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[DIR] Attic/  [Don't hide]        
[DIR] acpi/        
[DIR] adb/        
[DIR] altmem/        
[DIR] apm/        
[DIR] arcbios/        
[DIR] ata/        
[DIR] audio/        
[DIR] bi/        
[DIR] bluetooth/        
[DIR] bus_dma/        
[DIR] cadence/        
[DIR] cardbus/        
[DIR] clk/        
[DIR] dctl/        
[DIR] dec/        
[DIR] devfsctl/        
[DIR] dkwedge/        
[DIR] dm/        
[DIR] dmover/        
[DIR] drm/        
[DIR] dtv/        
[DIR] ebus/        
[DIR] eisa/        
[DIR] fdt/        
[DIR] filemon/        
[DIR] flash/        
[DIR] freescale/        
[DIR] gpib/        
[DIR] gpio/        
[DIR] hdaudio/        
[DIR] hdmicec/        
[DIR] hid/        
[DIR] hil/        
[DIR] hpc/        
[DIR] hyperv/        
[DIR] i2c/        
[DIR] i2o/        
[DIR] ic/        
[DIR] ieee1394/        
[DIR] if_ndis/        
[DIR] imcsmb/        
[DIR] ir/        
[DIR] isa/        
[DIR] isapnp/        
[DIR] iscsi/        
[DIR] lsu/        
[DIR] marvell/        
[DIR] mca/        
[DIR] microcode/        
[DIR] mii/        
[DIR] mscp/        
[DIR] mvme/        
[DIR] nand/        
[DIR] news/        
[DIR] nor/        
[DIR] nvmem/        
[DIR] nvmm/        
[DIR] ofisa/        
[DIR] ofw/        
[DIR] onewire/        
[DIR] pad/        
[DIR] pci/        
[DIR] pckbc/        
[DIR] pckbport/        
[DIR] pcmcia/        
[DIR] podulebus/        
[DIR] ppbus/        
[DIR] pud/        
[DIR] putter/        
[DIR] pwm/        
[DIR] qbus/        
[DIR] raidframe/        
[DIR] ralink/        
[DIR] rasops/        
[DIR] rcons/        
[DIR] sbus/        
[DIR] scsi/        
[DIR] scsipi/        
[DIR] sdmmc/        
[DIR] smbus/        
[DIR] spi/        
[DIR] splash/        
[DIR] stbi/        
[DIR] std/        
[DIR] sun/        
[DIR] sysmon/        
[DIR] tc/        
[DIR] tprof/        
[DIR] usb/        
[DIR] videomode/        
[DIR] vinum/        
[DIR] virtio/        
[DIR] vme/        
[DIR] wscons/        
[DIR] wsfb/        
[DIR] wsfont/        
[DIR] xmi/        
[TXT] midi_if.h   20 years  wrstuden   Pull in rev 1.8 -> 1.9. Rather than special case ports which have an IPL_AUDIO, ...
[TXT] DEVNAMES   20 years  onoe   Pull up revision 1.10 (approved by thorpej) Add WEP support for awi driver.
[TXT] Makefile  1.4   20 years  matt   branches: 1.4.2; No real change. Alphabetize the list of directories.
[TXT] cons.c  1.37   20 years  mrg   branches: 1.37.4; check for when cnopen() will call itself recursively, and pan...
[TXT] cons.h  1.18   20 years  itojun   branches: 1.18.6; 1.18.8; 1.18.10; 1.18.20; move static function getstr() to...
[TXT] midi.c  1.16   20 years  augustss   Simplify an expression.
[TXT] ccd.c  1.69   20 years  enami   branches: 1.69.4; Introduce new filesystem type FS_CCD so that an operator can ...
[TXT] vnd.c  1.65   20 years  augustss   branches: 1.65.4; Remove register declarations.
[TXT] midisyn.c  1.6   20 years  simonb   Don't need to include <sys/conf.h> here.
[TXT] sequencer.c  1.15   20 years  thorpej   branches: 1.15.6; 1.15.8; New callout mechanism with two major improvements ov...
[TXT] sequencervar.h  1.6   20 years  thorpej   branches: 1.6.10; 1.6.28; New callout mechanism with two major improvements ov...
[TXT] midivar.h  1.7   20 years  thorpej   New callout mechanism with two major improvements over the old timeout()/untimeo...
[TXT] vndvar.h  1.6   20 years  jdolecek   branches: 1.6.6; 1.6.8; 1.6.20; only define struct vnd_softc if _KERNEL is de...
[TXT] md.c  1.22   20 years  thorpej   Update for sys/buf.h/disksort_*() changes.
[TXT] md.h  1.6   20 years  tsutsui   branches: 1.6.6; - use the raw partition for ioctl; `control device' is gone. ...
[TXT] ccdvar.h  1.19   21 years  thorpej   branches: 1.19.12; 1.19.14; 1.19.16; Garbage-collect CCDF_SWAP; no longer use...
[TXT] midisynvar.h  1.3   21 years  augustss   branches: 1.3.22; 1.3.24; 1.3.26; Make the copyright header conform to the Ne...
[TXT] cninit.c  1.3   22 years  tv   branches: 1.3.26; 1.3.28; Keep cn_tab NULL until an appropriate console is fou...
[TXT] clock_subr.c  1.4   22 years  gwr   branches: 1.4.16; Minor improvement to avoid re-defining days_in_month().
[TXT] clock_subr.h  1.2   23 years  is   branches: 1.2.22; New ARP system, supports IPv4 over any hardware link. Some o...

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