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[TXT]  1.109   16 years  christos   branches: 1.109.2; It is silly to parse the comment in the header file to deter...
[TXT] param.c  1.48   17 years  christos   branches: 1.48.12; Disable autonicetime. As discusses in tech-kern.
[TXT] majors  1.17   16 years  jmcneill   Add gpio files and majors.
[TXT]  1.68   16 years  martin   branches: 1.68.2; Do not use -Wreturn-type with gcc 2.95.x
[TXT]  1.4   21 years  mrg   branches: 1.4.2; 1.4.124; 1.4.126; 1.4.128; replace a head | tail | sed sequ...
[TXT] copyright  1.2   16 years  mycroft   branches: 1.2.10; 1.2.20; Welcome to 2005. Don't forget to update copyright n...
[TXT]  1.41   16 years  thorpej   branches: 1.41.2; Implement expansion of special "magic" strings in symlinks in...
[TXT] files  1.736   15 years  yamt   branches: 1.736.2; - change the way to specify a bufq strategy. (by string rat...
[TXT] std  1.3   16 years  yamt   branches: 1.3.6; - defflag bufq_fcfs and bufq_disksort. - make them on by defau...
[TXT] defines (in the Attic) [Hide]  1.3   19 years  soren   Obsoleted by @@@'s kernel makefile work.
[TXT] files.newconf (in the Attic) [Hide]  1.38   26 years  cgd   rename files files for new config/config.old naming
[TXT] files.oldconf (in the Attic) [Hide]  1.81   24 years  thorpej   This file is now obsolete.
[TXT] nfsswapvmunix.c (in the Attic) [Hide]  1.3   28 years  mycroft   Clean up deleted files.
[TXT] (in the Attic) [Hide]  1.2   23 years  fvdl   Remove extraneous files from Lite2 merge.

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