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Current tag: yamt-vop-base

File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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[TXT] autoconf.c  1.14   15 years  he   branches: 1.14.2; Use NULL and not a string constant as the second argument to ...
[TXT] bus_dma.c  1.16   15 years  yamt   branches: 1.16.2; 1.16.8; merge yamt-km branch. - don't use managed mappings/b...
[TXT] bus_space.c  1.5   17 years  lukem   branches: 1.5.16; __KERNEL_RCSID()
[TXT] clock.c  1.5   16 years  pk   branches: 1.5.12; Call inittodr() from main(). Let file system code set the rec...
[TXT] cpu.c  1.6   17 years  lukem   __KERNEL_RCSID()
[TXT] disksubr.c  1.16   15 years  he   branches: 1.16.2; Add consts to make this build with -Wcast-qual.
[TXT] interrupt.c  1.2   17 years  lukem   branches: 1.2.16; __KERNEL_RCSID()
[TXT] locore_machdep.S  1.5   15 years  chs   remove vestigal {,e}intr{names,cnt} symbols now that vmstat doesn't need them.
[TXT] machdep.c  1.44   15 years  he   branches: 1.44.2; Add consts to make this build with -Wcast-qual.
[TXT] mainbus.c  1.6   15 years  chs   for drivers that support only one instance, use a global variable to ensure that...
[TXT] mips_3x30.c  1.8   17 years  lukem   __KERNEL_RCSID()
[TXT] prom.c  1.4   17 years  lukem   __KERNEL_RCSID()

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