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Now that OpenBlockS code lives in evbppc, this directory is no longer needed.

OK'd by masuda.

 * $NetBSD: README,v 1.3 2002/12/12 13:54:43 masuda Exp $
 * README Copyright (C) Yoshihiro Masuda  2002
 * <masuda@tcp-ip.or.jp>

This port support OpenBlockS type S and R those are using IBM's
PPC405GP that is sold from PlatHome.  Since old OpenBlockS is using
MPC860 instead of 405GP, thus the port is separated.  Although
userland binary may be compatible.

Since this hardware is very similar to walnut(maybe a lots of IBM405
based products are similar), I will have taken from or will be linking
to a lots of code of walnut.

Description of OpenBlockS products:

OpenBlockS	is the first available product of series is using MPC860
	- This product have one compact flash connector and one 2.5" HDD.

OpenBlockSS	is the second product of series of OpenBlockS and the first
	available product using IBM's 405GP.
	- This product have only one 2.5" HDD connector that can be used
	for connect 2.5"HDD or compact flash.(The converter board is included)
	- This product also have one small size and special shaped PCI 
	- Plastic chasses.

OpenBlockSR	is the third product and fully compatible with OpenBlockSS.
	- This product does not support PCI interface officially.
	- Metal chasses