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Revision 1.1096.2.6, Tue May 19 04:42:31 2015 UTC (5 years, 9 months ago) by snj
Branch: netbsd-7
CVS Tags: netbsd-7-0-RELEASE, netbsd-7-0-RC3, netbsd-7-0-RC2, netbsd-7-0-RC1, netbsd-7-0-2-RELEASE, netbsd-7-0-1-RELEASE
Branch point for: netbsd-7-0
Changes since 1.1096.2.5: +2 -2 lines

Pull up following revision(s) (requested by maxv in ticket #764):
	sbin/veriexecctl/veriexecctl.c: revision 1.38
	share/man/man9/veriexec.9: revision 1.10
	sys/conf/files: revision 1.1128
	sys/dev/verified_exec.c: revisions 1.70, 1.71
	sys/kern/kern_veriexec.c: revisions 1.1-1.8
	sys/kern/kern_verifiedexec.c: delete
Rename kern_verifiedexec.c to kern_veriexec.c. "Veriexec" is the name of
the subsystem, not "Verifiedexec".

The revisions of kern_verifiedexec.c are now in Attic/.

No change between kern_verifiedexec.c and kern_veriexec.c.

Also, update the man page accordingly.

Okayed by christos@ and blymn@ some months ago.
Don't mix veriexec lock and file lock in veriexec_file_verify().

 - 'veriexec_op_lock' needs to be held when calling veriexec_file_verify()
 - the 'file_lock_state' argument indicates if the file is locked
 - add some KASSERTs
Instead of duplicating code, add veriexec_fp_status(). Also reorder a
useless goto.
Make veriexec_renamechk() more readable. Also add a KASSERT on vte_count.

No real functional change
If we already have an entry for the file being loaded, return EEXIST, don't
silently skip it.
Remove FreeBSD.

ok elad@
KASSERT x then y, not (x && y).
Not to add even more confusion in an already overcomplicated subsystem,
remove the FreeBSD code. This code is likely to be outdated, and Veriexec
is in all cases not available on FreeBSD.
Be a bit more verbose if the kernel rejects a file

#	$NetBSD: files,v 1.1096.2.6 2015/05/19 04:42:31 snj Exp $
#	@(#)files.newconf	7.5 (Berkeley) 5/10/93

version 	20100430

# device classes
devclass disk
devclass tape
devclass ifnet
devclass tty
devclass audiodev
devclass displaydev
devclass bus

# options understood by the machine-independent part of the kernel
# (note, these are case-sensitive)
defflag				INSECURE
defflag				KMEMSTATS
defflag				KTRACE
defflag				MBUFTRACE
defflag				PTRACE
defflag				COREDUMP
defflag	opt_modular.h		MODULAR
defflag	opt_modular.h		MODULAR_DEFAULT_AUTOLOAD
defflag				KEYLOCK

defparam			DEFCORENAME
defparam			HZ
defparam			MAXUPRC
defparam			RTC_OFFSET

defflag				AIO
defflag				MQUEUE

defflag				BUFQ_DISKSORT
defflag				BUFQ_FCFS
defflag				BUFQ_READPRIO

defflag	opt_sched.h		SCHED_4BSD
defflag	opt_sched.h		SCHED_M2

defparam			SOMAXKVA
defflag	opt_sock_counters.h	SOSEND_COUNTERS
defflag	opt_sosend_loan.h	SOSEND_NO_LOAN
defflag	opt_route.h		RTCACHE_DEBUG RTFLUSH_DEBUG



defparam opt_dump.h		DUMP_ON_PANIC

defflag	opt_callout.h		CALLWHEEL_STATS

defflag				CPU_IN_CKSUM

defflag opt_dtrace.h		KDTRACE_HOOKS

defflag	opt_sysv.h		SYSVMSG SYSVSEM	SYSVSHM

defflag	opt_ntp.h		PPS_SYNC PPS_DEBUG NTP

defflag	opt_ptm.h		NO_DEV_PTM COMPAT_BSDPTY


defflag	opt_revcache.h		NAMECACHE_ENTER_REVERSE

defflag	opt_exec.h		DEBUG_EXEC

defflag	opt_execfmt.h		EXEC_AOUT EXEC_COFF EXEC_ECOFF EXEC_ELF32

defflag	opt_dkwedge.h		DKWEDGE_AUTODISCOVER

defflag	opt_veriexec.h		VERIFIED_EXEC_FP_SHA1

# Per system call number counts and times
defflag opt_syscall_stats.h	SYSCALL_STATS
defflag opt_syscall_stats.h	SYSCALL_TIMES: SYSCALL_STATS
# Assume cpu_hascounter() returns true - to use disabled rdtsc() (for soekris)
file kern/subr_syscall_stats.c	syscall_stats

defparam opt_pax.h		PAX_MPROTECT

defflag	opt_fileassoc.h		FILEASSOC

defflag	opt_gre.h		GRE_DEBUG

# Write Ahead Physical Block Logging
defflag opt_wapbl.h		WAPBL WAPBL_DEBUG
defparam opt_wapbl.h		WAPBL_DEBUG_PRINT

# printf entropy source
defflag opt_rnd_printf.h	RND_PRINTF

# compatibility options
defflag opt_compat_netbsd.h	COMPAT_NETBSD
defflag	opt_compat_netbsd.h	COMPAT_60: COMPAT_NETBSD
defflag	opt_compat_netbsd.h	COMPAT_50: COMPAT_60, COMPAT_NETBSD
defflag	opt_compat_netbsd.h	COMPAT_40: COMPAT_50, COMPAT_NETBSD
defflag	opt_compat_netbsd.h	COMPAT_30: COMPAT_40, COMPAT_NETBSD
defflag	opt_compat_netbsd.h	COMPAT_20: COMPAT_30, COMPAT_NETBSD
defflag	opt_compat_netbsd.h	COMPAT_16: COMPAT_20, COMPAT_NETBSD
defflag	opt_compat_netbsd.h	COMPAT_15: COMPAT_16, COMPAT_NETBSD
defflag	opt_compat_netbsd.h	COMPAT_14: COMPAT_15, COMPAT_NETBSD
defflag	opt_compat_netbsd.h	COMPAT_13: COMPAT_14, COMPAT_NETBSD
defflag	opt_compat_netbsd.h	COMPAT_12: COMPAT_13, COMPAT_NETBSD
defflag	opt_compat_netbsd.h	COMPAT_11: COMPAT_12, COMPAT_NETBSD
defflag	opt_compat_netbsd.h	COMPAT_10: COMPAT_11, COMPAT_NETBSD
defflag	opt_compat_netbsd.h	COMPAT_09: COMPAT_10, COMPAT_NETBSD
defflag				COMPAT_IBCS2
defflag				COMPAT_LINUX: COMPAT_16
defflag				COMPAT_OSF1
defflag				COMPAT_SUNOS: COMPAT_30
defflag	opt_compat_svr4.h	COMPAT_SVR4 COMPAT_SVR4_32 SVR4_COMPAT_SOLARIS2
defflag				COMPAT_NETBSD32
defflag				COMPAT_AOUT_M68K: COMPAT_40
defflag				COMPAT_M68K4K
defflag				COMPAT_VAX1K
defflag				COMPAT_43
defflag	opt_compat_netbsd.h	COMPAT_NOMID

# Cryptography support.  Include this early, since several things
# use it.

# Individual crypto transforms
include "crypto/arc4/files.arc4"
include "crypto/des/files.des"
include "crypto/blowfish/files.blowfish"
include "crypto/cast128/files.cast128"
include "crypto/rijndael/files.rijndael"
include "crypto/skipjack/files.skipjack"
include "crypto/camellia/files.camellia"
# General-purpose crypto processing framework.
include "opencrypto/files.opencrypto"

include "crypto/nist_ctr_drbg/files.nist_ctr_drbg"

# ChaCha-based fast PRNG
include "crypto/cprng_fast/files.cprng_fast"

# Kernel history/tracing. Old UVMHIST depends upon this.
defflag opt_kernhist.h			KERNHIST KERNHIST_PRINT
defparam opt_kernhist.h			KERNHIST_DELAY
file	kern/kern_history.c		kernhist

# System monitoring framework
include "dev/sysmon/files.sysmon"

# Networking protocols

# Attribute used by various things that need BPF's virtual machine
define	bpf_filter
defparam opt_bpf.h	BPF_BUFSIZE

defflag	opt_bpfjit.h	BPFJIT

file	net/bpfjit.c	sljit & bpfjit

include "net80211/files.net80211"
include "netatalk/files.netatalk"
include "netbt/files.netbt"
include "netinet/files.netinet"
include "netinet6/files.netinet6"
include "netipsec/files.netipsec"
include "netmpls/files.netmpls"
include "netnatm/files.netnatm"
include "netsmb/files.netsmb"

include "net/npf/files.npf"
include "netinet/files.ipfilter"
include "net/files.pf"

obsolete defflag		CCITT		# obsolete
obsolete defflag		HDLC		# obsolete
obsolete defflag		LLC		# obsolete
obsolete defflag opt_ns.h	NS NSIP		# obsolete
obsolete defflag		IPX		# obsolete
obsolete defparam opt_md.h	MEMORY_RBFLAGS	# superseded by

defflag	opt_bridge_ipf.h	BRIDGE_IPF	# bridge(4) use inet_pfil_hooks
						# Include deflate or bsd
						# compression, enable pppd
						# packet filtering support

# networking options
defflag				GATEWAY
defparam opt_nmbclusters.h	NMBCLUSTERS
defparam			SB_MAX

# file system options
defflag	opt_quota.h		QUOTA QUOTA2		# XXX files.ufs?
defflag				MAGICLINKS

# buffer cache size options
defparam opt_bufcache.h		BUFCACHE BUFPAGES

# userconf
defflag				USERCONF

# sysctl related

# Not entirely MI, but present on multiple arch's

# PC-style MBR handling
defflag	opt_mbr.h		COMPAT_386BSD_MBRPART

# debugging options
include "ddb/files.ddb"		# in-kernel dynamic debugger

defflag	opt_kgdb.h		KGDB
defflag				LOCKDEBUG
defflag				SYSCALL_DEBUG
defflag	opt_kstack.h		KSTACK_CHECK_MAGIC

# memory (ram) disk options

defflag opt_tftproot.h		TFTPROOT TFTPROOT_DEBUG

# Support for hardware performance monitoring counters
defflag	opt_perfctrs.h		PERFCTRS

defflag	opt_wlan.h		WLAN

# Machine-independent device majors assignements
include "conf/majors"

# generic attributes
define	audiobus	{ }
define	midibus		{ }
define	midisyn
define	videobus	{ }
define	ata	        {[channel = -1]}
define	sata
define	sata_fis
define	sata_pmp
define	scsi_core
define	scsi		{[channel = -1]}: scsi_core
define	ata_hl		{[drive = -1]}
define	atapi		{ }
define	radiodev	{ }
define	gpibdev		{[address = -1]}
define	gpiobus		{ }
define	onewirebus	{ }
define 	pckbport	{[slot = -1]}
define	pckbport_machdep_cnattach
define	firmload

# audio device attributes
define	mulaw
define	auconv
define	aurateconv
define	auvolconv

# audio and midi devices, attaches to audio hardware driver
device	audio: audiodev
attach	audio at audiobus
device	midi
attach	midi at midibus

# console bell via audio device
define	audiobell

# video devices, attaches to video hardware driver
device	video
attach	video at videobus

# DTV subsystem
include "dev/dtv/files.dtv"

# National Semiconductor LM7[89]
# (included here so files.i2c can define an attachment)

device	lm: sysmon_envsys
file	dev/ic/nslm7x.c			lm			needs-flag

# JEDEC standard SPD EPROM
# (included here so files.i2c can define an attachment)

device	spdmem
file	dev/ic/spdmem.c			spdmem

# I2C device support
include "dev/i2c/files.i2c"

# SPI device support
include "dev/spi/files.spi"

# IR device support
include	"dev/ir/files.ir"

# Parallel Port Bus support
include "dev/ppbus/files.ppbus"

# raster operations attributes
define	rasops1
define	rasops2
define	rasops4
define	rasops8
define	rasops15
define	rasops16
define	rasops24
define	rasops32
define	rasops_rotation

# image decoding support
include "dev/stbi/files.stbi"

# splash screen support
include "dev/splash/files.splash"

# videomode support
include "dev/videomode/files.videomode"

# net device attributes - we have generic code for arc(net), ether(net),
# fddi, token ring, atm and eco(net).
define	arcnet
define	atm
define	eco
define	ether
define	fddi
define	hippi
define	ieee1394
define	token
define	sppp
define	wlan
define	crypto

device	tpm
file	dev/ic/tpm.c			tpm			needs-flag

# devices ARPing IPv4 pull this in:
define	arp

# ALTQ network traffic shaping subsystem
include "altq/files.altq"

# IPKDB kernel debugger
include "ipkdb/files.ipkdb"

# Logical disk
device	ld: disk
file	dev/ld.c			ld			needs-flag

# MII/PHY support for network devices
include "dev/mii/files.mii"

# RAIDframe
include "dev/raidframe/files.raidframe"

# Hardware-assisted data mover API
include "dev/dmover/files.dmover"

# "Chipset" drivers.  These are the bus-independent routines which
# contain the cfdrivers.  Attachments are provided by files.<bus>

# Adaptec AIC-6[32]60 ICs
device	aic: scsi
file	dev/ic/aic6360.c		aic

# SMC 93Cx6 Serial EEPROM devices
define	smc93cx6
file	dev/ic/smc93cx6.c		smc93cx6

# Adaptec 2[789]4X, 394X, aic7770 and aic78[5678]0 SCSI controllers
defparam opt_ahc.h		AHC_DEBUG
defflag	opt_ahc.h		AHC_NO_TAGS
device	ahc: scsi
define	ahc_seeprom
define	ahc_aic77xx
file	dev/ic/aic7xxx.c		ahc
file	dev/ic/aic7xxx_osm.c		ahc
file	dev/ic/aic7xxx_seeprom.c	ahc_seeprom
file	dev/ic/aic77xx.c		ahc_aic77xx

# Adaptec aic79xx SCSI controllers
defflag	opt_ahd.h		AHD_DEBUG
device	ahd: scsi
file	dev/ic/aic79xx.c		ahd
file	dev/ic/aic79xx_osm.c		ahd

# DPT EATA SCSI controllers
device	dpt: scsi
file	dev/ic/dpt.c			dpt

# Compaq Smart ARRAY controllers
device	cac {unit = -1}
file	dev/ic/cac.c			cac

attach	ld at cac with ld_cac
file	dev/ic/ld_cac.c			ld_cac

# HP/Compaq Command Interface for SCSI-3 Support
device ciss: scsi
file	dev/ic/ciss.c			ciss

# Mylex DAC960 RAID controllers
device	mlx {unit = -1}
file	dev/ic/mlx.c			mlx			needs-flag

attach	ld at mlx with ld_mlx
file	dev/ic/ld_mlx.c			ld_mlx

# ICP-Vortex/Intel RAID controllers
device	icp {unit = -1}
file	dev/ic/icp.c			icp			needs-flag
file	dev/ic/icp_ioctl.c		icp

attach	ld at icp with ld_icp
file	dev/ic/ld_icp.c			ld_icp

device	icpsp: scsi
file	dev/ic/icpsp.c			icpsp
attach	icpsp at icp

# Adaptec FSA RAID controllers
device	aac {unit = -1}
file	dev/ic/aac.c			aac

attach	ld at aac with ld_aac
file	dev/ic/ld_aac.c			ld_aac

# AdvanSys 1200A, 1200B and ULTRA SCSI controllers
device	adv: scsi
file	dev/ic/adv.c			adv
file	dev/ic/advlib.c			adv
file	dev/ic/advmcode.c		adv

# AdvanSys ULTRA WIDE SCSI controllers
device	adw: scsi
file	dev/ic/adw.c			adw

# BusLogic MultiMaster and MultiMaster Ultra SCSI controllers
# (Must be declared before AHA to ensure bha probes before aha.
#  Probing AHA first configures bhas as aha, via their AHA
#  hardware-compatibility mode.)
device	bha: scsi
file	dev/ic/bha.c			bha

# Adaptec AHA-154x and AHA-164x controllers
# (must be after bha, see above)
device	aha: scsi
file	dev/ic/aha.c			aha

# Initio INIC-940/950 SCSI controllers
device	iha: scsi
file	dev/ic/iha.c			iha

# Qlogic ISP 10x0 SCSI Controllers
defflag	opt_isp.h		ISP_DISABLE_1020_SUPPORT
defparam opt_isp.h		ISP_LOGDEFAULT
device	isp: scsi
file	dev/ic/isp.c			isp
file	dev/ic/isp_library.c		isp
file	dev/ic/isp_netbsd.c		isp
file	dev/ic/isp_target.c		isp & isp_target_mode
device	mfi: scsi
file	dev/ic/mfi.c			mfi

# LSILogic Fusion-MPT I/O Processor SCSI/FC Controllers
device	mpt: scsi
file	dev/ic/mpt.c			mpt
file	dev/ic/mpt_debug.c		mpt
file	dev/ic/mpt_netbsd.c		mpt

# Workbit NinjaSCSI-32 controllers
device	njs: scsi
file	dev/ic/ninjascsi32.c		njs

# Symbios/NCR 53c700 SCSI controllers
device	oosiop: scsi
file	dev/ic/oosiop.c			oosiop

# Symbios/NCR 53c710 SCSI controllers
device	osiop: scsi
file	dev/ic/osiop.c			osiop

# common stuff for siop and esiop
define	siop_common
file	dev/ic/siop_common.c		siop_common

# Symbios/NCR 53c720/53c8xx SCSI controllers
device	siop: scsi,siop_common
file	dev/ic/siop.c			siop & (siop_pci | siop_gedoens)
defflag	opt_siop.h			SIOP_SYMLED

device	esiop: scsi,siop_common
file	dev/ic/esiop.c			esiop

# UltraStor SCSI controllers
device	uha: scsi
file	dev/ic/uha.c			uha

# 3Com common probe code
define  elink
file    dev/isa/elink.c                 elink

# Aironet PC4500/PC4800
device	an: arp, wlan, ifnet
file	dev/ic/an.c			an

# AMD 79c930-based 802.11 cards
device	awi: arp, wlan, ifnet
file	dev/ic/awi.c			awi
file	dev/ic/am79c930.c		awi

# Lucent & Intersil WaveLan IEEE (802.11)
device	wi: arp, wlan, ifnet
file	dev/ic/wi.c			wi

# Atheros HAL
include "external/isc/atheros_hal/conf/files.ath_hal"

# Atheros 5210/5211/5212 multi-mode 802.11
device	ath: arp, wlan, ifnet
file	dev/ic/ath.c			ath
file	dev/ic/ath_netbsd.c		ath
file	dev/ic/athrate-sample.c		ath

# ADMtek ADM8211 802.11
device	atw: arp, wlan, ifnet, smc93cx6
file	dev/ic/atw.c			atw

# Realtek RTL8180 802.11
device rtw: arp, wlan, ifnet, smc93cx6
file	dev/ic/rtw.c			rtw
file	dev/ic/rtwphy.c			rtw
file	dev/ic/rtwphyio.c		rtw

# Ralink RT2500/RT2600 802.11
device	ral: arp, ether, ifnet, wlan, firmload
file	dev/ic/rt2560.c			ral
file	dev/ic/rt2661.c			ral

# Marvell Libertas Open
device  malo: arp, ether, ifnet, wlan, firmload
file    dev/ic/malo.c           malo

# 3Com Etherlink-III Ethernet controller
device	ep: arp, ether, ifnet, mii, mii_bitbang
file	dev/ic/elink3.c			ep

# 3Com EtherLink XL Controller
device	ex: arp, ether, ifnet, mii, mii_bitbang
file	dev/ic/elinkxl.c		ex

# DEC EtherWORKS III (LEMAC) Ethernet controllers
device	lc: arp, ether, ifnet
file	dev/ic/lemac.c			lc

# LANCE and PCnet Ethernet controllers
device	le: arp, ether, ifnet
define	le24
define	le32
file	dev/ic/am7990.c			le24
file	dev/ic/am79900.c		le32
file	dev/ic/lance.c			le24 | le32

# DEC DEPCA-family of LANCE Ethernet controllers
device	depca { }: le24
file	dev/ic/depca.c			depca
attach	le at depca with le_depca

# Sun HME Ethernet controllers
device	hme: arp, ether, ifnet, mii
file	dev/ic/hme.c			hme

# Sun GEM Ethernet controllers
device	gem: arp, ether, ifnet, mii
file	dev/ic/gem.c			gem

# Synopsis Designware GMAC core, as found on allwinner a20
# and other SoCs
device	awge: arp, ether, ifnet, mii
file	dev/ic/dwc_gmac.c		awge

# 8390-family Ethernet controllers
defflag	opt_ipkdb.h		IPKDB_DP8390
define	dp8390nic
file	dev/ic/dp8390.c			dp8390nic | ipkdb_dp8390

# National Semiconductor DP83905 AT/LANTIC Ethernet media support
define	dp83905
file	dev/ic/dp83905.c		dp83905

# Macronix MX98905 Ethernet controller
# (use as an attribute for an "ne" bus attachment)
define	mx98905
file	dev/ic/mx98905.c		mx98905

# TROPIC Token-Ring controller
device	tr: arp, token, ifnet
file	dev/ic/tropic.c			tr

# NCR 5380 SCSI Bus Controller
define	ncr5380sbc
file	dev/ic/ncr5380sbc.c		ncr5380sbc
device	nca: scsi, ncr5380sbc

# Sun sc PAL SCSI Bus Controller
define	sunscpal
file	dev/ic/sunscpal.c		sunscpal
device	ssc: scsi, sunscpal

# DEC FDDI Chipset
define	pdq
file	dev/ic/pdq.c			pdq
file	dev/ic/pdq_ifsubr.c		pdq

# Cyclades Cyclom-8/16/32
device	cy: tty
file	dev/ic/cy.c			cy			needs-flag

# Efficient Networks, Inc. ATM interface
device	en: atm, ifnet
file	dev/ic/midway.c			en

# NCR 53x9x or Emulex ESP SCSI Controller
define	ncr53c9x
device	esp: scsi, ncr53c9x
file	dev/ic/ncr53c9x.c		ncr53c9x

# Fujitsu MB87030/MB89352 SCSI Protocol Controller
device	spc: scsi
file	dev/ic/mb89352.c		spc

# Western Digital WD33C93/WD33C93A SCSI Bus Interface Controller
define	wd33c93
file	dev/ic/wd33c93.c		wd33c93

# Hitachi HD44780 LCD panel controller
define	hd44780
file	dev/ic/hd44780_subr.c		hd44780
file	dev/ic/lcdkp_subr.c		hd44780

# Matrix keypad
define	matrixkp
file	dev/ic/matrixkp_subr.c		matrixkp

# Hitachi HD64570 serial controller
define	hd64570
file	dev/ic/hd64570.c		hd64570

# Riscom/N2 ISA/PCI Sync Serial Controller
device	ntwoc: ifnet, hd64570

# Intel 82586 Ethernet Controller
define	i82586
file	dev/ic/i82586.c			i82586

# Intel 82596 Ethernet Controller
define	i82596
file	dev/ic/i82596.c			i82596

# Intel 82557/82558/82559 Ethernet Controller
device	fxp: ether, ifnet, arp, mii
file	dev/ic/i82557.c			fxp

# SEEQ 8005 Advanced Ethernet Data Link Controller
define	seeq8005
file	dev/ic/seeq8005.c		seeq8005

# SMC 91Cxx Ethernet Controller
device	sm: arp, ether, ifnet, mii, mii_bitbang
file	dev/ic/smc91cxx.c		sm

# SMC 83C170 EPIC/100 Fast Ethernet Controller
device	epic: arp, ether, ifnet, mii
file	dev/ic/smc83c170.c		epic

# DEC SGEC Second Generation Ethernet Controller
define	sgec
file	dev/ic/sgec.c			sgec

# MB86950 Ethernet Controller
define	mb86950
file	dev/ic/mb86950.c		mb86950

# MB8696x Ethernet Controller
define	mb86960
file	dev/ic/mb86960.c		mb86960

# Generic MB8696x Ethernet Controller driver
device	mbe: arp, ether, ifnet, mb86960

# Interwave Am78C201 audio driver
define	interwave
file	dev/ic/interwave.c		interwave

# TMS 320av110 MPEG2/audio driver
define	tms320av110
file	dev/ic/tms320av110.c		tms320av110

# Novell NE2000-compatible Ethernet cards, based on the
# National Semiconductor DS8390.
defflag	opt_ipkdb.h		IPKDB_NE			: IPKDB_DP8390
device	ne: ether, ifnet, arp, dp8390nic, mii
file	dev/ic/ne2000.c			ne | ipkdb_ne

# 8250/16[45]50-based "com" ports
defflag	opt_com.h		COM_DEBUG
# XXX In a perfect world, this would be done with attributes
defflag	opt_com.h		COM_16650 COM_16750
defparam opt_com.h		COM_TOLERANCE
device	com { } : tty
file	dev/ic/com.c			com			needs-flag

# PC-like keyboard controller
device	pckbc: pckbport
file	dev/ic/pckbc.c			pckbc			needs-flag

device	attimer
file	dev/ic/attimer.c		attimer			needs-flag

# Cirrus Logic CD240[01] 4-port Multi-Protocol Communications Controller
device	clmpcc: tty
file	dev/ic/clmpcc.c			clmpcc			needs-flag

# Abit uGuru
device	ug: sysmon_envsys
file	dev/ic/ug.c			ug			needs-flag

# Essential Communications Corp. HIPPI Interface
device	esh: hippi, ifnet
file	dev/ic/rrunner.c		esh			needs-flag

# SMC 90c26, SMC 90C56 (and 90C66 if in compat mode) chip driver
device	bah: ifnet, arcnet, arp
file	dev/ic/smc90cx6.c		bah

# OPL2/OPL3 FM synth driver
device	opl: midibus, midisyn
file	dev/ic/opl.c			opl
file	dev/ic/oplinstrs.c		opl

# MPU401 MIDI UART compatibles
device	mpu: midibus
file	dev/ic/mpu.c			mpu			needs-flag

# AD1848 (CS4248, CS4231, AD1845) audio codec support; used by other drivers
define	ad1848
file	dev/ic/ad1848.c			ad1848

# AMD 7930 audio/ISDN codec
define	am7930
file	dev/ic/am7930.c			am7930

# Siemens PSB2160 audio codec, as found in HP systems
device	arcofi: audiobus, auconv, mulaw
file	dev/ic/arcofi.c			arcofi

# SPARC `SUNW,audiocs'
device	audiocs: audiobus, auconv, ad1848
file	dev/ic/cs4231.c			audiocs

# AC-97 CODECs
define	ac97
file	dev/ic/ac97.c			ac97

# UDA1341 CODEC support
define	uda1341
file	dev/ic/uda1341.c		uda1341

# Oki MSM6258 support code
define msm6258
file	dev/ic/msm6258.c		msm6258

# LSI64854 DMA controller back-end
define	lsi64854
file	dev/ic/lsi64854.c		lsi64854

# Cirrus Logic CL-CD180/1864/1865 multi port serial controller back-end
define	cd18xx
file	dev/ic/cd18xx.c			cd18xx

# Realtek 8019/8029 NE2000-compatible network interface subroutines
define	rtl80x9
file	dev/ic/rtl80x9.c		rtl80x9			needs-flag

# Realtek 8129/8139 Ethernet controllers
device	rtk: ether, ifnet, arp, mii
file	dev/ic/rtl81x9.c		rtk | re

# Realtek 8169 Ethernet controllers
device	re: ether, ifnet, arp, mii
file	dev/ic/rtl8169.c		re

# Common code for ESDI/IDE/etc. controllers
define	wdc_common
define	ata_dma
define	ata_udma
define	ata_piobm
device	wdc: ata, wdc_common

defflag opt_ata.h	ATADEBUG
defparam opt_ata.h	ATADEBUG_MASK
defflag opt_wdc.h	WDC_NO_IDS

device	atabus: atapi,ata_hl
attach	atabus at ata
# The strange expression is to dump ata_* definitions to ata_dma.h.
file	dev/ic/wdc.c			(ata_dma | ata_udma | ata_piobm | atabus) & atabus & wdc_common	needs-flag

# Workbit NinjaATA-32 IDE controllers
device	njata: ata, ata_piobm, wdc_common
file	dev/ic/ninjaata32.c		njata

# CHIPS and Technologies 82C7[12][01] Universal Peripheral Controller
device	upc { [offset = -1] }
attach	wdc at upc with wdc_upc
attach	com at upc with com_upc
attach	lpt at upc with lpt_upc
file	dev/ic/upc.c			upc
file	dev/ic/wdc_upc.c		wdc_upc
file	dev/ic/com_upc.c		com_upc
file	dev/ic/lpt_upc.c		lpt_upc

# AHCI-compatible SATA controllers
define ahcisata_core
file dev/ic/ahcisata_core.c ahcisata_core
device ahcisata: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, sata, sata_fis, sata_pmp, ahcisata_core

# Silicon Image SteelVine SATA-II controllers
define	siisata
file	dev/ic/siisata.c		siisata
device	siisata: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, sata, sata_fis, sata_pmp, siisata

# Marvell Serial-ATA Host Controller
define mvsata
file dev/ic/mvsata.c			mvsata
device mvsata: ata, ata_dma, ata_udma, wdc_common, sata, sata_pmp, mvsata
defflag opt_mvsata.h		MVSATA_WITHOUTDMA

# DECchip 21x4x Ethernet controller family, and assorted clones.
device	tlp: arp, ether, ifnet, mii, mii_bitbang
file	dev/ic/tulip.c			tlp

# Adaptec AIC-6915 Ethernet interface
device	sf: arp, ether, ifnet, mii
file	dev/ic/aic6915.c		sf

# Mostek time-of-day clock and NVRAM
define	mk48txx
file	dev/ic/mk48txx.c		mk48txx

# OKI MSM6242B
define	msm6242b
file	dev/ic/msm6242b.c		msm6242b

# Intersil 7170 time-of-day clock
define	intersil7170
file	dev/ic/intersil7170.c		intersil7170

# National Semiconductor MM58167 time-of-day clock
define	mm58167
file	dev/ic/mm58167.c		mm58167

# Motorola mc146818 (and compatible) time-of-day clock
define	mc146818
file	dev/ic/mc146818.c		mc146818

# Ricoh RS5C313 time of-day-clock
define	rs5c313
file	dev/ic/rs5c313.c		rs5c313

# D-Link DL10019/10022 NE2000-compatible network interface subroutines
define	dl10019
file	dev/ic/dl10019.c		dl10019

# ASIX AX88190 NE2000-compatible network interface subroutines
define	ax88190
file	dev/ic/ax88190.c		ax88190

# WD/SMC 80x3 family, SMC Elite Ultra [8216], SMC EtherEZ
device	we: ether, ifnet, arp, dp8390nic
file	dev/ic/we.c			we

# Allied-Telesis Ethernet driver based on Fujitsu MB8696xA controllers
device	ate: arp, ether, ifnet, mb86960

# Fujitsu FMV-18x Ethernet driver based on Fujitsu MB8696xA controllers
device	fmv: arp, ether, ifnet, mb86960
file	dev/ic/fmv.c			fmv

# Crystal Semiconductor CS8900, CS8920, and CS8920M Ethernet
device	cs: arp, ether, ifnet
device	tscs: arp, ether, ifnet
file	dev/ic/cs89x0.c			cs | tscs

# Radio device attributes
define	tea5757
file	dev/ic/tea5757.c		tea5757
define	lm700x
file	dev/ic/lm700x.c			lm700x

# Philips PCF8584 i2c controller
define	pcf8584
file	dev/ic/pcf8584.c		pcf8584

# PCA9564 i2c controller
define	pca9564
file	dev/ic/pca9564.c		pca9564

# ACPI power management timer (hardware access, independent of ACPI)
define acpipmtimer
file	dev/ic/acpipmtimer.c	acpipmtimer

device 	hpet
file 	dev/ic/hpet.c		hpet			needs-flag

# SMSC LAN9118 Family Ethernet Controller
device	smsh: arp, ether, ifnet, mii
file	dev/ic/lan9118.c		smsh

# Apple System Management Controller
define	applesmcbus	{ }
device	applesmc: applesmcbus
file	dev/ic/apple_smc.c		applesmc

# Apple SMC fan sensors and control
device	applesmcfan: applesmcbus, sysmon_envsys
attach	applesmcfan at applesmcbus with apple_smc_fan
file	dev/ic/apple_smc_fan.c		applesmcfan

# Apple SMC temperature sensors
device	applesmctemp: applesmcbus, sysmon_envsys
attach	applesmctemp at applesmcbus with apple_smc_temp
file	dev/ic/apple_smc_temp.c		applesmctemp

# Apple SMC accelerometer (not yet implemented!)
#device	applesmcaccel: applesmcbus, sysmon_envsys
#attach	applesmcaccel at applesmcbus with apple_smc_accel
#file	dev/ic/apple_smc_accel.c	applesmcaccel

# DRM - Direct Rendering Infrastructure: dev/drm
define drm {}
include "external/bsd/drm/conf/files.drm"
include "dev/drm/files.drm"

# DRM/KMS - Newer direct rendering manager with kernel mode-switching
include "external/bsd/drm2/drm/files.drmkms"

# Definitions for wscons
# device attributes: display, display with emulator, keyboard, and mouse
define	wsdisplaydev		{[kbdmux = 1]}
define	wsemuldisplaydev	{[console = -1], [kbdmux = 1]}
define	wskbddev		{[console = -1], [mux = 1]}
define	wsmousedev		{[mux = 0]}
define	vcons
# attribute to pull in raster support
define	wsrasteremulops
# common PC display functions
defflag	opt_pcdisplay.h		PCDISPLAY_SOFTCURSOR
define	pcdisplayops
file	dev/ic/pcdisplay_subr.c	pcdisplayops
file	dev/ic/pcdisplay_chars.c	pcdisplayops
# an attribute used by arch specific config files to include /dev/fb* (or
# equivalent) support - on most archs this is just a NOP (untill, maybe
# someday when we might make /dev/fb* support MI)
define	fb
# VGA graphics
defparam opt_vga.h		VGA_CONSOLE_SCREENTYPE
defflag opt_vga.h		VGA_RASTERCONSOLE
defflag opt_vga.h		VGA_RESET
device	vga: displaydev, wsemuldisplaydev, pcdisplayops, drm
file	dev/ic/vga.c		vga & !vga_rasterconsole	needs-flag
file	dev/ic/vga_raster.c	vga_rasterconsole		needs-flag
file	dev/ic/vga_subr.c	vga | vga_rasterconsole
file	dev/ic/vga_common.c	vga | vga_rasterconsole

# Integraphics Systems IGA168x and CyberPro framebuffers (linear non-VGA mode)
device	igsfb: wsemuldisplaydev, rasops8, vcons, videomode
file	dev/ic/igsfb.c			igsfb			needs-flag
file	dev/ic/igsfb_subr.c		igsfb

device	chipsfb: wsemuldisplaydev, rasops8, vcons, videomode
file	dev/ic/ct65550.c		chipsfb
defflag	opt_chipsfb.h	CHIPSFB_DEBUG
defflag	opt_chipsfb.h	CHIPSFB_WAIT

# STI (hp graphics)
device	sti: wsemuldisplaydev
file	dev/ic/sti.c		sti

include "dev/wscons/files.wscons"
include "dev/rasops/files.rasops"
include "dev/wsfont/files.wsfont"
include "dev/wsfb/files.wsfb"

# Attributes which machine-independent bus support can be attached to.
# These should be defined here, because some of these busses can have
# devices which provide these attributes, and we'd like to avoid hairy
# ordering constraints on inclusion of the busses' "files" files.
define	isabus	{ }			# ISA attachment
define	eisabus	{ }			# EISA attachment
define	pcibus	{[bus = -1]}		# PCI attachment
define	tcbus	{ }			# TurboChannel attachment
define	mcabus	{ }			# MicroChannel attachment
define	usbus	{ }			# USB attachment
define	fwbus	{ }			# IEEE 1394 attachment
define	vmebus	{ }			# VME bus attachment
define	acpibus	{ }			# ACPI "bus" attachment
define	pcmciabus { [controller = -1], [socket = -1]}	# PCMCIA bus attachment
define	cbbus	{ }			# CardBus attachment
define	pcmciaslot { }			# PCMCIA slot itself
define	sdmmcbus { }			# SD/MMC attachment

# We need the USB bus controllers here so different busses can
# use them in an 'attach-with'.


define	usbroothub
file	dev/usb/usbroothub_subr.c	usbroothub

define	usb_dma

# UHCI USB controller
device	uhci: usbus, usbroothub, usb_dma
file	dev/usb/uhci.c			uhci			needs-flag

# OHCI USB controller
device	ohci: usbus, usbroothub, usb_dma
file	dev/usb/ohci.c			ohci			needs-flag

# EHCI USB2 controller
device	ehci: usbus, usbroothub, usb_dma
file	dev/usb/ehci.c			ehci			needs-flag

# xHCI USB3 controller
device	xhci: usbus, usbroothub, usb_dma
file	dev/usb/xhci.c			xhci			needs-flag

# Mentor graphics OTG IP
defflag	opt_motg.h	MOTG_ALLWINNER
device	motg: usbus, usbroothub, usb_dma
file	dev/usb/motg.c			motg			needs-flag

# SL811HS/T USB controller
device	slhci: usbus, usbroothub
file	dev/ic/sl811hs.c		slhci			needs-flag

# DesignWare OTG host controller
include "external/bsd/dwc2/conf/files.dwc2"

# USB HID processing (as used by bluetooth and usb code)
define	hid
file	dev/usb/hid.c			hid

# SD Host controller
device	sdhc: sdmmcbus
file	dev/sdmmc/sdhc.c		sdhc			needs-flag

# Winbond Integrated Media Reader
device	wb: sdmmcbus
file	dev/ic/w83l518d.c		wb
file	dev/ic/w83l518d_sdmmc.c		wb

# Realtek RTS5209/RTS5229 Card Reader
device	rtsx: sdmmcbus
file	dev/ic/rtsx.c			rtsx

# Myson MTD803 3-in-1 Fast Ethernet Controller
device	mtd: arp, ether, ifnet, mii
file	dev/ic/mtd803.c			mtd

# radio devices, attaches to radio hardware driver
device	radio
attach	radio at radiodev

# IEEE 1394 controllers
# (These need to be here since it will have both PCI and CardBus attachments)
device	fwohci: fwbus

# Sony Programmable I/O Controller
device	spic: wsmousedev
file	dev/ic/spic.c			spic

# IBM CPC700 PowerPC bridge
define	cpcbus { addr, [irq=-1] }
device	cpc: cpcbus, pcibus
file	dev/ic/cpc700.c			cpc

attach	com at cpcbus with com_cpcbus
file	dev/ic/com_cpcbus.c		com_cpcbus

device	cpctim
attach	cpctim at cpcbus
file	dev/ic/timer_cpcbus.c		cpctim

device	cpciic
attach	cpciic at cpcbus with iic_cpcbus
file	dev/ic/iic_cpcbus.c		iic_cpcbus

# Attributes used by the ISDN subsystem
define	isdndev		# the ISDN subsystem
define	passive_isdn	# files needed by passive cards (XXX - protocol
			# specific)
define	isdncapi	# ISDN CAPI (http://www.capi.org/)

# The isac found on the Fritz V2.0 Card.
define	nisacsx
file	dev/ic/isacsx.c			nisacsx	needs-flag

# The 'standard' isac
define	nisac
file	dev/ic/isac.c			nisac	needs-flag

# ISDN cards based on the Siemens ISAC/HSCX chipset (or lookalikes)
device	isic: isdndev, passive_isdn, nisac

file	dev/ic/isic.c			isic
file	dev/ic/isic_l1.c		isic|ifpci|ifritz
file	dev/ic/isic_l1fsm.c		isic|ifpci|ifritz
file	dev/ic/hscx.c			isic
file	dev/ic/isic_bchan.c		isic

# (old) Diehl active ISDN cards
#device	daic: isdndev
#file	dev/ic/daic.c			daic

# AWM B1/T1
# XXX: passive_isdn
device	iavc: isdndev, isdncapi, passive_isdn
file	dev/ic/iavc.c			iavc

# Broadcom AirForce / Apple Airport Extreme
device	bwi: arp, ifnet, firmload, wlan
file	dev/ic/bwi.c			bwi

# DM9000 Ethernet controllers
device	dme: arp, ether, ifnet
file	dev/ic/dm9000.c			dme

# legitimate pseudo-devices
defpseudodev vnd:	disk
defflag opt_vnd.h	VND_COMPRESSION
defpseudo ccd:		disk
defpseudodev cgd:	disk, des, blowfish, cast128
defpseudodev md:	disk
defpseudodev fss:	disk

defpseudo pty:		tty
defpseudo rnd
defpseudo ksyms
defparam opt_ksyms.h	SYMTAB_SPACE
defpseudo nullcons
defpseudo lockstat
defpseudo bio:		sysmon_envsys

defpseudo loop:		ifnet
defpseudo sl:		ifnet
defpseudo ppp:		ifnet, bpf_filter
defpseudo pppoe:	ifnet, ether, sppp
defpseudo sppp:		ifnet
defpseudo tun:		ifnet
defpseudo vlan:		ifnet, ether
defpseudo bridge:	ifnet, ether
defpseudo bpfilter:	ifnet, bpf_filter
defpseudo strip:	ifnet
defpseudo gre:		ifnet
defpseudo gif:		ifnet
defpseudo faith:	ifnet
defpseudo ifmpls:	ifnet
defpseudo srt:		ifnet
defpseudo stf:		ifnet
defpseudodev tap:	ifnet, ether, arp
defpseudo carp:		ifnet, ether, arp
defpseudodev etherip:	ifnet, ether, arp

defpseudo sequencer
defpseudo clockctl

# Accept filters.  XXX should use another registration/initialization method.
defpseudo accf_data
defpseudo accf_http

# ISDN userland pseudo devices
defpseudo isdntrc:	isdndev, tty
defpseudo isdnbchan:	isdndev, tty
defpseudo isdntel:	isdndev, tty
defpseudo isdnctl:	isdndev, tty
defpseudo isdn:		isdndev, tty

# ISDN network interfaces
defpseudo irip:		isdndev, ifnet
defflag opt_irip.h	IRIP_VJ
defpseudo ippp:		isdndev, sppp, ifnet

# KTTCP network throughput testing pseudo-device
defpseudo kttcp
file	dev/kttcp.c			kttcp		needs-flag

# Veriexec
defpseudo veriexec
file	kern/kern_veriexec.c	veriexec
file	dev/verified_exec.c		veriexec	needs-flag

# isochronous pseudo device for IEEE 1394, i.LINK or FireWire
defpseudo fwiso:	ieee1394

# driver attach / detach user interface
defpseudo drvctl
file	kern/kern_drvctl.c		drvctl		needs-flag

# cpu control
defpseudo cpuctl
defflag				CPU_UCODE: firmload

# pass-to-userspace transporter
defpseudo putter
file	dev/putter/putter.c		putter

# userspace block/char device drivers
defpseudo pud
file	dev/pud/pud.c			pud
file	dev/pud/pud_dev.c		pud

# device-mapper driver for LVM
include "dev/dm/files.dm"

# File systems
include "coda/files.coda"
include "fs/adosfs/files.adosfs"
include "fs/cd9660/files.cd9660"
include "fs/efs/files.efs"
include "fs/filecorefs/files.filecorefs"
include "fs/hfs/files.hfs"
include "fs/msdosfs/files.msdosfs"
include "fs/nilfs/files.nilfs"
include "fs/ntfs/files.ntfs"
include "fs/ptyfs/files.ptyfs"
include "fs/puffs/files.puffs"
include "fs/udf/files.udf"
include "fs/smbfs/files.smbfs"
include "fs/sysvbfs/files.sysvbfs"
include "fs/tmpfs/files.tmpfs"
include "fs/union/files.union"
include "fs/v7fs/files.v7fs"
include "miscfs/fdesc/files.fdesc"
include "miscfs/kernfs/files.kernfs"
include "miscfs/nullfs/files.nullfs"
include "miscfs/overlay/files.overlay"
include "miscfs/procfs/files.procfs"
include "miscfs/umapfs/files.umapfs"
include "nfs/files.nfs"
include "ufs/files.ufs"

# UVM (virtual memory)
include "uvm/files.uvm"

# Security models
include "secmodel/files.secmodel"

# kernel sources
file	compat/common/compat_mod.c	compat_netbsd | compat_netbsd32
file	conf/debugsyms.c
file	dev/auconv.c			auconv | mulaw
file	dev/audio.c			audio | midi | midibus	needs-flag
file	dev/audiobell.c			audiobell
file	dev/aurateconv.c		aurateconv		needs-flag
file	dev/auvolconv.c			auvolconv
file	dev/bio.c			bio			needs-flag
file	dev/ccd.c			ccd
file	dev/cgd.c			cgd
file	dev/cgd_crypto.c		cgd
file	dev/clock_subr.c
file	dev/clockctl.c			clockctl
file	dev/dksubr.c			cgd | xbd | ccd | raid | dm
file	dev/dkwedge/dk.c
file	dev/dkwedge/dkwedge_apple.c	dkwedge_method_apple
file	dev/dkwedge/dkwedge_bsdlabel.c	dkwedge_method_bsdlabel
file	dev/dkwedge/dkwedge_gpt.c	dkwedge_method_gpt
file	dev/dkwedge/dkwedge_mbr.c	dkwedge_method_mbr
file	dev/firmload.c			firmload
file	dev/fss.c			fss
file	dev/keylock.c			keylock
file	dev/lockstat.c			lockstat		needs-flag
file	dev/md.c			md
file	dev/midi.c			midi | midibus		needs-flag
file	dev/midictl.c			midisyn
file	dev/midisyn.c			midisyn
file	dev/mm.c
file	dev/mulaw.c			mulaw			needs-flag
file	dev/nullcons_subr.c		nullcons		needs-flag
file	dev/radio.c			radio			needs-flag
file	dev/rndpseudo.c			rnd			needs-flag
file	dev/sequencer.c			sequencer		needs-flag
file	dev/video.c			video			needs-flag
file	dev/vnd.c			vnd
file	kern/bufq_disksort.c		bufq_disksort
file	kern/bufq_fcfs.c		bufq_fcfs
file	kern/bufq_priocscan.c		bufq_priocscan
file	kern/bufq_readprio.c		bufq_readprio | new_bufq_strategy
file	kern/core_elf32.c		exec_elf32
file	kern/core_elf64.c		exec_elf64
file	kern/core_netbsd.c		exec_aout | exec_coff | exec_ecoff
file	kern/cnmagic.c
file	kern/exec_aout.c		exec_aout
file	kern/exec_ecoff.c		exec_ecoff
file	kern/exec_elf32.c		exec_elf32
file	kern/exec_elf64.c		exec_elf64
file	kern/exec_script.c		exec_script
file	kern/exec_subr.c
file	kern/init_main.c
file	kern/init_sysctl.c
file	kern/init_sysctl_base.c
file	kern/init_sysent.c
file	kern/kern_acct.c
file	kern/kern_auth.c
file	kern/kern_cfglock.c
file	kern/kern_clock.c
file	kern/kern_condvar.c
file	kern/kern_core.c		coredump
file	kern/kern_cpu.c
file	kern/kern_ctf.c			kdtrace_hooks
file	kern/kern_descrip.c
file	kern/kern_event.c
file	kern/kern_exec.c
file	kern/kern_exit.c
file	kern/kern_fork.c
file	kern/kern_idle.c
file	kern/kern_hook.c
file	kern/kern_kthread.c
file	kern/kern_ktrace.c		ktrace
file	kern/kern_ktrace_vfs.c		ktrace
file	kern/kern_ksyms.c		ksyms | ddb | modular needs-flag
file	kern/kern_lock.c
file	kern/kern_lwp.c
file	kern/kern_malloc.c
file	kern/kern_module.c
file	kern/kern_module_vfs.c
file	kern/kern_mutex.c
file	kern/kern_mutex_obj.c
file	kern/kern_fileassoc.c		fileassoc
file	kern/kern_ntptime.c
file	kern/kern_pax.c			pax_mprotect | pax_segvguard | pax_aslr
file	kern/kern_physio.c
file	kern/kern_pmf.c
file	kern/kern_proc.c
file	kern/kern_prot.c
file	kern/kern_ras.c
file	kern/kern_rate.c
file	kern/kern_resource.c
file	kern/kern_rndpool.c
file	kern/kern_rndq.c
file	kern/kern_rndsink.c
file	kern/kern_runq.c
file	kern/kern_rwlock.c
file	kern/kern_rwlock_obj.c
file	kern/kern_sdt.c			kdtrace_hooks
file	kern/kern_sig.c
file	kern/kern_sleepq.c
file	kern/kern_softint.c
file	kern/kern_ssp.c
file	kern/kern_stub.c
file	kern/kern_subr.c
file	kern/kern_synch.c
file	kern/kern_syscall.c
file	kern/kern_sysctl.c
file	kern/kern_tc.c
file	kern/kern_time.c
file	kern/kern_timeout.c
file	kern/kern_turnstile.c
file	kern/kern_todr.c
file	kern/kern_uidinfo.c
file	kern/kern_uuid.c
file	kern/kern_xxx.c
file	kern/kgdb_stub.c		kgdb
file	kern/sched_4bsd.c		sched_4bsd
file	kern/sched_m2.c			sched_m2
file	kern/subr_autoconf.c
file	kern/subr_blist.c		vmswap
file	kern/subr_bufq.c
file	kern/subr_callback.c
file	kern/subr_cprng.c
file	kern/subr_cpufreq.c
file	kern/subr_copy.c
file	kern/subr_debug.c		debug
file	kern/subr_device.c
file	kern/subr_devsw.c
file	kern/subr_disk.c
file	kern/subr_disk_open.c
file	kern/subr_evcnt.c
file	kern/subr_exec_fd.c
file	kern/subr_extent.c
file	kern/subr_hash.c
file	kern/subr_humanize.c
file	kern/subr_iostat.c
file	kern/subr_ipi.c
file	kern/subr_kcpuset.c
file	kern/subr_kmem.c
file	kern/subr_kobj.c
file	kern/subr_kobj_vfs.c
file	kern/subr_lockdebug.c
file	kern/subr_log.c
file	kern/subr_lwp_specificdata.c
file	kern/subr_once.c
file	kern/subr_optstr.c
file	kern/subr_pcq.c
file	kern/subr_pcu.c
file	kern/subr_percpu.c
file	kern/subr_pool.c
file	kern/subr_prf.c
file	kern/subr_prof.c
file	kern/subr_pserialize.c
file	kern/subr_specificdata.c
file	kern/subr_tftproot.c		tftproot
file	kern/subr_time.c
file	kern/subr_userconf.c		userconf
file	kern/subr_vmem.c
file	kern/subr_workqueue.c
file	kern/subr_xcall.c
file	kern/sys_aio.c			aio
file	kern/sys_descrip.c
file	kern/sys_generic.c
file	kern/sys_module.c
file	kern/sys_mqueue.c		mqueue
file	kern/sys_lwp.c
file	kern/sys_pipe.c			!pipe_socketpair
file	kern/sys_pmc.c
file	kern/sys_process.c		ptrace | ktrace
file	kern/sys_pset.c
file	kern/sys_select.c
file	kern/sys_sig.c
file	kern/sys_sched.c
file	kern/sys_socket.c
file	kern/syscalls.c			syscall_debug
file	kern/sysv_ipc.c			sysvshm | sysvsem | sysvmsg
file	kern/sysv_msg.c			sysvmsg
file	kern/sysv_sem.c			sysvsem
file	kern/sysv_shm.c			sysvshm
file	kern/tty.c
file	kern/tty_conf.c
file	kern/tty_bsdpty.c		compat_bsdpty
file	kern/tty_pty.c			pty 			needs-flag
file	kern/tty_ptm.c			pty
file	kern/tty_subr.c
file	kern/tty_tty.c
file	kern/uipc_accf.c
file	kern/uipc_domain.c
file	kern/uipc_mbuf.c
file	kern/uipc_mbuf2.c
file	net/link_proto.c
file	kern/uipc_proto.c
file	kern/uipc_sem.c
file	kern/uipc_socket.c
file	kern/uipc_socket2.c
file	kern/uipc_syscalls.c
file	kern/uipc_usrreq.c
file	kern/vfs_bio.c
file	kern/vfs_cache.c
file	kern/vfs_cwd.c
file	kern/vfs_dirhash.c
file	kern/vfs_getcwd.c
file	kern/vfs_hooks.c
file	kern/vfs_init.c
file	kern/vfs_lockf.c
file	kern/vfs_lookup.c
file	kern/vfs_mount.c
file	kern/vfs_quotactl.c
file	kern/vfs_subr.c
file	kern/vfs_syscalls.c
file	kern/vfs_trans.c
file	kern/vfs_vnode.c
file	kern/vfs_vnops.c
file	kern/vfs_wapbl.c		wapbl
file	kern/vfs_xattr.c
file	kern/vnode_if.c
file	miscfs/deadfs/dead_vfsops.c
file	miscfs/deadfs/dead_vnops.c
file	miscfs/fifofs/fifo_vnops.c
file	miscfs/genfs/genfs_io.c
file	miscfs/genfs/genfs_rename.c
file	miscfs/genfs/genfs_vfsops.c
file	miscfs/genfs/genfs_vnops.c
file	miscfs/genfs/layer_subr.c	nullfs | overlay | umapfs
file	miscfs/genfs/layer_vfsops.c	nullfs | overlay | umapfs
file	miscfs/genfs/layer_vnops.c	nullfs | overlay | umapfs
file	miscfs/specfs/spec_vnops.c
file	miscfs/syncfs/sync_subr.c
file	miscfs/syncfs/sync_vnops.c

file	net/bpf.c			bpfilter
file	net/bpf_filter.c		bpf_filter
file	net/bpf_stub.c
file	net/bsd-comp.c			ppp & ppp_bsdcomp
file	net/if.c
file	net/if_arcsubr.c		arcnet			needs-flag
file	net/if_atmsubr.c		atm
file	net/if_bridge.c			bridge			needs-flag
file	net/bridgestp.c			bridge
file	net/if_ecosubr.c		eco
file	net/if_etherip.c		etherip			needs-flag
file	net/if_ethersubr.c		ether | fddi | netatalk | token |
					    wlan		needs-flag
file	net/if_faith.c			faith & (inet | inet6)	needs-flag
file	net/if_fddisubr.c		fddi			needs-flag
file	net/if_gif.c			gif			needs-flag
file	net/if_gre.c			gre			needs-flag
file	net/if_hippisubr.c		hippi			needs-flag
file	net/if_ieee1394subr.c		ieee1394
file	net/if_loop.c			loop
file	net/if_media.c
file	net/if_mpls.c			ifmpls			needs-flag
file	net/if_ppp.c			ppp			needs-flag
file	net/if_srt.c			srt
file	net/if_stf.c			stf & inet & inet6	needs-flag
file	net/if_sl.c			sl			needs-flag
file	net/if_spppsubr.c		sppp
file	net/if_strip.c			strip			needs-flag
file	net/if_tokensubr.c		token			needs-flag
file	net/if_tap.c			tap
file	net/if_tun.c			tun
file	net/if_vlan.c			vlan			needs-flag
file	net/if_pppoe.c			pppoe			needs-flag
file	net/pfil.c
file	net/ppp-deflate.c		ppp & ppp_deflate
file	net/ppp_tty.c			ppp
file	net/pktqueue.c
file	net/net_stats.c
file	net/radix.c
file	net/raw_cb.c
file	net/raw_usrreq.c
file	net/route.c
file	net/rtbl.c
file	net/rtsock.c
file	net/slcompress.c		sl | ppp | strip | (irip & irip_vj)
file	net/zlib.c			(ppp & ppp_deflate) | opencrypto | vnd_compression | kdtrace_hooks
file	netinet/accf_data.c		accf_data
file	netinet/accf_http.c		accf_http
file	netinet/cpu_in_cksum.c		(inet | inet6) & !cpu_in_cksum
file	netinet/if_arp.c		arp | netatalk		needs-flag
file	netinet/if_atm.c		atm
file	netinet/in4_cksum.c		inet
file	netinet/in_cksum.c		inet
file	netinet/in_gif.c		gif & inet
file	netinet/ip_carp.c		carp & (inet | inet6)	needs-flag
file	netinet/ip_ecn.c		ipsec | gif | stf
file	netinet/ip_encap.c		inet | inet6
file	netinet/ip_etherip.c		etherip & inet
file	netinet6/ip6_etherip.c		etherip & inet6
file	netinet6/in6_gif.c		gif & inet6

include "netisdn/files.i4b"

# Game adapter (joystick)
device	joy
file	dev/ic/joy.c			joy needs-flag

# process monitor for make(1)
# normally built as module
defpseudo filemon
file	dev/filemon/filemon.c		filemon
file	dev/filemon/filemon_wrapper.c	filemon

include	"net/agr/files.agr"

# General Purpose Input/Output framework
define	onewire_bitbang
include	"dev/gpio/files.gpio"

include "dev/onewire/files.onewire"

# Pseudo audio device
include "dev/pad/files.pad"

# Intel 386 Real Mode emulator
include "lib/libx86emu/files.x86emu"

# "tprof" profiler.
include	"dev/tprof/files.tprof"

# alternate memory device
include "dev/altmem/files.altmem"

# Flash subsystem
include "dev/flash/files.flash"

# NAND subsytem
include "dev/nand/files.nand"

# NOR subsytem
include "dev/nor/files.nor"

# iscsi
include "dev/iscsi/files.iscsi"

# Atheros AR9k (802.11a/g/n) driver
defflag opt_athn.h	ATHN_DEBUG
device	athn: arp, ether, ifnet, wlan
file	dev/ic/athn.c			athn
file	dev/ic/arn5008.c		athn
file	dev/ic/arn5416.c		athn
file	dev/ic/arn9003.c		athn
file	dev/ic/arn9280.c		athn
file	dev/ic/arn9285.c		athn
file	dev/ic/arn9287.c		athn
file	dev/ic/arn9380.c		athn