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Revision 1.14, Tue Nov 22 21:25:42 2011 UTC (9 years, 3 months ago) by tls
Branch: MAIN
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Branch point for: tls-maxphys
Changes since 1.13: +9 -1 lines

The rnd pseudo-device is not really optional, because it is in the same
source file as the entropy-pool code itself.  Move it to std.  This
will be cleaned up more when I split the sources up as they should be.

This fixes build breaks on several ports.  Thanks to Havard Eidnes for
pointing them out.

# $NetBSD: std,v 1.14 2011/11/22 21:25:42 tls Exp $
# standard MI 'options'
# this file is for options which can't be off-by-default for some reasons.
# "it's commonly used" is NOT a good reason to enable options here.

# the following options are on-by-default to keep
# kernel config file compatibility.
options	VMSWAP		# Swap device/file support
options	BUFQ_FCFS	# First-come First-serve strategy
options	BUFQ_DISKSORT	# Traditional min seek sort strategy
options	RFC2292		# Previous version of Adv. Sockets API for IPv6 
options	PTRACE		# Include ptrace(2)
options	COREDUMP	# allow processes to coredump.
options	AIO		# POSIX asynchronous I/O
options	MQUEUE		# POSIX message queues

# Security model.
options	secmodel_bsd44	# Traditional 4.4BSD security model

# Scheduling algorithm
options	SCHED_4BSD

pseudo-device	cpuctl

# Kernel entropy pool and random-number generator pseudodevice.
# The pseudodevice might stop being "std" when the two are torn
# apart some day but the entropy pool itself never will (they are
# presently implemented in the same source file)
pseudo-device	rnd