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Diff for /src/sys/arch/i386/i386/locore.S between version 1.36 and

version 1.36, 2005/12/11 12:17:41 version, 2006/02/18 15:38:36
Line 101 
Line 101 
 #include <machine/i82489reg.h>  #include <machine/i82489reg.h>
 #endif  #endif
   #include <machine/multiboot.h>
 /* LINTSTUB: include <sys/types.h> */  /* LINTSTUB: include <sys/types.h> */
 /* LINTSTUB: include <machine/cpu.h> */  /* LINTSTUB: include <machine/cpu.h> */
 /* LINTSTUB: include <sys/systm.h> */  /* LINTSTUB: include <sys/systm.h> */
Line 224  tmpstk:
Line 226  tmpstk:
         .globl  start          .globl  start
 start:  movw    $0x1234,0x472                   # warm boot  start:  movw    $0x1234,0x472                   # warm boot
   #if defined(MULTIBOOT)
           jmp     1f
           .align  4
           .globl  Multiboot_Header
           .long   MULTIBOOT_HEADER_MAGIC
           .long   MULTIBOOT_HEADER_FLAGS
           .long   RELOC(Multiboot_Header)
           .long   RELOC(start)
           .long   RELOC(_edata)
           .long   RELOC(_end) + MULTIBOOT_SYMTAB_SPACE
           .long   RELOC(start)
           /* Check if we are being executed by a Multiboot-compliant boot
            * loader. */
           cmpl    $MULTIBOOT_INFO_MAGIC,%eax
           jne     1f
           /* Indeed, a multiboot-compliat boot loader executed us.  We copy
            * the received Multiboot information structure into kernel's data
            * space to process it later -- after we are relocated.  It will
            * be safer to run complex C code than doing it at this point. */
           pushl   %ebx            # Address of Multiboot information
           call    _C_LABEL(multiboot_pre_reloc)
           addl    $4,%esp
           jmp     3f
         /*          /*
          * Load parameters from stack           * Load parameters from stack
          * (howto, [bootdev], bootinfo, esym, basemem, extmem).           * (howto, [bootdev], bootinfo, esym, basemem, extmem).
Line 284  start: movw $0x1234,0x472   # warm boot
Line 320  start: movw $0x1234,0x472   # warm boot
         movl    %eax,RELOC(biosbasemem)          movl    %eax,RELOC(biosbasemem)
 1:  1:
         /* First, reset the PSL. */          /* First, reset the PSL. */
         pushl   $PSL_MBO          pushl   $PSL_MBO
         popfl          popfl
Line 633  begin:
Line 670  begin:
         movl    %esi,PCB_CR3(%eax)      # pcb->pcb_cr3          movl    %esi,PCB_CR3(%eax)      # pcb->pcb_cr3
         xorl    %ebp,%ebp               # mark end of frames          xorl    %ebp,%ebp               # mark end of frames
   #if defined(MULTIBOOT)
           /* It is now safe to parse the Multiboot information structure
            * we saved before from C code.  Note that we cannot delay its
            * parsing any more because initgdt (called below) needs to make
            * use of this information. */
           call    _C_LABEL(multiboot_post_reloc)
         subl    $NGDT*8, %esp           # space for temporary gdt          subl    $NGDT*8, %esp           # space for temporary gdt
         pushl   %esp          pushl   %esp
         call    _C_LABEL(initgdt)          call    _C_LABEL(initgdt)

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