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Diff for /src/sys/dev/isa/wbsioreg.h between version 1.7 and 1.8

version 1.7, 2017/12/13 00:27:53 version 1.8, 2018/03/07 09:25:56
Line 70 
Line 70 
 #define WBSIO_ID_NCT6792D       0xc91  #define WBSIO_ID_NCT6792D       0xc91
 #define WBSIO_ID_NCT6793D       0xd12  #define WBSIO_ID_NCT6793D       0xd12
 #define WBSIO_ID_NCT6795D       0xd35  #define WBSIO_ID_NCT6795D       0xd35
   #define WBSIO_ID_NCT6796D       0xd42
 /* Strapping Function Result */  /* Strapping Function Result */
 #define WBSIO_SFR_24M48M        0x01  #define WBSIO_SFR_24M48M        0x01

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