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Diff for /src/sys/arch/pc532/fpu/Attic/ieee_handler.h between version 1.6 and 1.7

version 1.6, 2004/01/23 04:12:39 version 1.7, 2005/10/02 15:07:41
Line 124  typedef struct ns532_combined_state stat
Line 124  typedef struct ns532_combined_state stat
 #define PC scp->sc_pc  #define PC scp->sc_pc
 #define PSR scp->sc_ps  #define PSR scp->sc_ps
 int ieee_sig(int sig, int code, struct sigcontext *scp);  int ieee_sig(int, int, struct sigcontext *);
 #ifdef __NetBSD__  #ifdef __NetBSD__
 #define PSR_N   PSL_N  #define PSR_N   PSL_N
Line 134  int ieee_sig(int sig, int code, struct s
Line 134  int ieee_sig(int sig, int code, struct s
 #endif /* KERNEL */  #endif /* KERNEL */
 int ieee_handle_exception(state *state);  int ieee_handle_exception(state *);
 #endif /* _IEEE_HANDLER_H_ */  #endif /* _IEEE_HANDLER_H_ */

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