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Diff for /src/sys/arch/i386/i386/locore.S between version and

version, 2017/01/07 08:56:18 version, 2017/03/20 06:57:14
Line 671  no_NOX:
Line 671  no_NOX:
          */           */
         leal    (PROC0_PTP1_OFF)(%esi),%ebx          leal    (PROC0_PTP1_OFF)(%esi),%ebx
         /* Skip the first MB. */          /* Skip the area below the kernel text. */
         movl    $(KERNTEXTOFF - KERNBASE),%ecx          movl    $(KERNTEXTOFF - KERNBASE),%ecx
         shrl    $PGSHIFT,%ecx          shrl    $PGSHIFT,%ecx
         fillkpt_blank          fillkpt_blank

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