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Revision 1.34, Tue May 1 17:18:55 2007 UTC (12 years, 11 months ago) by bouyer
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: yamt-idlelwp-base8, nick-csl-alignment-base, mjf-ufs-trans-base, hpcarm-cleanup
Branch point for: nick-csl-alignment, jmcneill-pm
Changes since 1.33: +2 -1 lines

Add bio(4) and associated bioctl(8) from OpenBSD, a driver control block
device controllers, and more specifically raid controllers.
Add a new sensor type, ENVSYS_DRIVE, to report drive status. From OpenBSD.
Add bio and sysmon support to mfi(4). This allow userland to query
status for drives and logical volumes attached to a mfi(4) controller. While
there fix some debug printfs in mfi so they compile.
Add bio(4) to amd64 and i386 GENERIC.

# $NetBSD: majors,v 1.34 2007/05/01 17:18:55 bouyer Exp $
# Device majors for Machine-Independent drivers.
# Majors 0-143 are reserved for machine-dependent drivers and
# for traditional machine-specific MI driver major mapping.
# Majors 144-159 are reserved for local/vendor use.
# Majors 160-255 are used for the MI drivers.

device-major	crypto		char 160		crypto
device-major	pf		char 161		pf
#obsolete	vinum		char 162		vinum
device-major	fss		char 163 block 163	fss
device-major	pps		char 164		pps
device-major	ptm		char 165		pty
device-major	atabus		char 166		atabus
device-major	drvctl		char 167		drvctl
device-major	dk		char 168 block 168
device-major	tap		char 169		tap
device-major	veriexec	char 170		veriexec
device-major	fw		char 171		ieee1394if
device-major	ucycom		char 172		ucycom
device-major	gpio		char 173		gpio
device-major	utoppy		char 174		utoppy
device-major	bthub		char 175		bthub
device-major	amr		char 176		amr
device-major	lockstat	char 177		lockstat
device-major	puffs		char 178		puffs
device-major	srt		char 179		srt
device-major	drm		char 180		drmbase
device-major	bio		char 181		bio
device-major	twa		char 187		twa