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[TXT]  1.172   12 days  skrll   More tidyup after joerg's copy&paste disaster. I have ddb symbols again.
[TXT] copyright  1.12   8 months  jnemeth   Welcome to 2014!
[TXT] debugsyms.c  1.3   4 years  rmind   Remove some unecessary includes sys/user.h header.
[TXT] files  1.1102   8 days  joerg   Revert last, bump required config version instead.
[TXT] majors  1.68   5 months  riastradh   Merge riastradh-drm2 to HEAD.
[TXT]  1.1   7 years  tsutsui   branches: 1.1.4; 1.1.20; Move, which is used to create ldscript ...
[TXT]  1.61   4 weeks  justin   Work around escaping issues with quotes in substitutions, to fix cross builds
[TXT]  1.8   3 years  joerg   Drop bootprog_maker (formerly enabled by -M) and bootprog_date (formerly disable...
[TXT]  1.122   2 years  christos   Add new -k (for kernel modules) flag to return MM.99.pp for current and fo...
[TXT] param.c  1.64   2 years  christos   Add a new resource to limit the number of lwps per user, RLIMIT_NTHR. There is a...
[TXT] std  1.14   2 years  tls   The rnd pseudo-device is not really optional, because it is in the same source ...

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