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Diff for /src/sys/arch/i386/i386/locore.S between version 1.2 and 1.3

version 1.2, 2002/12/11 12:02:07 version 1.3, 2002/12/17 19:47:15
Line 1647  ENTRY(longjmp)
Line 1647  ENTRY(longjmp)
 /*****************************************************************************/  /*****************************************************************************/
  * The following primitives manipulate the run queues.  
  * _whichqs tells which of the 32 queues _qs  
  * have processes in them.  Setrq puts processes into queues, Remrq  
  * removes them from queues.  The running process is on no queue,  
  * other processes are on a queue related to p->p_pri, divided by 4  
  * actually to shrink the 0-127 range of priorities into the 32 available  
  * queues.  
         .globl  _C_LABEL(sched_whichqs),_C_LABEL(sched_qs)          .globl  _C_LABEL(sched_whichqs),_C_LABEL(sched_qs)
         .globl  _C_LABEL(uvmexp),_C_LABEL(panic)          .globl  _C_LABEL(uvmexp),_C_LABEL(panic)
  * void setrunqueue(struct proc *p);  
  * Insert a process on the appropriate queue.  Should be called at splclock().  
  * See setrunqueue(9) for more details.  
 /* LINTSTUB: Func: void setrunqueue(struct proc *p) */  
         movl    4(%esp),%eax  
 #ifdef DIAGNOSTIC  
         cmpl    $0,P_BACK(%eax) # should not be on q already  
         jne     1f  
         cmpl    $0,P_WCHAN(%eax)  
         jne     1f  
         cmpb    $SRUN,P_STAT(%eax)  
         jne     1f  
 #endif /* DIAGNOSTIC */  
         movzbl  P_PRIORITY(%eax),%edx  
         shrl    $2,%edx  
         btsl    %edx,_C_LABEL(sched_whichqs)    # set q full bit  
         leal    _C_LABEL(sched_qs)(,%edx,8),%edx # locate q hdr  
         movl    P_BACK(%edx),%ecx  
         movl    %edx,P_FORW(%eax)       # link process on tail of q  
         movl    %eax,P_BACK(%edx)  
         movl    %eax,P_FORW(%ecx)  
         movl    %ecx,P_BACK(%eax)  
 #ifdef DIAGNOSTIC  
 1:      pushl   $2f  
         call    _C_LABEL(panic)  
         /* NOTREACHED */  
 2:      .asciz  "setrunqueue"  
 #endif /* DIAGNOSTIC */  
  * void remrunqueue(struct proc *p);  
  * Remove a process from its queue.  Should be called at splclock().  
  * See remrunqueue(9) for more details.  
 /* LINTSTUB: Func: void remrunqueue(struct proc *p) */  
         movl    4(%esp),%ecx  
         movzbl  P_PRIORITY(%ecx),%eax  
 #ifdef DIAGNOSTIC  
         shrl    $2,%eax  
         btl     %eax,_C_LABEL(sched_whichqs)  
         jnc     1f  
 #endif /* DIAGNOSTIC */  
         movl    P_BACK(%ecx),%edx       # unlink process  
         movl    $0,P_BACK(%ecx)         # zap reverse link to indicate off list  
         movl    P_FORW(%ecx),%ecx  
         movl    %ecx,P_FORW(%edx)  
         movl    %edx,P_BACK(%ecx)  
         cmpl    %ecx,%edx               # q still has something?  
         jne     2f  
 #ifndef DIAGNOSTIC  
         shrl    $2,%eax  
         btrl    %eax,_C_LABEL(sched_whichqs)    # no; clear bit  
 2:      ret  
 #ifdef DIAGNOSTIC  
 1:      pushl   $3f  
         call    _C_LABEL(panic)  
         /* NOTREACHED */  
 3:      .asciz  "remrunqueue"  
 #endif /* DIAGNOSTIC */  
 NENTRY(switch_error)  NENTRY(switch_error)
         pushl   $1f          pushl   $1f

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