drm, glyphcache
attach	machfb at pci
file	dev/pci/machfb.c		machfb

# 3Dfx Voodoo3 framebuffer console driver
device	voodoofb: wsemuldisplaydev, rasops8, vcons, videomode, drm, i2cbus, i2c_bitbang, ddc_read_edid, edid
attach	voodoofb at pci
file	dev/pci/voodoofb.c		voodoofb

# VIA UniChrome framebuffer console driver
device	unichromefb: wsemuldisplaydev, rasops16, rasops32, vcons, drm
attach	unichromefb at pci
file	dev/pci/unichromefb.c		unichromefb needs-flag

# ATI Radeon framebuffer console driver
# (Note: to enable the BIOS parser, add options RADEON_BIOS_INIT to the config)
device	radeonfb: wsemuldisplaydev, videomode, rasops8, rasops32, vcons, splash, i2cbus, i2c_bitbang, ddc_read_edid, edid, drm, glyphcache
attach	radeonfb at pci
file	dev/pci/radeonfb.c	radeonfb
file	dev/pci/radeonfb_i2c.c	radeonfb
file	dev/pci/radeonfb_bios.c	radeonfb
defflag opt_radeonfb.h	RADEONFB_DEBUG
defflag opt_radeonfb.h	RADEONFB_BIOS_INIT
defflag opt_radeonfb.h	RADEONFB_BIOS_DEBUG
defflag opt_radeonfb.h	RADEONFB_MMAP_BARS
defflag opt_radeonfb.h	RADEONFB_DEPTH_32
defflag opt_radeonfb.h	RADEONFB_ALWAYS_ACCEL_PUTCHAR

# Chelsio Terminator 3 (T3) 10 gigabit ethernet
device	cxgbc { }
attach	cxgbc at pci
device	cxgb: ether, ifnet, arp
attach	cxgb at cxgbc
file	dev/pci/cxgb/cxgb_main.c	cxgbc | cxgb
file	dev/pci/cxgb/cxgb_mc5.c		cxgbc | cxgb
file	dev/pci/cxgb/cxgb_vsc8211.c	cxgbc | cxgb
file	dev/pci/cxgb/cxgb_ael1002.c	cxgbc | cxgb
file	dev/pci/cxgb/cxgb_mv88e1xxx.c	cxgbc | cxgb
file	dev/pci/cxgb/cxgb_vsc7323.c	cxgbc | cxgb
file	dev/pci/cxgb/cxgb_xgmac.c	cxgbc | cxgb
file	dev/pci/cxgb/cxgb_t3_hw.c	cxgbc | cxgb
file	dev/pci/cxgb/cxgb_sge.c		cxgbc | cxgb
file	dev/pci/cxgb/cxgb_lro.c		cxgbc | cxgb
# file	dev/pci/cxgb/cxgb_offload.c	cxgbc | cxgb
file	dev/pci/cxgb/cxgb_l2t.c		cxgbc | cxgb
file	dev/pci/cxgb/cxgb_osdep.c	cxgbc | cxgb

# Chips & Technologies 65550 framebuffer console driver
attach	chipsfb at pci with chipsfb_pci
file	dev/pci/chipsfb.c		chipsfb_pci

# 3Com 3c990
device	txp: ether, ifnet, arp
attach	txp at pci
file	dev/pci/if_txp.c		txp

# SysKonnect
device	skc { }
attach	skc at pci
device	sk: ether, ifnet, arp, mii
attach	sk at skc
file	dev/pci/if_sk.c			skc | sk

# Broadcom 4401 10/100 Ethernet
device	bce: ether, ifnet, arp, mii
attach	bce at pci
file	dev/pci/if_bce.c		bce

# Intel PRO/10GbE
device	dge: ether, ifnet, arp
attach	dge at pci
file	dev/pci/if_dge.c		dge

# Realtek 8169 Ethernet controllers
attach	re at pci with re_pci
file	dev/pci/if_re_pci.c		re_pci

# Windows NDIS drivers (Experimental)
device 	ndis
attach 	ndis at pci
file	dev/if_ndis/if_ndis.c		ndis
file	dev/if_ndis/if_ndis_pci.c	ndis

# Intel PRO/Wireless 2100
device	ipw: ifnet, arp, wlan, firmload
attach	ipw at pci
file	dev/pci/if_ipw.c		ipw

# Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG/2915ABG
device	iwi: ifnet, arp, wlan, firmload
attach	iwi at pci
file	dev/pci/if_iwi.c		iwi

# Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG
device	wpi: ifnet, arp, wlan, firmload
attach	wpi at pci
file	dev/pci/if_wpi.c		wpi

# Intel PRO/Wireless 4965AGN Mini-PCI Adapter
device	iwn: ifnet, arp, wlan, firmload
attach	iwn at pci
file	dev/pci/if_iwn.c		iwn

# Intel Centrino 7260
device	iwm: ifnet, arp, wlan, firmload
attach	iwm at pci
file	dev/pci/if_iwm.c		iwm

# Workbit NinjaSCSI-32 controllers
# device declaration in sys/conf/files
attach	njs at pci with njs_pci
file	dev/pci/njs_pci.c		njs_pci

# S2io Xframe 10 Gigabit ethernet (Xframe driver)
device  xge: ether, ifnet, arp
attach  xge  at pci 
file    dev/pci/if_xge.c		xge

# Via Velocity 612x 10/100/1000 Ethernet
device	vge: ether, ifnet, arp, mii
attach	vge at pci
file	dev/pci/if_vge.c		vge

# Atheros 5210/5211/5212 PCI/Mini-PCI
attach	ath at pci with ath_pci
file	dev/pci/if_ath_pci.c		ath_pci

# Atheros AR9k (802.11 a/g/n)
attach	athn at pci with athn_pci
file	dev/pci/if_athn_pci.c		athn_pci

# NVIDIA nForce Ethernet
device  nfe: ether, ifnet, arp, mii, mii_phy
attach  nfe at pci
file    dev/pci/if_nfe.c                nfe

# MICREL Etherent
device	kse: ether, ifnet, arp
attach	kse at pci
file	dev/pci/if_kse.c		kse

# Yukon 2
device	mskc { }
attach	mskc at pci
device	msk: ether, ifnet, arp, mii
attach	msk at mskc
file	dev/pci/if_msk.c		mskc | msk

# SD Host Controller
attach	sdhc at pci with sdhc_pci
file	dev/pci/sdhc_pci.c		sdhc_pci

# generic framebuffer console driver, PCI frontend
attach genfb at pci with genfb_pci : splash
file	dev/pci/genfb_pci.c	genfb_pci

# NVIDIA nForce2/3/4 SMBus controller
device	nfsmbc { }
attach	nfsmbc at pci
device	nfsmb: i2cbus
attach	nfsmb at nfsmbc
file	dev/pci/nfsmb.c			nfsmbc | nfsmb

# Intel ICH SMBus controller
device	ichsmb: i2cbus
attach	ichsmb at pci
file	dev/pci/ichsmb.c		ichsmb

# ATI Rage 128 framebuffer console driver
device	r128fb: wsemuldisplaydev, rasops8, rasops32, vcons, videomode, i2cbus, i2c_bitbang, glyphcache
attach	r128fb at pci
file	dev/pci/r128fb.c		r128fb
defflag	opt_r128fb.h	R128FB_DEBUG
defflag	opt_r128fb.h	R128FB_WAIT

# Attansic/Atheros L1 Gigabit-Ethernet
device	age: ether, ifnet, arp, mii, mii_phy
attach	age at pci
file	dev/pci/if_age.c		age

# Attansic/Atheros L1C/L2C Gigabit Ethernet
device	alc: ether, ifnet, arp, mii, mii_phy
attach	alc at pci
file	dev/pci/if_alc.c		alc

# Attanisc/Atheros L1E Gigabit Ethernet
device	ale: ether, ifnet, arp, mii, mii_phy
attach	ale at pci
file	dev/pci/if_ale.c		ale

# Atheros/Attansic L2 Fast-Ethernet
device	lii: ether, ifnet, arp, mii
attach	lii at pci
file	dev/pci/if_lii.c		lii

# Silicon Image SteelVine SATA-II controllers
attach	siisata at pci with siisata_pci
file	dev/pci/siisata_pci.c		siisata_pci

# Acer Labs M7101 power management controller
device	alipm: i2cbus
attach	alipm at pci
file	dev/pci/alipm.c				alipm

# NetOctave NSP2000
include "dev/pci/n8/files.n8"

# Broadcom AirForce / Apple Airport Extreme
attach	bwi at pci with bwi_pci
file	dev/pci/if_bwi_pci.c		bwi_pci

# Marvell Serial-ATA Host Controller
attach	mvsata at pci with mvsata_pci
file	dev/pci/mvsata_pci.c		mvsata_pci

include "dev/pci/voyager/files.voyager"
# Silicon Motion SM502 / Voyager GX
device	voyager: i2c_bitbang, voyagerbus, i2cbus
attach	voyager at pci
file	dev/pci/voyager.c		voyager
defflag	opt_voyager.h	VOYAGER_DEBUG

# High Definition Audio
include "dev/pci/hdaudio/files.hdaudio"

# Permedia 2 / Sun PGX32 / Raptor
device	pm2fb: wsemuldisplaydev, rasops8, rasops32, vcons, videomode, i2cbus, i2c_bitbang, ddc_read_edid, edid, glyphcache
attach	pm2fb at pci
file	dev/pci/pm2fb.c		pm2fb
defflag	opt_pm2fb.h	PM2FB_DEBUG

# 3Dlabs Wildcat / Sun XVR-500, 1200, Expert3D etc.
device		wcfb: wsemuldisplaydev, rasops8, vcons
attach		wcfb at pci
file		dev/pci/wcfb.c	wcfb
defflag		opt_wcfb.h	WCFB_DEBUG

# Domex 536, 5380-compatible SCSI HBA
attach	nca at pci with nca_pci
file	dev/pci/nca_pci.c	nca_pci

# Agere ET1310/1301 Ethernet
device	et: ether, ifnet, arp, mii, mii_phy
attach	et at pci
file	dev/pci/if_et.c			et

# RDC Semiconductor R6040 10/100 Ethernet
device	vte: ether, ifnet, arp, mii, mii_phy
attach	vte at pci
file	dev/pci/if_vte.c		vte

# Conexant CX23880-series DTV interface
device	cxdtv: dtvbus, i2c_bitbang, i2cbus, i2cexec, tvpll, nxt2k, lg3303
attach	cxdtv at pci
file	dev/pci/cxdtv.c		cxdtv
file	dev/pci/cxdtv_boards.c	cxdtv

# Conexant CX23885-series DTV interface
device	coram: dtvbus, i2cbus, i2cexec, mt2131, cx24227
attach	coram at pci
file	dev/pci/coram.c		coram

# QUANCOM Electronic GmbH PWDOG1
device	pwdog: sysmon_envsys
attach	pwdog at pci
file	dev/pci/pwdog.c		pwdog

# IBM 4810 BSP cash drawer port
device	ibmcd: gpiobus
attach	ibmcd at pci
file	dev/pci/ibmcd.c		ibmcd

# SIS 315 Pro frame buffer
device  sisfb: wsemuldisplaydev, rasops8, rasops15, rasops16, rasops32, vcons
attach  sisfb at pci
file    dev/pci/sisfb.c		sisfb	needs-flag

# VirtIO
device	virtio {}
attach	virtio at pci
file	dev/pci/virtio.c	virtio

attach	ld at virtio with ld_virtio
file	dev/pci/ld_virtio.c	ld_virtio

device	viomb
attach	viomb at virtio
file	dev/pci/viomb.c		viomb

device	vioif
attach	vioif at virtio
file	dev/pci/if_vioif.c	vioif

device	viornd
attach	viornd at virtio
file dev/pci/viornd.c		viornd

# Silicon Motion SM712(LynxEM+) frame buffer
device	lynxfb: wsemuldisplaydev, rasops16
attach	lynxfb at pci
file	dev/pci/lynxfb.c	lynxfb needs-flag

include "dev/pci/igma/files.igma"
# Intel GMA
device	igma: igmabus, i2cbus, i2c_bitbang, ddc_read_edid, edid
attach	igma at pci
file	dev/pci/igma.c		igma

# 3Dfx Voodoo Graphics
defflag	opt_tdvfb.h		TDVFB_CONSOLE
device	tdvfb: wsemuldisplaydev, rasops16, rasops32, vcons, videomode
attach	tdvfb at pci
file	dev/pci/tdvfb.c		tdvfb	

# nvidia geforce framebuffer console driver
device	gffb: wsemuldisplaydev, rasops8, vcons, videomode, i2cbus, i2c_bitbang, glyphcache
attach	gffb at pci
file	dev/pci/gffb.c		gffb
defflag	opt_gffb.h	GFFB_DEBUG

# Realtek RTS5209/RTS5229 Card Reader driver
attach	rtsx at pci with rtsx_pci
file	dev/pci/rtsx_pci.c	rtsx_pci

# PCI graphics devices with DRM/KMS
include "external/bsd/drm2/pci/files.drmkms_pci"