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Revision 1.736, Sat Oct 15 17:29:11 2005 UTC (15 years, 4 months ago) by yamt
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: yamt-vop-base
Branch point for: yamt-vop
Changes since 1.735: +2 -1 lines

- change the way to specify a bufq strategy.  (by string rather than by number)
- rather than embedding bufq_state in driver softc,
  have a pointer to the former.
- move bufq related functions from kern/subr_disk.c to kern/subr_bufq.c.
- rename method to strategy for consistency.
- move some definitions which don't need to be exposed to the rest of kernel
  from sys/bufq.h to sys/bufq_impl.h.
  (is it better to move it to kern/ or somewhere?)
- fix some obvious breakage in dev/qbus/ts.c.  (not tested)

#	$NetBSD: files,v 1.736 2005/10/15 17:29:11 yamt Exp $

#	@(#)files.newconf	7.5 (Berkeley) 5/10/93

# device classes
devclass disk
devclass tape
devclass ifnet
devclass tty

# options understood by the machine-independent part of the kernel
# (note, these are case-sensitive)
defflag				INSECURE
defflag				MBUFTRACE
defflag				KMEMSTATS
defflag				KCONT
defflag				KTRACE
defflag				SYSTRACE
defparam			MAXUPRC
defparam			RTC_OFFSET
defparam			HZ
defparam			DEFCORENAME

defflag				BUFQ_DISKSORT
defflag				BUFQ_FCFS
defflag				BUFQ_READPRIO

defparam			SOMAXKVA
defflag	opt_sock_counters.h	SOSEND_COUNTERS
defflag	opt_sosend_loan.h	SOSEND_NO_LOAN



defparam opt_dump.h		DUMP_ON_PANIC

defflag	opt_callout.h		CALLWHEEL_STATS

defflag opt_posix.h		P1003_1B_SEMAPHORE
defflag	opt_sysv.h		SYSVMSG SYSVSEM	SYSVSHM

defflag	opt_ntp.h		PPS_SYNC NTP

defflag	opt_ptm.h		NO_DEV_PTM COMPAT_BSDPTY

defflag	opt_malloclog.h		MALLOCLOG
defparam opt_malloclog.h	MALLOCLOGSIZE
defflag	opt_malloc_debug.h	MALLOC_DEBUG
defflag	opt_pool.h		POOL_DIAGNOSTIC
defparam opt_poollog.h		POOL_LOGSIZE

defflag	opt_revcache.h		NAMECACHE_ENTER_REVERSE

defflag	opt_execfmt.h		EXEC_AOUT EXEC_COFF EXEC_ECOFF EXEC_ELF32

defflag	opt_dkwedge.h		DKWEDGE_AUTODISCOVER

defflag	opt_verified_exec.h 	VERIFIED_EXEC

# compatibility options
defflag				COMPAT_HPUX
defflag				COMPAT_IBCS2
defflag				COMPAT_IRIX
defflag				COMPAT_LINUX
defflag				COMPAT_OSF1
defflag				COMPAT_SUNOS
defflag	opt_compat_svr4.h	COMPAT_SVR4 COMPAT_SVR4_32 SVR4_COMPAT_SOLARIS2
defflag				COMPAT_ULTRIX
defflag				COMPAT_NETBSD32
defflag				COMPAT_AOUT_M68K
defflag				COMPAT_M68K4K
defflag				COMPAT_MACH
defflag				COMPAT_DARWIN
defflag				COMPAT_VAX1K
defflag				COMPAT_43
defflag				COMPAT_PECOFF
defflag	opt_compat_netbsd.h	COMPAT_30
defflag	opt_compat_netbsd.h	COMPAT_20: COMPAT_30
defflag	opt_compat_netbsd.h	COMPAT_16: COMPAT_20
defflag	opt_compat_netbsd.h	COMPAT_15: COMPAT_16
defflag	opt_compat_netbsd.h	COMPAT_14: COMPAT_15
defflag	opt_compat_netbsd.h	COMPAT_13: COMPAT_14
defflag	opt_compat_netbsd.h	COMPAT_12: COMPAT_13
defflag	opt_compat_netbsd.h	COMPAT_11: COMPAT_12
defflag	opt_compat_netbsd.h	COMPAT_10: COMPAT_11
defflag	opt_compat_netbsd.h	COMPAT_09: COMPAT_10
defflag	opt_compat_netbsd.h	COMPAT_NOMID

# Cryptography support.  Include this early, since several things
# use it.

# Individual crypto transforms
include "crypto/arc4/files.arc4"
include "crypto/des/files.des"
include "crypto/blowfish/files.blowfish"
include "crypto/cast128/files.cast128"
include "crypto/rijndael/files.rijndael"
include "crypto/ripemd160/files.ripemd160"
include "crypto/sha2/files.sha2"
include "crypto/skipjack/files.skipjack"

# General-purpose crypto processing framework.
include "opencrypto/files.opencrypto"

# System monitoring framework
include "dev/sysmon/files.sysmon"

# Networking protocols
include "netatalk/files.netatalk"
include "netccitt/files.netccitt"
include "netinet/files.netinet"
include "netinet/files.ipfilter"
include "netinet6/files.netinet6"
include "netinet6/files.ipsec"
include "netipsec/files.netipsec"
include "netiso/files.netiso"
include "netnatm/files.netnatm"
include "netns/files.netns"
include "netsmb/files.netsmb"
include "net/files.pf"

defflag				IPX		# IPX network stack
defflag				PFIL_HOOKS	# pfil(9)
defflag	opt_bridge_ipf.h	BRIDGE_IPF	# bridge(4) use inet_pfil_hooks
						# Include deflate or bsd
						# compression, enable pppd
						# packet filtering support

# networking options
defflag				GATEWAY

defparam			SB_MAX

# UVM options
defflag	opt_uvmhist.h		UVMHIST UVMHIST_PRINT
defflag opt_vmswap.h		VMSWAP

# file system options
defflag				SOFTDEP			# XXX files.ufs?
defflag				QUOTA			# XXX files.ufs?

# buffer cache size options
defparam opt_bufcache.h		BUFCACHE BUFPAGES

# userconf
defflag				USERCONF

# sysctl related

# Not entirely MI, but present on multiple arch's

# PC-style MBR handling
defflag	opt_mbr.h		COMPAT_386BSD_MBRPART

# debugging options
defflag	opt_ddb.h		DDB
defflag	opt_kgdb.h		KGDB
defflag				LOCKDEBUG
defflag				SYSCALL_DEBUG
defflag	opt_kstack.h		KSTACK_CHECK_MAGIC

# memory (ram) disk options

# Support for hardware performance monitoring counters
defflag	opt_perfctrs.h		PERFCTRS

# Machine-independant device majors assignements
include "conf/majors"

# generic attributes
define	audiobus	{ }
define	midibus		{ }
define	midisyn
define	ata	        {[channel = -1]}
define	sata
define	scsi_core
define	scsi		{[channel = -1]}: scsi_core
define	ata_hl		{[drive = -1]}
define	atapi		{ }
define	radiodev	{ }
define	gpibdev		{[address = -1]}
define	gpiobus		{ }
define 	pckbport	{[slot = -1]}
define	pckbport_machdep_cnattach

# audio device attributes
define	mulaw
define	auconv
define	aurateconv

# audio and midi devices, attaches to audio hardware driver
device	audio
attach	audio at audiobus
device	midi
attach	midi at midibus

# console bell via audio device
define	audiobell

# I2C device support
include "dev/i2c/files.i2c"

# IR device support
include	"dev/ir/files.ir"

# Bluetooth device support
include "dev/bluetooth/files.bluetooth"

# Parallel Port Bus support
include "dev/ppbus/files.ppbus"

# raster operations attributes
define	rasops1
define	rasops2
define	rasops4
define	rasops8
define	rasops15
define	rasops16
define	rasops24
define	rasops32

# net device attributes - we have generic code for arc(net), ether(net),
# fddi, token ring, atm and eco(net).
define	arc
define	atm
define	eco
define	ether
define	fddi
define	hippi
define	ieee1394
define	token
define	sppp
define	wlan: arc4, rijndael
define	crypto

# devices ARPing IPv4 pull this in:
define	arp

# ALTQ network traffic shaping subsystem
include "altq/files.altq"

# IPKDB kernel debugger
include "ipkdb/files.ipkdb"

# Logical disk
device	ld: disk
file	dev/ld.c			ld			needs-flag

# MII/PHY support for network devices
include "dev/mii/files.mii"

# RAIDframe
include "dev/raidframe/files.raidframe"

# Vinum
include "dev/vinum/files.vinum"

# Hardware-assisted data mover API
include "dev/dmover/files.dmover"

# "Chipset" drivers.  These are the bus-independent routines which
# contain the cfdrivers.  Attachments are provided by files.<bus>

# Adaptec AIC-6[32]60 ICs
device	aic: scsi
file	dev/ic/aic6360.c		aic

# SMC 93Cx6 Serial EEPROM devices
define	smc93cx6
file	dev/ic/smc93cx6.c		smc93cx6

# Adaptec 2[789]4X, 394X, aic7770 and aic78[5678]0 SCSI controllers
defparam opt_ahc.h		AHC_DEBUG
defflag	opt_ahc.h		AHC_NO_TAGS
device	ahc: scsi
define	ahc_seeprom
define	ahc_aic77xx
file	dev/ic/aic7xxx.c		ahc
file	dev/ic/aic7xxx_osm.c		ahc
file	dev/ic/aic7xxx_seeprom.c	ahc_seeprom
file	dev/ic/aic77xx.c		ahc_aic77xx

# Adaptec aic79xx SCSI controllers
defflag	opt_ahd.h		AHD_DEBUG
device	ahd: scsi
file	dev/ic/aic79xx.c		ahd
file	dev/ic/aic79xx_osm.c		ahd

# DPT EATA SCSI controllers
device	dpt: scsi
file	dev/ic/dpt.c			dpt

# Compaq Smart ARRAY controllers
device	cac {unit = -1}
file	dev/ic/cac.c			cac

attach	ld at cac with ld_cac
file	dev/ic/ld_cac.c			ld_cac

# Mylex DAC960 RAID controllers
device	mlx {unit = -1}
file	dev/ic/mlx.c			mlx			needs-flag

attach	ld at mlx with ld_mlx
file	dev/ic/ld_mlx.c			ld_mlx

# ICP-Vortex/Intel RAID controllers
device	icp {unit = -1}
file	dev/ic/icp.c			icp			needs-flag
file	dev/ic/icp_ioctl.c		icp

attach	ld at icp with ld_icp
file	dev/ic/ld_icp.c			ld_icp

device	icpsp: scsi
file	dev/ic/icpsp.c			icpsp
attach	icpsp at icp

# Adaptec FSA RAID controllers
device	aac {unit = -1}
file	dev/ic/aac.c			aac

attach	ld at aac with ld_aac
file	dev/ic/ld_aac.c			ld_aac

# AdvanSys 1200A, 1200B and ULTRA SCSI controllers
device	adv: scsi
file	dev/ic/adv.c			adv
file	dev/ic/advlib.c			adv
file	dev/ic/advmcode.c		adv

# AdvanSys ULTRA WIDE SCSI controllers
device	adw: scsi
file	dev/ic/adw.c			adw

# BusLogic MultiMaster and MultiMaster Ultra SCSI controllers
# (Must be declared before AHA to ensure bha probes before aha.
#  Probing AHA first configures bhas as aha, via their AHA
#  hardware-compatibility mode.)
device	bha: scsi
file	dev/ic/bha.c			bha

# Adaptec AHA-154x and AHA-164x controllers
# (must be after bha, see above)
device	aha: scsi
file	dev/ic/aha.c			aha

# Initio INIC-940/950 SCSI controllers
device	iha: scsi
file	dev/ic/iha.c			iha

# Qlogic ISP 10x0 SCSI Controllers
defflag	opt_isp.h		ISP_DISABLE_1020_SUPPORT
defparam opt_isp.h		ISP_LOGDEFAULT
device	isp: scsi
file	dev/ic/isp.c			isp
file	dev/ic/isp_netbsd.c		isp
file	dev/ic/isp_target.c		isp & isp_target_mode

# LSILogic Fusion-MPT I/O Processor SCSI/FC Controllers
device	mpt: scsi
file	dev/ic/mpt.c			mpt
file	dev/ic/mpt_debug.c		mpt
file	dev/ic/mpt_netbsd.c		mpt

# Workbit NinjaSCSI-32 controllers
device	njs: scsi
file	dev/ic/ninjascsi32.c		njs

# Symbios/NCR 53c700 SCSI controllers
device	oosiop: scsi
file	dev/ic/oosiop.c			oosiop

# Symbios/NCR 53c710 SCSI controllers
device	osiop: scsi
file	dev/ic/osiop.c			osiop

# common stuff for siop and esiop
define	siop_common
file	dev/ic/siop_common.c		siop_common

# Symbios/NCR 53c720/53c8xx SCSI controllers
device	siop: scsi,siop_common
file	dev/ic/siop.c			siop
defflag	opt_siop.h			SIOP_SYMLED

device	esiop: scsi,siop_common
file	dev/ic/esiop.c			esiop

# UltraStor SCSI controllers
device	uha: scsi
file	dev/ic/uha.c			uha

# Aironet PC4500/PC4800
device	an: arp, wlan, ifnet
file	dev/ic/an.c			an

# AMD 79c930-based 802.11 cards
device	awi: arp, wlan, ifnet
file	dev/ic/awi.c			awi
file	dev/ic/am79c930.c		awi

# Lucent & Intersil WaveLan IEEE (802.11)
device	wi: arp, wlan, ifnet
file	dev/ic/wi.c			wi

# Atheros 5210/5211/5212 multi-mode 802.11
# XXX: All the AH_ stuff should be renamed to ATHHAL_!!! 
device	ath: arp, wlan, ifnet
file	dev/ic/ath.c					ath
file	dev/ic/ath_netbsd.c				ath
file	dev/ic/athrate-onoe.c				ath
file	contrib/dev/ic/athhal_osdep.c			ath

# ADMtek ADM8211 802.11
device	atw: arp, wlan, ifnet, smc93cx6
file	dev/ic/atw.c			atw

# Realtek RTL8180 802.11
device rtw: arp, wlan, ifnet, smc93cx6
file	dev/ic/rtw.c			rtw
file	dev/ic/rtwphy.c			rtw
file	dev/ic/rtwphyio.c		rtw

# Ralink RT2500 802.11
device	ral: arp, ether, ifnet, wlan
define	ralcommon
file	dev/ic/ral.c			ralcommon

# 3Com Etherlink-III Ethernet controller
device	ep: arp, ether, ifnet, mii, mii_bitbang
file	dev/ic/elink3.c			ep

# 3Com EtherLink XL Controller
device	ex: arp, ether, ifnet, mii, mii_bitbang
file	dev/ic/elinkxl.c		ex

# DEC EtherWORKS III (LEMAC) Ethernet controllers
device	lc: arp, ether, ifnet
file	dev/ic/lemac.c			lc

# LANCE and PCnet Ethernet controllers
device	le: arp, ether, ifnet
define	le24
define	le32
file	dev/ic/am7990.c			le24
file	dev/ic/am79900.c		le32
file	dev/ic/lance.c			le24 | le32

# DEC DEPCA-family of LANCE Ethernet controllers
device	depca { }: le24
file	dev/ic/depca.c			depca
attach	le at depca with le_depca

# Sun HME Ethernet controllers
device	hme: arp, ether, ifnet, mii
file	dev/ic/hme.c			hme

# Sun GEM Ethernet controllers
device	gem: arp, ether, ifnet, mii
file	dev/ic/gem.c			gem

# 8390-family Ethernet controllers
defflag	opt_ipkdb.h		IPKDB_DP8390
define	dp8390nic
file	dev/ic/dp8390.c			dp8390nic | ipkdb_dp8390

# National Semiconductor DP83905 AT/LANTIC Ethernet media support
define	dp83905
file	dev/ic/dp83905.c		dp83905

# Macronix MX98905 Ethernet controller
# (use as an attribute for an "ne" bus attachment)
define	mx98905
file	dev/ic/mx98905.c		mx98905

# TROPIC Token-Ring controller
device	tr: arp, token, ifnet
file	dev/ic/tropic.c			tr

# NCR 5380 SCSI Bus Controller
define	ncr5380sbc
file	dev/ic/ncr5380sbc.c		ncr5380sbc
device	nca: scsi, ncr5380sbc

# Sun sc PAL SCSI Bus Controller
define	sunscpal
file	dev/ic/sunscpal.c		sunscpal
device	ssc: scsi, sunscpal

# DEC FDDI Chipset
define	pdq
file	dev/ic/pdq.c			pdq
file	dev/ic/pdq_ifsubr.c		pdq

# Cyclades Cyclom-8/16/32
device	cy: tty
file	dev/ic/cy.c			cy			needs-flag

# Efficient Networks, Inc. ATM interface
device	en: atm, ifnet
file	dev/ic/midway.c			en

# NCR 53x9x or Emulex ESP SCSI Controller
define	ncr53c9x
device	esp: scsi, ncr53c9x
file	dev/ic/ncr53c9x.c		ncr53c9x

# Fujitsu MB87030/MB89352 SCSI Protocol Controller
device	spc: scsi
file	dev/ic/mb89352.c		spc

# Hitachi HD44780 LCD panel controller
define	hd44780
file	dev/ic/hd44780_subr.c		hd44780
file	dev/ic/lcdkp_subr.c		hd44780

# Matrix keypad
define	matrixkp
file	dev/ic/matrixkp_subr.c		matrixkp

# Hitachi HD64570 serial controller
define	hd64570
file	dev/ic/hd64570.c		hd64570

# Riscom/N2 ISA/PCI Sync Serial Controller
device	ntwoc: ifnet, hd64570

# Intel 82586 Ethernet Controller
define	i82586
file	dev/ic/i82586.c			i82586

# Intel 82596 Ethernet Controller
define	i82596
file	dev/ic/i82596.c			i82596

# Intel 82557/82558/82559 Ethernet Controller
device	fxp: ether, ifnet, arp, mii
file	dev/ic/i82557.c			fxp

# SEEQ 8005 Advanced Ethernet Data Link Controller
define	seeq8005
file	dev/ic/seeq8005.c		seeq8005

# SMC 91Cxx Ethernet Controller
device	sm: arp, ether, ifnet, mii, mii_bitbang
file	dev/ic/smc91cxx.c		sm

# SMC 83C170 EPIC/100 Fast Ethernet Controller
device	epic: arp, ether, ifnet, mii
file	dev/ic/smc83c170.c		epic

# DEC SGEC Second Generation Ethernet Controller
define	sgec
file	dev/ic/sgec.c			sgec

# MB86950 Ethernet Controller
define	mb86950
file	dev/ic/mb86950.c		mb86950

# MB8696x Ethernet Controller
define	mb86960
file	dev/ic/mb86960.c		mb86960

# Generic MB8696x Ethernet Controller driver
device	mbe: arp, ether, ifnet, mb86960

# Interwave Am78C201 audio driver
define	interwave
file	dev/ic/interwave.c		interwave

# TMS 320av110 MPEG2/audio driver
define	tms320av110
file	dev/ic/tms320av110.c		tms320av110

# Novell NE2000-compatible Ethernet cards, based on the
# National Semiconductor DS8390.
defflag	opt_ipkdb.h		IPKDB_NE			: IPKDB_DP8390
device	ne: ether, ifnet, arp, dp8390nic, mii
file	dev/ic/ne2000.c			ne | ipkdb_ne

# 8250/16[45]50-based "com" ports
defflag	opt_com.h		COM_DEBUG COM_MPLOCK
# XXX In a perfect world, this would be done with attributes
defflag	opt_com.h		COM_16650 COM_HAYESP COM_PXA2X0
device	com { } : tty
file	dev/ic/com.c			com			needs-flag

# PC-like keyboard controller
device	pckbc: pckbport
file	dev/ic/pckbc.c			pckbc			needs-flag

device	attimer
file	dev/ic/attimer.c		attimer			needs-flag

# Cirrus Logic CD240[01] 4-port Multi-Protocol Communications Controller
device	clmpcc: tty
file	dev/ic/clmpcc.c			clmpcc			needs-flag

# National Semiconductor LM7[89]
device	lm: sysmon_envsys
file	dev/ic/nslm7x.c			lm			needs-flag

# Essential Communications Corp. HIPPI Interface
device	esh: hippi, ifnet
file	dev/ic/rrunner.c		esh			needs-flag

# SMC 90c26, SMC 90C56 (and 90C66 if in compat mode) chip driver
device	bah: ifnet, arc, arp
file	dev/ic/smc90cx6.c		bah

# OPL2/OPL3 FM synth driver
device	opl: midibus, midisyn
file	dev/ic/opl.c			opl
file	dev/ic/oplinstrs.c		opl

# MPU401 MIDI UART compatibles
device	mpu: midibus
file	dev/ic/mpu.c			mpu			needs-flag

# AD1848 (CS4248, CS4231, AD1845) audio codec support; used by other drivers
define	ad1848
file	dev/ic/ad1848.c			ad1848

# AMD 7930 audio/ISDN codec
define	am7930
file	dev/ic/am7930.c			am7930

# SPARC `SUNW,audiocs'
device	audiocs: audiobus, auconv, ad1848
file	dev/ic/cs4231.c			audiocs

# AC-97 CODECs
define	ac97
file	dev/ic/ac97.c			ac97

# Oki MSM6258 support code
define msm6258
file	dev/ic/msm6258.c		msm6258

# LSI64854 DMA controller back-end
define	lsi64854
file	dev/ic/lsi64854.c		lsi64854

# Cirrus Logic CL-CD180/1864/1865 multi port serial controller back-end
define	cd18xx
file	dev/ic/cd18xx.c			cd18xx

# Realtek 8019/8029 NE2000-compatible network interface subroutines
define	rtl80x9
file	dev/ic/rtl80x9.c		rtl80x9

# Realtek 8129/8139 Ethernet controllers
device	rtk: ether, ifnet, arp, mii
file	dev/ic/rtl81x9.c		rtk | re

# Realtek 8169 Ethernet controllers
device	re: ether, ifnet, arp, mii
file	dev/ic/rtl8169.c		re

# Common code for ESDI/IDE/etc. controllers
define	wdc_common
device	wdc: ata, wdc_common

device	atabus: atapi,ata_hl
attach	atabus at ata
file	dev/ic/wdc.c			atabus & wdc_common

# CHIPS and Technologies 82C7[12][01] Universal Peripheral Controller
device	upc { [offset = -1] }
attach	wdc at upc with wdc_upc
attach	com at upc with com_upc
attach	lpt at upc with lpt_upc
file	dev/ic/upc.c			upc
file	dev/ic/wdc_upc.c		wdc_upc
file	dev/ic/com_upc.c		com_upc
file	dev/ic/lpt_upc.c		lpt_upc

# Common code for ISA/PCMCIA (non 802.11) WaveLAN adapters
define	wavelan
device	wl: ether, ifnet, arp
file	dev/ic/wavelan.c		wavelan

# DECchip 21x4x Ethernet controller family, and assorted clones.
device	tlp: arp, ether, ifnet, mii, mii_bitbang
file	dev/ic/tulip.c			tlp

# Adaptec AIC-6915 Ethernet interface
device	sf: arp, ether, ifnet, mii
file	dev/ic/aic6915.c		sf

# Mostek time-of-day clock and NVRAM
define	mk48txx
file	dev/ic/mk48txx.c		mk48txx

# Intersil 7170 time-of-day clock
define	intersil7170
file	dev/ic/intersil7170.c		intersil7170

# National Semiconductor MM58167 time-of-day clock
define	mm58167
file	dev/ic/mm58167.c		mm58167

# Motorola mc146818 (and compatible) time-of-day clock
define	mc146818
file	dev/ic/mc146818.c		mc146818

# D-Link DL10019/10022 NE2000-compatible network interface subroutines
define	dl10019
file	dev/ic/dl10019.c		dl10019

# ASIX AX88190 NE2000-compatible network interface subroutines
define	ax88190
file	dev/ic/ax88190.c		ax88190

# WD/SMC 80x3 family, SMC Elite Ultra [8216], SMC EtherEZ
device	we: ether, ifnet, arp, dp8390nic
file	dev/ic/we.c			we

# Allied-Telesis Ethernet driver based on Fujitsu MB8696xA controllers
device	ate: arp, ether, ifnet, mb86960

# Fujitsu FMV-18x Ethernet driver based on Fujitsu MB8696xA controllers
device	fmv: arp, ether, ifnet, mb86960
file	dev/ic/fmv.c			fmv

# Crystal Semiconductor CS8900, CS8920, and CS8920M Ethernet
device	cs: arp, ether, ifnet
device	tscs: arp, ether, ifnet
file	dev/ic/cs89x0.c			cs | tscs

# Radio device attributes
define	tea5757
file	dev/ic/tea5757.c		tea5757
define	lm700x
file	dev/ic/lm700x.c			lm700x

# Definitions for wscons
# device attributes: display, display with emulator, keyboard, and mouse
define	wsdisplaydev		{[kbdmux = 1]}
define	wsemuldisplaydev	{[console = -1], [kbdmux = 1]}
define	wskbddev		{[console = -1], [mux = 1]}
define	wsmousedev		{[mux = 0]}
# attribute to pull in raster support
define	wsrasteremulops
# common PC display functions
defflag	opt_pcdisplay.h		PCDISPLAY_SOFTCURSOR
define	pcdisplayops
file	dev/ic/pcdisplay_subr.c	pcdisplayops
file	dev/ic/pcdisplay_chars.c	pcdisplayops
# VGA graphics
defparam opt_vga.h		VGA_CONSOLE_SCREENTYPE
defflag opt_vga.h		VGA_RASTERCONSOLE
defflag opt_vga.h		VGA_RESET
device	vga: wsemuldisplaydev, pcdisplayops
file	dev/ic/vga.c		vga & !vga_rasterconsole	needs-flag
file	dev/ic/vga_raster.c	vga_rasterconsole		needs-flag
file	dev/ic/vga_subr.c	vga | vga_rasterconsole
file	dev/ic/vga_common.c	vga | vga_rasterconsole
# Integraphics Systems IGA168x and CyberPro framebuffers (linear non-VGA mode)
device	igsfb: wsemuldisplaydev, wsrasteremulops, rasops8
file	dev/ic/igsfb.c			igsfb			needs-flag
file	dev/ic/igsfb_subr.c		igsfb

# STI (hp graphics)
device	sti: wsemuldisplaydev
file	dev/ic/sti.c		sti & (sti_pci | sti_sgc | sti_phantom)

# Attributes which machine-independent bus support can be attached to.
# These should be defined here, because some of these busses can have
# devices which provide these attributes, and we'd like to avoid hairy
# ordering constraints on inclusion of the busses' "files" files.
define	isabus	{ }			# ISA attachment
define	eisabus	{ }			# EISA attachment
define	pcibus	{[bus = -1]}		# PCI attachment
define	tcbus	{ }			# TurboChannel attachment
define	mcabus	{ }			# MicroChannel attachment
define	usbus	{ }			# USB attachment
define	fwbus	{ }			# IEEE 1394 attachment
define	vmebus	{ }			# VME bus attachment
define	acpibus	{ }			# ACPI "bus" attachment
define	pcmciabus { [controller = -1], [socket = -1]}	# PCMCIA bus attachment
define	cbbus	{[slot = -1]}		# CardBus attachment
define	pcmciaslot {[slot = -1]}	# PCMCIA slot itself

# We need the USB bus controllers here so different busses can
# use them in an 'attach-with'.
# UHCI USB controller


device	uhci: usbus
file	dev/usb/uhci.c			uhci			needs-flag

# OHCI USB controller
device	ohci: usbus
file	dev/usb/ohci.c			ohci			needs-flag

# EHCI USB controller
device	ehci: usbus
file	dev/usb/ehci.c			ehci			needs-flag

# SL811HS/T USB controller
defflag	opt_slhci.h	SLHCI_DEBUG
device	slhci: usbus
file	dev/ic/sl811hs.c		slhci			needs-flag

# Myson MTD803 3-in-1 Fast Ethernet Controller
device	mtd: arp, ether, ifnet, mii
file	dev/ic/mtd803.c			mtd

# radio devices, attaches to radio hardware driver
device	radio
attach	radio at radiodev

# IEEE 1394 controllers
# (These need to be here since it will have both PCI and CardBus attachments)
device	fwohci: fwbus

# Sony Programmable I/O Controller
device	spic: wsmousedev
file	dev/ic/spic.c			spic

# IBM CPC700 PowerPC bridge
define	cpcbus { addr, [irq=-1] }
device	cpc: cpcbus, pcibus
file	dev/ic/cpc700.c			cpc

attach	com at cpcbus with com_cpcbus
file	dev/ic/com_cpcbus.c		com_cpcbus

device	cpctim
attach	cpctim at cpcbus
file	dev/ic/timer_cpcbus.c		cpctim

device	cpciic
attach	cpciic at cpcbus with iic_cpcbus
file	dev/ic/iic_cpcbus.c		iic_cpcbus

# Attribute used by various things that need BPF's virtual machine
define	bpf_filter
defparam opt_bpf.h	BPF_BUFSIZE

# Attributes used by the ISDN subsystem
define	isdndev		# the ISDN subsystem
define	passive_isdn	# files needed by passive cards (XXX - protocol
			# specific)
define	isdncapi	# ISDN CAPI (http://www.capi.org/)

# The isac found on the Fritz V2.0 Card.
define	nisacsx
file	dev/ic/isacsx.c			nisacsx	needs-flag

# The 'standard' isac
define	nisac
file	dev/ic/isac.c			nisac	needs-flag

# ISDN cards based on the Siemens ISAC/HSCX chipset (or lookalikes)
device	isic: isdndev, passive_isdn, nisac

file	dev/ic/isic.c			isic
file	dev/ic/isic_l1.c		isic|ifpci|ifritz
file	dev/ic/isic_l1fsm.c		isic|ifpci|ifritz
file	dev/ic/hscx.c			isic
file	dev/ic/isic_bchan.c		isic

# (old) Diehl active ISDN cards
device	daic: isdndev
file	dev/ic/daic.c			daic

# AWM B1/T1
# XXX: passive_isdn
device	iavc: isdndev, isdncapi, passive_isdn
file	dev/ic/iavc.c			iavc

# legitimate pseudo-devices
defpseudo vnd:		disk
defflag opt_vnd.h	VND_COMPRESSION
defpseudo ccd:		disk
defpseudo cgd:		disk, des, blowfish, cast128, rijndael
defpseudo md:		disk
defpseudo fss:		disk

defpseudo pty:		tty
defpseudo tb:		tty
defpseudo rnd
defpseudo ksyms
defpseudo nullcons

defpseudo loop:		ifnet
defpseudo sl:		ifnet
defpseudo ppp:		ifnet, bpf_filter
defpseudo pppoe:	ifnet, ether, sppp
defpseudo sppp:		ifnet
defpseudo tun:		ifnet
defpseudo vlan:		ifnet, ether
defpseudo bridge:	ifnet, ether
defpseudo bpfilter:	ifnet, bpf_filter
defpseudo strip:	ifnet
defpseudo gre:		ifnet
defpseudo gif:		ifnet
defpseudo faith:	ifnet
defpseudo stf:		ifnet
defpseudo tap { }:	ifnet, ether, bpf_filter

defpseudo sequencer
defpseudo clockctl
defpseudo irix_kmem
defpseudo irix_usema

# ISDN userland pseudo devices
defpseudo isdntrc:	isdndev, tty
defpseudo isdnbchan:	isdndev, tty
defpseudo isdntel:	isdndev, tty
defpseudo isdnctl:	isdndev, tty
defpseudo isdn:		isdndev, tty

# ISDN network interfaces
defpseudo irip:		isdndev, ifnet
defflag opt_irip.h	IRIP_VJ
defpseudo ippp:		isdndev, sppp, ifnet

# KTTCP network throughput testing pseudo-device
defpseudo kttcp
file	dev/kttcp.c			kttcp		needs-flag

# Verified exec fingerprint loader pseudo-device
defpseudo veriexec
file	kern/kern_verifiedexec.c	veriexec		needs-flag
file	dev/verified_exec.c		veriexec		needs-flag

# isochronous pseudo device for IEEE 1394, i.LINK or FireWire
defpseudo fwiso:	ieee1394

# driver attach / detach user interface
defpseudo drvctl
file	kern/kern_drvctl.c		drvctl

# File systems
include "coda/files.coda"
include "fs/adosfs/files.adosfs"
include "fs/cd9660/files.cd9660"
include "fs/filecorefs/files.filecorefs"
include "fs/msdosfs/files.msdosfs"
include "fs/ntfs/files.ntfs"
include "fs/ptyfs/files.ptyfs"
include "fs/smbfs/files.smbfs"
include "fs/tmpfs/files.tmpfs"
include "fs/union/files.union"
include "miscfs/fdesc/files.fdesc"
include "miscfs/kernfs/files.kernfs"
include "miscfs/nullfs/files.nullfs"
include "miscfs/overlay/files.overlay"
include "miscfs/portal/files.portal"
include "miscfs/procfs/files.procfs"
include "miscfs/umapfs/files.umapfs"
include "nfs/files.nfs"
include "ufs/files.ufs"

# kernel sources
file	ddb/db_access.c			ddb | kgdb
file	ddb/db_aout.c			ddb
file	ddb/db_break.c			ddb
file	ddb/db_command.c		ddb
file	ddb/db_examine.c		ddb
file	ddb/db_expr.c			ddb
file	ddb/db_input.c			ddb
file	ddb/db_lex.c			ddb
file	ddb/db_output.c			ddb
file	ddb/db_print.c			ddb
file	ddb/db_run.c			ddb | kgdb
file	ddb/db_sym.c			ddb
file	ddb/db_trap.c			ddb
file	ddb/db_variables.c		ddb
file	ddb/db_watch.c			ddb
file	ddb/db_write_cmd.c		ddb
file	ddb/db_xxx.c			ddb
file	dev/auconv.c			auconv | mulaw
file	dev/audio.c			audio | midi | midibus	needs-flag
file	dev/audiobell.c			audiobell
file	dev/aurateconv.c		aurateconv		needs-flag
file	dev/ccd.c			ccd			needs-flag
file	dev/cgd.c			cgd			needs-flag
file	dev/cgd_crypto.c		cgd
file	dev/clock_subr.c
file	dev/clockctl.c			clockctl		needs-flag
file	dev/dksubr.c			cgd | xbd
file	dev/dkwedge/dk.c
file	dev/dkwedge/dkwedge_bsdlabel.c	dkwedge_method_bsdlabel
file	dev/dkwedge/dkwedge_gpt.c	dkwedge_method_gpt
file	dev/dkwedge/dkwedge_mbr.c	dkwedge_method_mbr
file	dev/fss.c			fss			needs-count
file	dev/md.c			md			needs-count
file	dev/midi.c			midi | midibus		needs-flag
file	dev/midisyn.c			midisyn
file	dev/mm.c
file	dev/mulaw.c			mulaw			needs-flag
file	dev/nullcons_subr.c		nullcons		needs-flag
file	dev/radio.c			radio			needs-flag
file	dev/rnd.c			rnd			needs-flag
file	dev/rndpool.c			rnd			needs-flag
file	dev/sequencer.c			sequencer		needs-flag
file	dev/vnd.c			vnd			needs-flag
file	kern/bufq_disksort.c		bufq_disksort
file	kern/bufq_fcfs.c		bufq_fcfs
file	kern/bufq_priocscan.c		bufq_priocscan
file	kern/bufq_readprio.c		bufq_readprio | new_bufq_strategy
file	kern/core_elf32.c		exec_elf32
file	kern/core_elf64.c		exec_elf64
file	kern/core_netbsd.c		exec_aout | exec_coff | exec_ecoff |
					    exec_macho | lkm
file	kern/cnmagic.c
file	kern/exec_aout.c		exec_aout
file	kern/exec_conf.c
file	kern/exec_ecoff.c		exec_ecoff
file	kern/exec_elf32.c		exec_elf32
file	kern/exec_elf64.c		exec_elf64
file	kern/exec_macho.c		exec_macho
file	kern/exec_script.c		exec_script
file	kern/exec_subr.c
file	kern/init_main.c
file	kern/init_sysctl.c
file	kern/init_sysent.c
file	kern/kern_acct.c
file	kern/kern_clock.c
file	kern/kern_descrip.c
file	kern/kern_event.c
file	kern/kern_exec.c
file	kern/kern_exit.c
file	kern/kern_fork.c
file	kern/kern_kcont.c		kcont
file	kern/kern_kthread.c
file	kern/kern_ktrace.c
file	kern/kern_ksyms.c		ksyms | ddb | lkm needs-flag
file	kern/kern_lkm.c			lkm
file	kern/kern_lock.c
file	kern/kern_lwp.c
file	kern/kern_malloc.c
file	kern/kern_malloc_debug.c	malloc_debug
file	kern/kern_ntptime.c
file	kern/kern_physio.c
file	kern/kern_proc.c
file	kern/kern_prot.c
file	kern/kern_ras.c
file	kern/kern_resource.c
file	kern/kern_sa.c
file	kern/kern_sig.c
file	kern/kern_systrace.c		systrace
file	kern/kern_subr.c
file	kern/kern_synch.c
file	kern/kern_sysctl.c
file	kern/kern_time.c
file	kern/kern_timeout.c
file	kern/kern_uuid.c
file	kern/kern_xxx.c
file	kern/kgdb_stub.c		kgdb
file	kern/subr_autoconf.c
file	kern/subr_blist.c		vmswap
file	kern/subr_bufq.c
file	kern/subr_devsw.c
file	kern/subr_disk.c
file	kern/subr_evcnt.c
file	kern/subr_extent.c
file	kern/subr_log.c
file	kern/subr_pool.c
file	kern/subr_prf.c
file	kern/subr_prof.c
file	kern/subr_prop.c
file	kern/subr_userconf.c		userconf
file	kern/subr_xxx.c
file	kern/sys_generic.c
file	kern/sys_pipe.c			!pipe_socketpair
file	kern/sys_pmc.c
file	kern/sys_process.c
file	kern/sys_socket.c
file	kern/syscalls.c			syscall_debug
file	kern/sysv_ipc.c			sysvshm | sysvsem | sysvmsg
file	kern/sysv_msg.c			sysvmsg
file	kern/sysv_sem.c			sysvsem
file	kern/sysv_shm.c			sysvshm
file	kern/tty.c
file	kern/tty_conf.c
file	kern/tty_bsdpty.c		compat_bsdpty
file	kern/tty_pty.c			pty 			needs-flag
file	kern/tty_ptm.c			pty
file	kern/tty_subr.c
file	kern/tty_tb.c			tb			needs-count
file	kern/tty_tty.c
file	kern/uipc_domain.c
file	kern/uipc_mbuf.c
file	kern/uipc_mbuf2.c
file	kern/uipc_proto.c
file	kern/uipc_sem.c			p1003_1b_semaphore
file	kern/uipc_socket.c
file	kern/uipc_socket2.c
file	kern/uipc_syscalls.c
file	kern/uipc_usrreq.c
file	kern/vfs_bio.c
file	kern/vfs_cache.c
file	kern/vfs_getcwd.c
file	kern/vfs_hooks.c
file	kern/vfs_init.c
file	kern/vfs_lockf.c
file	kern/vfs_lookup.c
file	kern/vfs_subr.c
file	kern/vfs_syscalls.c
file	kern/vfs_vnops.c
file	kern/vfs_xattr.c
file	kern/vnode_if.c
file	miscfs/deadfs/dead_vnops.c
file	miscfs/fifofs/fifo_vnops.c
file	miscfs/genfs/genfs_vnops.c
file	miscfs/genfs/layer_subr.c	nullfs | overlay | umapfs | lkm
file	miscfs/genfs/layer_vfsops.c	nullfs | overlay | umapfs | lkm
file	miscfs/genfs/layer_vnops.c	nullfs | overlay | umapfs | lkm
file	miscfs/specfs/spec_vnops.c
file	miscfs/syncfs/sync_subr.c
file	miscfs/syncfs/sync_vnops.c
file	net/bpf.c			bpfilter		needs-flag
file	net/bpf_filter.c		bpf_filter
file	net/bsd-comp.c			ppp & ppp_bsdcomp
file	net/if.c
file	net/if_arcsubr.c		arc			needs-flag
file	net/if_atmsubr.c		atm
file	net/if_bridge.c			bridge			needs-flag
file	net/bridgestp.c			bridge
file	net/if_ecosubr.c		eco
file	net/if_ethersubr.c		ether | fddi | netatalk | token |
file	net/if_faith.c			faith & inet & inet6	needs-flag
file	net/if_fddisubr.c		fddi			needs-flag
file	net/if_gif.c			gif			needs-flag
file	net/if_gre.c			gre			needs-flag
file	net/if_hippisubr.c		hippi			needs-flag
file	net/if_ieee1394subr.c		ieee1394
file	net/if_loop.c			loop			needs-flag
file	net/if_media.c
file	net/if_ppp.c			ppp			needs-flag
file	net/if_stf.c			stf & inet & inet6	needs-flag
file	net/if_sl.c			sl			needs-flag
file	net/if_spppsubr.c		sppp
file	net/if_strip.c			strip			needs-flag
file	net/if_tokensubr.c		token			needs-flag
file	net/if_tap.c			tap			needs-flag
file	net/if_tun.c			tun			needs-flag
file	net/if_vlan.c			vlan			needs-flag
file	net/if_pppoe.c			pppoe			needs-flag
file	net/pfil.c			pfil_hooks | ipfilter
file	net/ppp-deflate.c		ppp & ppp_deflate
file	net/ppp_tty.c			ppp
file	net/radix.c
file	net/raw_cb.c
file	net/raw_usrreq.c
file	net/route.c
file	net/rtsock.c
file	net/slcompress.c		sl | ppp | strip | (irip & irip_vj)
file	net/zlib.c			(ppp & ppp_deflate) | ipsec | opencrypto | vnd_compression
file	net80211/ieee80211.c			wlan
file	net80211/ieee80211_acl.c		wlan
file	net80211/ieee80211_crypto.c		wlan
file	net80211/ieee80211_crypto_ccmp.c	wlan
file	net80211/ieee80211_crypto_none.c	wlan
file	net80211/ieee80211_crypto_tkip.c	wlan
file	net80211/ieee80211_crypto_wep.c		wlan
file	net80211/ieee80211_input.c		wlan
file	net80211/ieee80211_ioctl.c		wlan
file	net80211/ieee80211_netbsd.c		wlan
file	net80211/ieee80211_node.c		wlan
file	net80211/ieee80211_output.c		wlan
file	net80211/ieee80211_proto.c		wlan
file	net80211/ieee80211_rssadapt.c		wlan
file	net80211/ieee80211_xauth.c		wlan
file	netinet/if_arp.c		arp | netatalk		needs-flag
file	netinet/if_atm.c		atm
file	netinet/in_gif.c		gif & inet
file	netinet/ip_ecn.c		ipsec | fast_ipsec | gif | stf
file	netinet/ip_encap.c		inet | inet6
file	netinet/ip_gre.c		inet & gre
file	netinet6/in6_gif.c		gif & inet6

file	uvm/uvm_amap.c
file	uvm/uvm_anon.c
file	uvm/uvm_aobj.c
file	uvm/uvm_bio.c
file	uvm/uvm_device.c
file	uvm/uvm_fault.c
file	uvm/uvm_glue.c
file	uvm/uvm_init.c
file	uvm/uvm_io.c
file	uvm/uvm_km.c
file	uvm/uvm_loan.c
file	uvm/uvm_map.c
file	uvm/uvm_meter.c
file	uvm/uvm_mmap.c
file	uvm/uvm_page.c
file	uvm/uvm_pager.c
file	uvm/uvm_pdaemon.c
file	uvm/uvm_pglist.c
file	uvm/uvm_stat.c
file	uvm/uvm_swap.c			vmswap
file	uvm/uvm_swapstub.c		!vmswap
file	uvm/uvm_unix.c
file	uvm/uvm_user.c
file	uvm/uvm_vnode.c

file	netisdn/i4b_ctl.c		isdnctl			needs-flag
file	netisdn/i4b_isppp.c		ippp			needs-count
file	netisdn/i4b_ipr.c		irip			needs-count
file	netisdn/i4b_rbch.c		isdnbchan		needs-count
file	netisdn/i4b_tel.c		isdntel			needs-count
file	netisdn/i4b_trace.c		isdntrc			needs-count

file	netisdn/i4b_mbuf.c		passive_isdn
file	netisdn/i4b_l2.c		passive_isdn
file	netisdn/i4b_l2fsm.c		passive_isdn
file	netisdn/i4b_uframe.c		passive_isdn
file	netisdn/i4b_tei.c		passive_isdn
file	netisdn/i4b_sframe.c		passive_isdn
file	netisdn/i4b_iframe.c		passive_isdn
file	netisdn/i4b_l2timer.c		passive_isdn
file	netisdn/i4b_util.c		passive_isdn
file	netisdn/i4b_lme.c		passive_isdn
# Q.931 handler
file	netisdn/i4b_q931.c		passive_isdn
file	netisdn/i4b_q932fac.c		passive_isdn
file	netisdn/i4b_l3fsm.c		passive_isdn
file	netisdn/i4b_l3timer.c		passive_isdn
file	netisdn/i4b_l2if.c		passive_isdn
file	netisdn/i4b_l4if.c		passive_isdn
# isdn device driver, interface to isdnd
file	netisdn/i4b_i4bdrv.c		isdn			needs-flag
file	netisdn/i4b_l4.c		isdndev			needs-flag
file	netisdn/i4b_l4mgmt.c		isdndev			needs-flag
file	netisdn/i4b_l4timer.c		isdndev			needs-flag
# capi
file	netisdn/i4b_capi_l4if.c		isdncapi
file	netisdn/i4b_capi_llif.c		isdncapi
file	netisdn/i4b_capi_msgs.c		isdncapi

# Game adapter (joystick)
device	joy
file	dev/ic/joy.c			joy needs-flag

include	"net/agr/files.agr"

# General Purpose Input/Output framework
include	"dev/gpio/files.gpio"